Not This Time

Bob Rinear, October 24 2020

So what happens if Biden/Harris steal this thing? I don’t even want to contemplate it. Both have said they’re coming after our guns. Both have said they want the green new deal. Both have said they want no more fossil fuel vehicles. But the real bottom line is that they are going to push us into socialism.  Do any of you not believe that?  This is why I can say we’re never going back to “normal” because it has not been normal for the US to be a socialist nation.

As you know I’ve been talking about how ugly things would get ahead of the election. I guess for some, my fears of roaming gangs of leftist anarchists just seems too paranoid. Why do I think that? I’ve had a couple people Email me saying I should take some medication and calm down, that I’m paranoid, and once the election is over, this too shall pass.

Not this time folks.  This is NOT going to pass. The Genie is out of the bottle and he’s not going back in.

I’m not paranoid. I gather the facts. Fact -  this was posted back on September 4th:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Once hailed as one of the most livable U.S. cities, Portland, Oregon, is grappling with an uncertain future as it reaches a stunning benchmark: 100 consecutive nights of racial injustice protests marred by vandalism, chaos, looting, burning buildings — and the killing of a supporter of President Donald Trump.

So for over 100 days, feral animals were let loose on that city. There was over 620 arrests and the bulk of them were released the very same day. Is that me being paranoid?  Are the burned out business just my overactive imagination?

Let me ask you a question. What do you do as a business owner there, where you can’t open your store, it might be burned to the ground, and it’s a “no -go” zone?? How do you support yourself?

Recently, people that have Trump signs in their yards have been getting letters. The letters state that they know you are a Trumper, and that you are part of the problem and if Trump doesn’t concede the election, they suggest you check your homeowner insurance for fire coverage, because they’re putting your address in a data base, to be burned down.

If you got one of those letters, would you be rightfully worried and tense, or just paranoid? 

I have always given the left their props for one thing. They never relent. They never give up. Now there’s a web site they’ve put up. They’re basically doxing every person that has given Trump money, and it includes how much they gave, the name of the person, and their address.  You just put in the zip code and “boom” dozens and dozens of pins show up on a google map. Click the pin and you get it all.  Name, address, amounts given, the whole bit.

Am I being paranoid that they’re doing things like this? I don’t think so.

Back in June, The president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter said that if the movement fails to achieve meaningful change during nationwide protests it will “burn down this system.” 

I’m a market guy, you all know that. And for the most part everyone’s simply thinking that soon everything’s going to be just fine. Hey we’ll get some more stimulus money, the election will be over, the virus will go away, and we can all go back to &...

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Elections, China, Bitcoin and More!

Bob Rinear, October 21 2020

No matter who ends up being declared the winner when this nightmare is over, there will still be millions upon millions of very angry voters out there that are likely to feel as though the election was stolen from them, and that is a recipe for widespread social unrest, and that’s an ideal situation for the Chinese,  who could use the chaos and confusion generated here in America by the elections, to invade Taiwan before the U.S. can react.


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There’s a new crypto that’s been in development for a couple years now... They are giving out 3,600 coins to everyone that signs up. Free coins. All you need is an email address.  


Trump and Covid

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There’s a lot at stake in this upcoming election, and one of the things at stake is the market and YOUR money.


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We could see huge draw downs, and equally huge explosions to the upside. Unless you’re a very nimble trader, sitting it out could be your best play. Just sayin…



Bob Rinear, September 12 2020

I don’t know if it’s the chemicals from the contrails, or the fluoride in our water, or what, but there’s a level of bizarre raging across our nation the likes of I could never have dreamed.


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Indeed, the burden of government spending has climbed more than three times faster than inflation during De Blasio’s time in office. If this story sounds familiar, that’s because excessive spending is the cause of every fiscal crisis.


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