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Now As The Much Greater Depression Progresses

Gold price suppression still at work and you can benefit from it now, how we would love to be hangmen to the criminals who caused this financial crisis, fiat currency now used to plifer wealth, Dow will never return to 14000, stimulus for hyperinflation, trillions lavished on bankster-gangsters, Japan's lost decate

Bob Chapman | March 4, 2009

For once we can thank the criminal miscreants in the gold cartel for all their suppressive efforts.  As they buy time for themselves so they can bail out of dollar-denominated paper assets and roll the proceeds over into gold, silver and other real tangible assets on the cheap via the scheme we have referred to often as the Big Sting Two, they are also letting everyone else in the general public have more time to learn about gold and silver while precious metals are still affordably priced.  These financial sociopaths are giving newsletter writers like us, and the hard money community in general, more time to educate the public about the nature of money, about inflation and about what they can do to protect themselves and their financial future with gold, silver and their related assets.  In the end, their criminal enterprise will turn out to be self-defeating. 

The more gold and silver the public has a chance to acquire in order to protect themselves against the corrosive effects of hyper-stagflation and a high risk financial environment, followed by the devastating impact of deflation and depression, the more people there will be to fight effectively against the move toward world government as the elitists destroy the world economy to pave the way for their One World Disorder.  The more gold and silver we, the general public, own, the less power the elitists will have over us as the world financial system unravels and these fiends attempt to enslave us in a one-world police state which they intend to create out of the ensuing social, political and financial chaos.  What they will get out of the ensuing chaos is violence, social upheaval and revolution, followed by trials, recriminations, confiscations of their property and striped suits. 

  If the public is in need of hangmen, we will gladly volunteer our services to pull the pins on the trap doors to ensure that these malevolent, megalomaniacal miscreants receive their final comeuppance.

  Rest assured that these miscreants already own, and are acquiring with great speed, ever greater private reserves of gold and silver in all forms, because they, of all people, know that gold and silver are the only real money in a world full of "worthless paper," paper which they themselves created in order to rip off the hard-working masses.  By various methods of fraud and deceit, they are using fiat currencies to pilfer the wealth, which the common folk have earned with their blood, sweat and tears.  As Dr. No, Representative Ron Paul, said recently: "It's immoral to transfer wealth from the productive to the non-productive members of society."  But that is precisely what these lazy louts intend to do to you if you allow them to.  Incidentally, they are only lazy when it comes to earning an honest living.  When it comes to plundering and raping the public through criminal enterprise, they are anything but lazy.  Don't be lazy louts like them when it comes to earning honest gains via gold, silver and their related assets.  You must buy precious metals to protect yourself, along with freeze-dried food, water filters, weapons and ammunition, and keep buying them until you run out of resources as the economy goes belly up.  These are your only salvation aside from God Almighty Himself, and He also expects you to take action and prepare for what lies ahead.

  The ability to have a big rally and final blow-off top in the stock and bond markets to complete the Big Sting Two is now impossible.  There isn't enough fiat paper in the world to rescue the system, whether currently in existence, or yet to be monetized and printed.  Deflationary forces are now too powerful to allow for such a thing.  They can never get the Dow back to 14,000.  The abysmal earnings of companies that are currently producing a GDP of minus 6.2% annualized could never justify such a rally.  And earnings are only going to get worse as the Much Greater Depression progresses.  The so-called stimulus will stimulate nothing but hyperinflation, and will be followed by other, even larger, stimulus packages, which will produce the same results.  The stimulus package passed during the Caligula Administration, which was an equally pathetic exercise in pork spending, with mere table scraps being thrown to the middle class dogs, was also a failure.  We are now engaged in necromancy under Emperor Nero as we attempt to reanimate and communicate with the walking dead elitist financial institutions of the Illuminati by offering taxpayer sacrifices (aka bailouts) to Satan and his minions among the satanic, Illuminist trillionaires, while starving the healthy and more honest banks and business corporations of the capital they need to survive via the so-called credit crunch.  The term "credit crunch" is now really just a euphemism for the cutting off of credit from the honest and healthy while it is lavished on the flesh-eating, bankster-gangster zombies as they devour their succulent taxpayer victims and their even tastier business competitors.  In the evil, twisted, perverted world of the Illuminati, nothing succeeds like failure.  Just ask all the Illuminist CEO's who took down ten of millions from companies, which they destroyed intentionally through both malfeasance and fraud.  Or ask the criminals who get fined by the SEC in amounts that are miniscule in proportion to the funds stolen while totally avoiding any jail time.  

  Also, another major problem with orchestrating such a rally is a factor that has arisen due to unforeseen circumstances that the masters of the universe neglected to consider.  The carry trade has been destroyed by a yen supercharged with an overdose of testosterone.  This has destroyed the Japanese economy, whose exports are now uncompetitive due to the much stronger yen.  We told you that Japan would lead the world down the financial toilet bowl when this happened, as the Yen Death-Star detonated, and just as we predicted, Japan's export based economy is leading the pack into financial hell.  This happened when the elitist scum brought us down to zero interest rates.  Many are not aware of the immense amount of money which the Japanese public had purchased in the form of US treasury bonds to get the higher returns which such bonds offered compared to the low Japanese interest rates that resulted from the moronic economic policies which were implemented by Japan during its "Lost Decade."  When shorter term US treasury bond interest rates dropped to near zero on US treasuries as investors fled in terror to treasuries and as zero interest rates were implemented by the Fed to maximize spreads for its member banks, most of these bonds were liquidated by the Japanese, who used the dollar proceeds to purchase yen so they could earn the higher miniscule rates available in their own currency, which they now trust more than the dollar.  This is what brought the yen from 110 yen per dollar in August of last year, to below 90.  The carry trade was destroyed in the process, and the Dow followed suit, dropping from 11,700 in August of last year down to the present 6,700.  Also, the Japanese stock market has dropped to a 25+-year low.  Recently, the yen has weakened from 89 to 98, but the markets are not responding, and are in fact deteriorating further.  Instead of a weaker yen driving markets up, the weaker markets are driving the yen down.  The yen is now weakening due more to liquidations of foreign stocks denominated in yen being rolled into the falsely perceived safe-haven of dollar-denominated US treasuries, than to interventions by Japanese bankers.  The carry trade was destroyed, and due to the credit crunch, it cannot be resurrected to anywhere near where it once was, although the elitists will attempt to bring it back for the final rally as best they can.