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Adversity Has Its Good Features

Adversity has its good features and that is the real left and the right have a common enemy, the elitists. The left could not pinpoint the real problem and wouldn

Bob Chapman | December 21, 2003


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Adversity has its good features and that is the real left and the right have a common enemy, the elitists. The left could not pinpoint the real problem and wouldn’t listen. Today they are listening and we are and will continue to draw together as a people. We all realize we are victims of tyranny and live in a fascist state. Government becomes more onerous as politicians and government continues to expand, taking our freedom, ruining our lives and careers. All we can say is you know who the enemy is, lock and load. You are going to have to reach inside of yourselves and bring forth all the goodness you can muster.

We see massive debt defaults beginning in 2005 as a good part of America begins its decent into poverty.

For the past three years the Bush Administration has quietly but efficiently dropped a shroud of secrecy across many critical operations of the Federal Government, cloaking its own affairs from scrutiny and removing from the public domain important information on health, safety, finance, environmental and matters in Iraq. Information and records previously available have been inaccessible. The neocons refused to even say who were detained at Guantanomo Bay. They won’t say what they have been doing under the USA Patriot Act. In part business and consumer information is increasingly being withheld. They don’t even release product safety findings. They use the state secrets privilege and terrorism to shut off all communications with the government. There is no longer a monitoring of the Executive Branch by Congress. This is the same kind of secrecy that existed in National Socialist Germany in the 1930’s. In the first two years of Bush’s term he classified records some 44.5 million times, or about the same as Clinton did in four years. By executive order last March, Bush made it easier to reclassify information that previously had been declassified, dropping an even larger cloak over information already open to the public. Disgusted with the White House, Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana said, someone should tell Mr. Bush this is not a monarchy. Now even the Secretary of Agriculture, Health and Human Services and the FDA can classify documents. Secrecy is also being used to protect elitist corporate interests. The Firestone Tire caper is a good example. The government refused to submit reams of information under the Fatherland Security Act, which also protects big business interests. In fact, Fatherland Security recently proposed extending secrecy to cover information submitted to any federal agency. The litany goes on and on. We now have an elected secret government whose only interest is to further elitist power and control.

We are frequently asked by new subscribers where is America headed? At this point it’s an easy question to answer. America already has the beginnings of a fascist government. Never before in our history have our basic rights been trampled on and lost. As the dollar falls and gold and silver rise George W. Bush will establish dictatorial controls over major economic power centers such as banking, international trade and critical corporations. There is a good possibility that exchange controls will be enacted, so those of you with offshore assets either bring them home or be prepared to leave the US and go live with them. That means it will be illegal to take money out of the country. Martial law will be put into affect and our government will attempt to confiscate your weapons and your gold and silver. It will be the beginning of the American nightmare. You will have a choice either live on your knees or take action to end the suppression of freedom. That is why it is tremendously important that George W. Bush is not reelected.

The capture of Saddam Hussein looks to be another setup. It, of course, is difficult to know exactly what the truth is when our government never tells the truth. Last Friday the US government announced that UK-US troops would be out of Iraq by July 1, 2004. CAP would be disbanded, a new panel would be put in place and elections would be held. That, of course, is just before the Republican convention in August. The sudden capture of Saddam Hussein was a surprise, how convenient. A person with a gray beard with no gray hair on his head did this supposed Saddam crawl out of his spider hole and make it to the hairdresser every three weeks? The whole package stinks. We can’t believe DNA because our government lies about everything. If this Saddam creature is Saddam and if he was playing Spiderman, how can he be directing insurgents? It is an insult to intelligence and now our Saddam says he was not leading the insurrection. No kidding little beaver. This is psywar propaganda. We have spider holes to paint creepy dark pictures to brainwash. What will happen in October? Will we be treated to another planned apprehension in the person of Osama bin Laden? The controlled corporate media has not only gone along with this fable they have embellished it. This is supposed to be another great victory for that donkey in the White House. The justification for the US invasion, occupation and looting of Iraq. It changes nothing regarding the fundamental situation in Iraq and the violation of law. This is an illegal colonial war. If Saddam is Saddam, he is not managing an insurgency, which means all these rebels are fighting against the US, the occupying invaders. Iraqi’s don’t want panels and councils to rule them; nor do they want colonial-style police; intelligence services; paramilitary death squads; their national assets put up for sale to foreigners; whole families held hostage because a member of the household won’t rat out his fellow Islamic friends. They don’t want all their villages surrounded with barbed wire. They don’t want to be forbidden to leave their villages and if they do they’ll be shot dead. The bottom line is the Iraqi people have the right to determine who their leaders will be, not those appointed by George W. Bush and Tony Blair. If tribunals are to be set up, the Iraqi’s should set them up and run them, not some foreign power. If these things don’t happen the violence will only escalate. What Iraqi’s don’t want to see is a country run by crime warlords, drug pushers and US backup such as we see in Afghanistan. The Iraqi people don’t want us there and don’t deserve to have foreigners loot their country. Haven’t they been through enough? The US and UK should get out now and let the Iraqi people sort out their own future.

Interest rates are moving higher worldwide. Canada, the UK and Australia have already raised rates as central banks make motions toward abandoning their easy money policies. Higher rates and monetization are mutually opposite. The lack of monetization of the past two months is the beginning and now with foreign rates moving up it can only be a matter of time before FED rates follow. The commodities and gold market are obviously aware because, whichever way the FED proceeds, they have to go higher. Commodities are assets of last resort and gold is the only real currency. Higher interest rates could also be brought on by foreign sales of dollars as the dollar declines. That’s over $1 trillion just in Treasury debt. That’s 10% of GDP and 40% of outstanding Treasuries. It will be of great interest to us how this unfolds. No matter what the course, it is bad for the world and good for gold.

The total assets of the US banking system are $4.381 trillion and their reserves are $41 billion. That is one cent of reserves for every dollar lent.

The Gestapo has finally moved against coin owners. A number of banks, Washington Mutual, Sterling Savings & Venture Bank have sent out changes of terms notices to all of their customers. As of 1/1/04, you won’t be able to store cash, or gold and silver, in your safe deposit boxes. This is being done under the guise of terrorism and national security.
The new Intelligence Spending Bill (HB2417) that has just been passed provides that institutions reveal their customer’s private financials as well as general information, including tangible things. Banks must now spy on you along with, stock brokers, operators of credit-card systems, insurance companies, dealers in precious metals and stones or jewels, licensed senders of money, telegraph companies, airplane and boat dealers, realtors and estate closings and the US Post Office. George Orwell must be having a good laugh. He gave us the roadmap to fight the conspiracy, but Americans were not interested. There was no debate on this Bill. Coin dealers will have to turnover records to the government upon request and if you hoard your gold at home you are anti-American and a potential terrorist or a sympathizer.

Paul Martin was no sooner sworn in as Prime Minister and he appointed Anne McLellan from Alberta as Deputy Prime Minister. Martin has created a new Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Department, which will combine the tasks of several current bodies to oversee the RCMP, CSIS and border and port authority. We believe it will be similar to America’s Homeland (Fatherland) Security.