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How Much Proof Do You Need Before You Realize The USA Is A Police State?

How much proof do you need before you realize the USA is a police state? Prison beatings? RFID chips? State spying on activists? Intellectual Oblivion, Halliburton deals with Iran, Skull and Bones, Kerry and the transnationals, CIA operations, and keeping the bumper crop of Afghani heroin flowing into the west... and those Canadian junkets for Bush senior and John Major.... read and despair... or subscribe to the International Forecaster and learn all about it.....

Bob Chapman | July 31, 2004

If you want to see how evil your government is go to . It is the case of Jay Kimball who is a political prisoner who will spend the next 14 years of his life in one of the worst federal penitentiaries in America. Bankers, Wall Street executives and corporate chieftains steal billions, and pay a fine, but get no jail time. You will understand better why America is a police state. Why people who commit political crimes are treated far more harshly than murderers and rapists. The real criminals here are the drug companies who demanded this man be destroyed. There were no victims of Jay Kimball