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Financial Ruin and War For All Who Oppose The Rulers of the Economy

The elites stay in power, the impact of the Madoff Ponzi scheme, presidents who stood up to the financial system, constitutional threats,  Ironies of Lincoln, many states now face bankruptcy, California plunges towards bankruptcy, Derivative death star flies on, war and history and money,

Bob Chapman | January 3, 2009

 The Illuminati of course chose the people comprising Obama's Cabinet, and they are the same red scum from the Clinton Administration who destroyed our economy with deregulation, and who destroyed our security by greatly reducing our military capacity while setting up the phony War on Terror.

 And let's not forget about the Clinton Administration's War in Kosovo, which was set up to split Kosovo from Serbia, so that the CIA and MI6 could have an illicit drug gateway to Europe, an opium distribution center run by Islamic thugs that would oversee the trafficking in opium to be produced by the soon-to-be-conquered Afghanistan, whose government would be taken over by our Illuminist government after the Taliban were ejected in the aftermath of the 911 attacks.  

And let's certainly not forget the Bubble that happened during their watch, where stocks of companies with web sites but no revenue or business plans were sold for fabulous fortunes by an unregulated Wall Street to unsuspecting Baby Boomers preparing for retirement.  The Nasdaq, once appropriately headed by Ponzi scum, Bernard Madoff, now stands at less than one third of its previous high, set almost a decade ago, and its collapse set the stage for the next bubbles, the real estate and OTC derivative bubbles, which now threaten to take down the world economy.  Between the Nasdaq and hedge fund scams, Madoff has left an unprecedented swath of destruction in his wake, and his activities were covered up by elitists and their puppet regulators in our corrupt government, who profited handsomely from his nefarious schemes and activities, many of whom were undoubtedly associated with the deregulatory denizens of the former Clinton Administration.
This new Cabinet of Fascist slime will become our new Central Planners under Obama as we nationalize our financial, insurance, auto and pharmaceutical/medical industries.  The new KGB, a/k/a Homeland Security, will be our Fascist enforcers while they set up a new domestic military force, and a military draft to provide it with the necessary manpower, to keep all their new "comrades," a/k/a serfs, in line.  The new military draft will also provide cannon fodder, a/k/a our sons and daughters, to continually terrorize the people of other nations around the world with wars for profit for the fun and aggrandizement of our Illuminist military-industrial complex.  The new Gestapo will be headed by lesbian Janet Napolitano, now the former Governor of Arizona, a state that is completely overrun by illegal aliens.  But hey, let's not let horrendous performance in the area of state and national security, especially along our borders, get in the way of filling in the new KGB employment gaps for our new Gestapo state, which is now really a corporatist, fascist police state, employing all the worst elements of both communism and fascism.  Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini would all be green with envy were they alive today.  As we have stated in the past, our country has been taken over by a bunch of Fascists and we mean that literally.

Fascist Comrade Obama plans to have ecumenicist, Rick Warren, swear him in on President Lincoln's Bible. This might seem encouraging at first, with Barack Obama symbolizing the first black presidential fruits of Lincoln's efforts to free the slaves, until you realize that President Lincoln's main objective at the start of the Civil War was the so-called preservation of the Union, not the emancipation of slaves.  It was about state rights versus the power of the federal government.  According to the Constitution, all rights are reserved to the states except for those specifically granted to the federal government by the US Constitution, and the Constitution did not originally address the issue of slavery, leaving it as an issue to be decided by each individual state.  Thus, forcing the abolition of slavery, regardless of its obvious ethical merits, on the states of the South, was, quite literally, unconstitutional.  This is really where the usurpation of states rights got started in earnest, and this process has resulted in the loss of much of our states' sovereignty ever since as our Constitution continues to be ignored.  The enforcement of so-called separation of church and state by the federal government and the federal judiciary against the states is a perfect example of this, as is federal funding and regulation of a public school system for the education of our children. Both issues involve the usurpation of states' rights by the federal government.  Federal funding is often used as the nexus to obtain control over areas of power normally reserved to the states, which are continually impoverished, along with their citizens, by the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve System, thus forcing them, by economic duress, to accept help from the US government, and all the regulation and red tape that goes with it.  Then our government miscreants just fire up the inflationary printing press, or invade the Social Security Ponzi Reserves, to provide the necessary funding, thus starting the next round of middle class inflationary pilferage, tax increases and financial duress, which leads to the next scheme to usurp state powers via federal funding which is needed by the states and their citizens on account of this ongoing economic extortion and financial terrorism.

