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Cam Ban In Iraq Dungeons

Cam ban in Iraq dungeons. 100 years damage to our reputation; US Military acts above interntational law; Radio Feedback heard loud and clear

Bob Chapman | June 2, 2004

Mobile phones fitted with digital cameras have been banned in US Army installations in Iraq so that future rapes, abuse and torture cannot be captured in living color. Isn’t fascism wonderful? Now we won’t have to see those terrible actions take place.

Iraq, which we called a quagmire 1-1/2 years ago before the invasion, is now called a quagmire by many major military people. They say strategically we are in the throws of loosing the war. Torture, abuse, rape and blunders such as our helicopter’s bombing of a wedding have made matters worse. Just recently we had the murder of Mohammed Munim al-Izmerly, a distinguished chemistry professor, who refused to fabricate fairy tales about WMD. He was murdered by a blunt blow to the back of his neck. He had been in custody 10 months. Several more had been murdered in the same time period just prior to the Abu Ghraib revelations. Our CIA and military intelligence operatives said he had a heart attack. Another died of suffocation when a CIA officer put the victim in a sleeping bag and sat on him. These among other over-ups are just coming to light. What we are witnessing from our government, the military, the CIA, mercenaries and perverts in our military is totally unacceptable and in violation of every tenant of civilized warfare. George W. Bush and the neocons have set us back 100 years in our relations with other world nations. We should either get those people out of power by any means possible or give up our American citizenship.

Throughout the world people are protesting a new exemption for American military personnel from international prosecution for war crimes such as rape, torture, abuse and murder. The Bush neocons say the International Criminal Court will be used for frivolous or politically motivated prosecution of American troops. The perversions committed in Iraq should not go unpunished. The mercenaries involved should be shot by order of US Courts, seeing they are simple murderers under international law. Our soldiers torturing of Iraqi prisoners belong high on the list of the worst things that ever happened to our country. It is a black mark that will be in history books in a hundred languages for as long as there are history books. One general said our guards were untrained, untrained at what, naturally being monsters? Not being human beings? These torturers only face a year in prison, and we lose our reputation as decent people for generations. They should be deprived of their citizenship and thrown out of the country. This could be the last straw. This could be the beginning of the end of America, as we have known it as a decent culture. We could become another Rome that had taken on the habits of barbarians.

America is deliberately being brought to its knees economically and financially in order to prepare it for the new world order. Free enterprise is being smothered by corporatist fascism in the form of a distorted capitalism. In this adventure we are now being treated by the inflation change, particularly in the energy sector. Thirty-seven years-ago we penned our first article regarding the conspiracy’s control of the world economy via oil and control of our banking system by the Federal Reserve System. The intelligent do not want to know about it and the general public cares less. Although I see a spark out there, an interest I have never seen before. Americans are angry and many of them know something is wrong and they are actually asking for answers. We are overwhelmed and we mean overwhelmed by the response to what we said and proposed for America on radio. The change is here and it’s abrupt. Americans want answers. In just the past week we have 2,000 plus people ask us where we recommend that they migrate to outside the US. Our letters and e-mails are over 1,000 asking where they can hide their children from George Bush and the neocon wars and coming draft. These requests are coming from all corners of the political spectrum. Many Americans believe their freedom has been stolen and they are right, it has been. They will not sacrifice their boys and girls to fight for a government that has preventative invasion and justifies rape, torture, and abuse on prisoners. They know America is no longer free. They know America is being ruled by tyrants. People are tired of the scandals, political, corporate and in Wall Street and banking. People are fed up with our system of jurisprudence. They consider the IRS nothing more than a jack-booted Gestapo. Legislation and regulations are geared to help the elitist mega corporations run small business out of business. Banks, corporations and Wall Street rob the public and pay paltry fines and no one goes to jail for fraud. But you stop paying your income taxes and you will be doing five to ten. The slime in Washington needs your taxes just to pay the interest on the debt. Phony higher oil and gasoline prices are costing every American family of four with two cars an additional $60.00 a month. Up until just recently wages have been falling. They will rise for 1-1/2 years and then plunge as a result of recession/depression, unbridled illegal immigration and outsourcing. The only way many families can survive is by incurring debt. Thus, our government and individual debt is colossal. Americans are victims of debt slavery. We have wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and on terrorism, all of which are frauds to keep the public frightened and busy worrying about them instead of noticing that the economy is in serious trouble and a depression is on the way. War, Homeland Security and Patriot Acts I and II have already cost us $2 trillion and they have just begun. Fatherland Security is a fraud. We have 10,000 people a day coming over our southern border and little is done to stop the flow. Security is a farce. Illegal aliens and terrorist are deliberately being let into the country. Our country is being turned upside down for seven phantom terrorists. Anyone with dark skin is being detained and sometimes jailed without charges. Not one terrorist has yet to be found. We have a President who communicates with God. How stupid do they think we are? Inflation is 9-1/2% and yet we are told there is little inflation and everything will be all right. You had best get prepared because America is headed for real trouble. If you don’t, you will pay dearly. The most recent security alert we believe to be nothing but hype and threat, so that Bush and the neocons can get an extension of certain Patriot Act provisions that are set to expire next year. There has to be continuity of threat in order to keep the pot boiling, in order to pressure Congress to extend the worst provisions of the acts. This is all of interest in as much as Fatherland Security has not informed major police departments that terrorists are in the US actively plotting an attack. Thus, we believe this threat is entirely the creation of the Bush neocons in order to terrorize the populace. To further lend credence to our interpretation, Fatherland Security knew nothing of this latest supposed threat.

Duplicity is the natural course of events in Washington. One of the main architects of the neocons rise to power and the war in Iraq was Richard Perle who resigned as an advisor to Donald Rumsfeld. Now the policy he previously planned he has announced as a failure. As if he had nothing to do with it. This is typically Washington at its worst due to the power engendered in Washington not only do these weasels cover-up and lie constantly, but they use their unbridled power to kill any voice of opposition as we personally are well aware of.