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DNA Shaming Is Coming

May 27th, 2015 By James Corbett

Given that the genie is out of the bottle on these technologies, it would be naive to believe that it will go away.

Just when you thought you'd heard it all, along comes a story that knocks you from your horse.

    This week's addition to the "We're not in Kansas anymore" file comes from Hong Kong, where the "Hong Kong Cleanup" initiative has found an innovative way to deal with the problem of litter in one of the most crowded cities on the planet: DNA shaming.

    What on earth is DNA shaming, you ask? Simple. First, samples of litter were collected from the streets of Hong Kong, including, as the South China Morning Post helpfully reports, "chewing gum, cigarette butts and a condom." Then, the samples were sent to a laboratory and DNA of the guilty litterbugs were extracted from the items for DNA phenotyping. This process reads the tens of thousands of genetic variants from each sample and compiles an image from the predicted facial structure, eye, hair and skin color, and even the freckling of the individual to whom the DNA belongs. The result? A creepy computer-assembled image of the face of whoever dropped the garbage in the first place.

    Now comes the shaming: simply take said image and plaster it on fake "Wanted" posters around Hong Kong, or, more specific...

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How to Become a Bajillionaire

May 23rd, 2015
By James Corbett

...the best part of having a family foundation? All your family, friends, associates and contacts get a chance to dip their snoot into the trough of filthy, filthy conflict-of-interest lucre, too!

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Google Devising Method to Rank Websites by Truthfulness

May 20th, 2015
By James Corbett

...even if Google does launch such a system, it is doomed to failure. The internet is one of the last, best bastions of the free market in action that we have in our stultified, regulated, controlled, manipulated economy.

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The Truth About the Seymour Hersh Osama Story

May 16th, 2015
By James Corbett

So why is this important? As I've pointed out in these pages before, in recent years we have witnessed the beginnings of a rift in the the US-Saudi relationship.

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TPP Debate Heats Up as Obama Pushes for Fast Track

May 13th, 2015
By James Corbett

...modern trade agreements are often less about trade and more about giant multinational corporations finding new ways to rig the economic system to benefit themselves.

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A Royal Star is Born

May 9th, 2015
By James Corbett

So who is going so crazy for this royal baby? Surely no one who is familiar with the real history of the reign of the "Windsors,"... it's easier to understand why every royal event is so celebrated in the media if we first understand a few things about the British royal family and its true place in the world.

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Mission Accomplished Afghanistan Edition

May 6th, 2015
By James Corbett

...far beyond protecting the drug trade, NATO forces have long been implicated in shipping the drugs out of the country and helping bring them to the world market.

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Flash Crash Mystery Solved

May 2nd, 2015
By James Corbett

f the allegations contained in the claim are true ... then perhaps Sarao's market spoofing can be blamed for the crash in the same way that a single straw can be blamed for breaking a camel's back.

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No Business Like Bomb Business

April 29th, 2015
By James Corbett

  In that report... SIPRI puts hard numbers to what we already know to be true: that the powers-that-shouldn't-be are still spending unprecedented amounts of money on armaments.

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An Introduction to Spontaneous Order

April 25th, 2015
By James Corbett

But whether we're talking about law and order or the New World Order... we are ultimately talking about the same thing: an order based on a hierarchical view of society where a few lawgivers regulate, proscribe, manipulate, inhibit and control the actions of the masses.

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Announcements, news and information.

Judy Chapman

May 19th, 2015
By Webmaster

Judy Chapman passed on today, May 19 2015

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Get Prepared EXPO 2015

Get Prepared Expo – Meet Instructors, Attend Seminars, and Banquet Dinners March 27, 28, 29,  2015 – Cowan Civic Center – Lebanon, MO

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Big Savings in May from Mountain House

May 21st, 2013
By The Freeze Dry Guy

Freeze Dry Guy is pleased to offer this highest quality product at a fraction of the manufacturers, suggested retail price. The Mountain House Freeze Dried Eggs with butter flavor is a must have for your food storage.

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Freeze Dried Pineapple Cans On Sale

If you love Pineapple as much as I do, you’re really going to love ours. We are very excited to offer you our finest quality Pack Away Foods 100% Freeze Dried Pineapple at an introductory price for the month of May.

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Robert Chapman Gold Coin

Bob Chapman Gold Coin A gold coin to honor Bob Chapman. A special offer from Central Metals Corp.

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Bob Chapman

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