Although Congress did not formally declare martial law in 1861, Lincoln proposed martial law type legislation, including the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, which Congress then passed, the Southern states having seceded from the US government, leaving the Northern states in charge.  This is not a good sign as we march toward our corporatist, fascist, Orwellian police state in the aftermath of Obama taking the oath for President of the US.  The oath he will take will require that he uphold the Constitution, but like a good little Illuminist bootlicker, he won't bite the hands that elected him, and he will ignore the Constitution totally.  He endorsed the view of Justice Kennedy that the Constitution is a "living instrument," which is a euphemism for saying that you can change it and ignore it at will to create the UFSRA, United Fascist Socialist Republic of America.  According to Caligula, the current Illuminist puppet in the White House, the US Constitution is "just a piece of paper," which is really just saying the same thing without the judicial flowery.

You might also note that the top tier Illuminist Rockefeller family, like Rick Warren, have a history of being ardent ecumenicists, as they are hell-bent on destroying Christianity and paving the way for a one-world religion as part of a one-world system of government which these sociopaths call the New World Order (and which we often more appropriately refer to as the New World Disorder).  So Mr. Warren's inclusion in the ceremony makes perfect sense from an Illuminist point of view.
Now many of our states face bankruptcy, and we shudder to think about what that implies for states' rights and sovereignty in the event that they must be bailed out by the federal government.  The borrower is always a slave to the lender.  Will we see America broken up into regions, or see states secede again in the event we have a second Con-Con (Constitutional Convention), where our glorious Constitution is scrapped for a new fascist Big Brother form of government ala George Orwell?  Could this be why our Illuminist-run federal government is so reticent to help our states, allowing them to experience maximum failure so they can bring them to their knees later and dictate subservient terms for their bailout via the private Federal Reserve and the US Treasury's hyperinflationary printing press and digital computer entries?  We only need two more states to call a second Con-Con.  Will they wait until our nation disintegrates and then create Constitutional problems that beg for a resolution?  You bet they will!  It is called the Hegelian Dialectic.  You can take that to the bank, if there are any left that are still solvent when we get to that point.  Or they may just declare martial law and do away with the US Constitution altogether on that basis.  Only time will tell.  Suffice it to say, we are headed toward the Civil War times all over again.  Hence the most likely reason for the use of Lincoln's Bible.  The Illuminati love to use symbolism to announce their future plans.

Our largest state by population and economy, California, is by far the poorest run state in the union as it plunges toward bankruptcy and civil unrest at breakneck speed.  As the saying goes, you reap what you sow.  The immigrant son of a former Nazi is their Illuminist governor.  He was blessed by the Rothschild family, who are top tier Illuminists and the brains behind the evil Black Nobility of Europe, to play the role of governor to the world's eighth largest economy.  California is a glaring microcosm of all the worst types of problems that exist in America, and is at the epicenter of the subprime fraud and real estate bubble.  

The Option ARM scandal/debacle is also centered in the state of excess, California, a massive case of loan fraud that will administer the coup de grace to the US real estate market and that is also a fuse leading to the CDS (credit default swap) and IRS (interest rate swap) powder kegs at the heart of the Quadrillion Dollar Derivative Death-Star.

That Quadrillion Dollar Derivative Death-Star is a world-class disaster made possible by the same group of deregulatory Clintonites who now infest Comrade Obama's Cabinet.  The new CCCP, the Clintonite Cabinet of fascist Parasites, with Queen Hillary as Secretary of State, is the same group of evil miscreants who were responsible for the totally irresponsible deregulation which did away with Glass-Steagall, which set up the unregulated OTC derivative market that powered the subprime, CDS and IRS derivatives debacles, and which ruined Fannie and Freddie with moronic loan qualification standards that were fraudulently not taken into account when valuing or rating derivatives.  The CCCP's previous deregulation will now pave the way for total dictatorial regulation via a feudal, corporatist, fascist police state as large sectors of our economy are nationalized.  Get ready to fight, or to play the serf -- your choice.

