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Chinese Government Manipulations Behind Stock Market Crisis

July 4th, 2015 By James Corbett

...the popping of the Chinese stock bubble is not just about a plummet in the stock market. The real key to understanding what has taken place in China is often named but seldom explained: shadow banking.

If you needed any further demonstration of China's arrival as a major player on the international economic (and geopolitical) scene, look no further than the latest news from Greece. Earlier this week Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made headlines for telling the eurozone that they need to get a deal done with Greece. This was followed soon after by another Chinese official suggesting that China might be ready to bail out Greece themselves.

    On Thursday Fan Mingtao, a director at the Chinese Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics, told Sputnik China that China could bail out Greece directly. After explaining that the Greek meltdown threatens China's own investment interests in the country, he noted: “I believe there are two ways to give Greece Chinese aid. First, within the framework of the international aid through EU countries. Second, China could aid Greece directly. Especially considering the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. China has this ability.”

    Or does it? The irony is that just as China begins to flex some of its international economic and geopolitical capital, the cracks in China's own credit-fueled econom...

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Banks Close as Greeks Brace for Onslaught

July 1st, 2015
By James Corbett

As of press time, Greece was still insisting they would not make their scheduled 1.6 billion euro payment to the IMF. Assuming the payment does not go through, what will happen?

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Are the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations Breaking Down

June 27th, 2015
By James Corbett

Since they can't find any evidence that Iran has actually engaged in any nuclear weapons program activities, they are instead using the "we can't prove they haven't, either" tactic to demand unprecedented levels of access to Iran's nuclear facilities...

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Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe China And The United States

June 24th, 2015
By Michael Snyder

...if there is no debt deal by the end of this month, the Greek debt crisis is going to totally spin out of control and financial chaos will begin to erupt all over Europe.  But instead of trying to be reasonable, EU president Donald Tusk has delivered an ultimatum to Greece.  But instead of trying to be reasonable, EU president Donald Tusk “has delivered an ultimatum to Greece”

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Fed Court Loss Changes Absolutely Nothing

June 20th, 2015
By James Corbett

The Fed came in and gave AIG an emergency loan it (literally) couldn't refuse, took it over and began running the company completely illegally and in violation of the constitution.

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The Dog Days of Economic Summer

June 17th, 2015
By James Corbett

It's a strange time right now. On the one hand there is such a sense of calm in the mainstream financial world. And on the other there is a seething, writhing pot of tension boiling away behind the scenes.

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China the IMF and the Coming Global Currency

June 13th, 2015
By James Corbett

But what is the SDR? And why is it important? Why does China want it to act as a super-sovereign reserve currency? And what does that even mean?

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Crisis Opportunity in Greece and everywhere else

June 10th, 2015
By James Corbett's difficult to think of a major area of the economy that has not been supplemented by volunteer networks, community organizations, complementary currencies and other resourceful answers to the question of how the people can take care of themselves in the absence of a solvent government.

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4 Signs That the World is Not on the Brink of Disaster

June 6th, 2015
By James Corbett

 It's a point that's been made many, many times before, but it's no less valid: there are many of us. There are very few of "them." The power to transform this world still rests primarily in our hands...

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The Curious Case of the JPMorgan Suicides

June 3rd, 2015
By James Corbett

Could this be, as the Daily Mail and its ilk are all too keen to suggest, simply a case of overworked young investment bankers choosing the easy way out? It’s a possibility. But could it be something much more sinister?

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Announcements, news and information.

Judy Chapman

May 19th, 2015
By Webmaster

Judy Chapman passed on today, May 19 2015

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Get Prepared EXPO 2015

Get Prepared Expo – Meet Instructors, Attend Seminars, and Banquet Dinners March 27, 28, 29,  2015 – Cowan Civic Center – Lebanon, MO

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Big Savings in May from Mountain House

May 21st, 2013
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