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Technology Getting Smaller

Technology getting smaller, and RFID chips monitor your privacy..Biometrics will have you cold... even for the homeless.

Bob Chapman | April 8, 2004

Civil liberties groups from around the world have joined forces to oppose the proposed introduction and cross-border sharing of biometrics and RFID in more than one billion passports worldwide. The International Civil Aviation Organization has plans to create an international identity register that would force the inclusion of biometrics and controversial RFID tracking tags in all passports by 2015. There are 39 groups opposing these efforts. The main potential for this data is for some oppressive regime to use it against its citizens.

The California Rice Commission approved a biotech company’s request to grow the state’s first crop genetically modified to contain a drug, a rice that is genetically modified to produce two human proteins that fight infection: lactoferin and lysozyme. We all know from sad experience the rice will contaminate regular crops and destroy their export markets. Japanese consumers will not accept genetically engineered contamination of any crop. The idea is to feed people these drugs so they won’t get sick. It sounds good but what happens when the body builds up immunity to the drugs? Examples are numerous of plant contamination over the last several but the yahoos in California are dumb.

The medieval practice of requiring foreigners to be fingerprinted and photographed before entering the United States is being expanded to include millions of travelers from 27 other countries, which includes Britain, Japan and Australia. On 9/15/04, they will be fingerprinted and photographed as they enter 115 airports and 14 seaports. There are no changes in these unique rules covering visits by Canadians and Mexicans. That would upset the chances of completion of FTAA. Fatherland Security has run roughshod over people’s rights again in the phony name of terrorism. The excuse for the further harassment and data collection is that so-called “visa-waiver countries” won’t meet an October deadline to have biometric passports that include fingerprints and photographing, that foreigners from other countries must have to obtain a visa. They already have profiles on 5 million people. This fingerprinting of the visa-waiver citizens will probably have ramifications for Americas when they travel abroad. Brazil has already retaliated requiring Americans visiting Brazil to be fingerprinted and photographed. The visa-waiver countries are: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

It just gets worse. The Department of Health & Human Services is about to begin implanting homeless people with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) so that social workers and police can track the movement of the homeless. The excuse is RFID will discourage the “implanted” from committing crimes, while making it easier for social workers to deliver food and medicine. Don’t you get it? We are next. This is a pilot project – a warm-up. The federal PATH program is giving away $58 million for the project, which was created under the McKinney Act to fund support for the homeless. The National Coalition for the Homeless says there are 3.5 million people on the streets and they see these programs being abused. They will support it only with safeguards. Presently there are none and we do not expect any. Next will be seniors over 65 and then children at birth. Once they are in place, everyone will be implanted with this mark of the beast.

Our keepers, the Bush neo cons, have instructed the FBI to file a request with the FCC requesting that all broadband Internet providers rewire their networks, making it easier for the police to perform wiretaps. The FBI already uses Carnivore to monitor email and website visits. Verizon has already provided a backdoor into DSL. AT&T says they will comply and Comcast and Time Warner have refused to comment, which means they have complied. Of course, the excuse is that they are chasing terrorists, when in fact they are simply spying on Americans. Worse yet, we get to pay higher prices so government can deprive us of our Constitutional rights. This approval, under the Patriot Acts, not only deprives you of your constitutional rights, you get to pay to lose your freedom. One moronic Congressman Albert Wynn (D-MD) says it is wrong to tax people to do this and it should be paid for by Fatherland Security. Where does Fatherland Security get its funding from you meathead? That is right, the people. Under the Patriot Acts anyone can be an enemy combatant so if they do not like what you say about our police state they label you, collect you and jail you. Then comes the torture and imprisonment without trial for years until you have been permanently neutralized. The Patriot Acts and the interception of email will attempt to locate and punish anyone who disagrees with government while relieving you of your privacy. This is the ultimate destruction of democracy. Do not forget our purchased Congress passed these Acts.