Getting back to the Civil War, what you also don't read about in the fane-stream press or in our Fascistic system of indoctrination and disinformation which some euphemistically refer to as our public education system, is that there were forces from Europe who were using the slavery issue to drive a wedge between the North and South, to divide and conquer America, and to take it back under the enslaving power of the British mercantilist system of European-style, debt-based fractional reserve banking, the specialty of the Rothschild family, top Illuminists and financiers of Europe's Black Nobility, including the British throne, which never forgave our Founding Fathers for breaking away from their dark, choking grasp.

The War of 1812 was the first effort of the British Black Nobility, backed by the Rothschild banking family, to take back America and reclaim it as their economic slave-state, and they have not stopped ever since.  The First Bank of the United States, the so-called brainchild of Illuminist Alexander Hamilton (but really of Baron Rothschild acting in the background), was a British Mercantilist, debt-based fractional reserve bank, which the British Black Nobility hoped to use to regain their economic dominance over their former colony.  The War of 1812 was started immediately after our US Congress, then run by real men with some chutzpah, refused to renew the charter of the First Bank of the United States in 1811, having realized where this devious and nefarious system of stealth taxation was about to take them.  The ensuing British war efforts were funded by the Rothschild banking interests whose plans had been dashed by our admirable group of patriots in Congress, whose actions were in stark contrast to the leadership we get from the slimy, reprobate traitors who currently blacken the halls of our Capitol in Washington, D.C.

In any case, much to the dismay of the Illuminati, President Lincoln, during the Civil War, very wisely and bravely refused to finance the war using their private, debt-based fractional reserve banking system, which the Illuminati hoped to use to finance both sides of the war, thus ensuring maximum destruction for the later abject enslavement of America to their interests.  President Lincoln rightly opted to issue paper money directly from the treasury known as United States Notes, to fund the war, and steered clear of the interest bearing, debt-based fiat currencies of the fractional reserve bankers of the British mercantilist system.  The issuance of these United States Notes, on which no interest was due as they were not created to evidence interest bearing debts to private interests in the form of treasury bonds as is now the case with the Federal Reserve, were the direct obligations of the US government, thus avoiding the financial enslavement of interest payments.

The Fed now acts as our private British Mercantilist bankers, and it is owned by both US and European Illuminist interests, with the European interests being the same banking families and families of Black Nobility who have been attempting to retake America since the Revolutionary War, and who will stop at nothing to make America their oyster again.  For his insolence in rejecting the European bankers and their co-conspirators among the Black Nobility, President Lincoln was assassinated.  On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy attempted to do the same thing as President Lincoln with his Executive Order 11110, that would have put the Fed out of business, and thus suffered a similar fate.  The assassinations of President's Garfield and McKinley, as well as the attempted assassinations of Andrew Jackson, were all directly tied to their stand against private international bankers and their conspiracy to take over our financial system.  Will Barack Obama also go maverick on the Fed and risk assassination to save our nation?  It would be nice to think so, but we doubt it.  On the other hand, if that's why he is using Lincoln's Bible, then we, of course, enthusiastically say:  GO FOR IT!!!

After Obama swears on Lincoln's Bible, he will use FDR's Illuminist playbook to try to save the economy, a playbook that was an abject failure when FDR used it, and that will produce the same results this time.  The objective is to spend as much money as possible, such that the elitists get paid their salaries, bonuses, dividends, stock options and golden parachutes, while the taxpayers of the US middle class get the shaft, as well as hyperinflation.  We wonder which Illuminist companies will reap all the benefits from the contracts for infrastructure, and who the foreign nations are that will purchase them with their ever-diminishing dollar reserves when they are completed?  It will be just like the Iraq War, with no-bid contracts, outrageous cost overruns, substandard and incomplete work, slave labor by illegal immigrants instead of US citizens, as well as bribes of, and fraudulent inspections by, government flunkies.  Just the same old, same old, repackaged as infrastructure for a collapsing, dilapidated America, instead of a war-torn Iraq.  Funding will come from the hyperinflationary monetization of treasuries in mass quantities since tax increases are out of the question for now.  Those will come later, after the American middle class has been impoverished, as those who are lucky enough to still have jobs are taxed into oblivion, after having already been inflated into oblivion.  Americans should make a point to become well acquainted with the streets of financial oblivion, as that is where the Illuminati intend to send them on a regular basis.  And so it goes, ad nauseam.