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Digital Control

Control. The elitists worship it. They get a form of sexual gratification from it. And boy does it show. From the censorship on social media, where the President of The United States was banned, to the lock downs, the masks, the no travel rules, the shutting down of businesses to you name it.

Bob Rinear | July 6, 2021

Control. The elitists worship it. They get a form of sexual gratification from it. And boy does it show. From the censorship on social media, where the President of The United States was banned, to the lock downs, the masks, the no travel rules, the shutting down of businesses to you name it.

Still, it’s not enough. The globalists hate you. They think you’re nothing but a worthless eater, spewing carbon and eating their lobsters. They want you dead, or at a minimum, a serf…a slave to do their bidding. I’ve been warning about this for over 28 years. Few listened of course because “that sounds nuts.” But now some of the tide has turned, and every day more and more people know that “something’s terribly wrong,” but they don’t know what. So, they’re looking for answers and hope.

This past weekend Donald Trump came to Sarasota to do a rally. Depending on whom you wish to believe, somewhere between 25 and 40 thousand people came to the fair grounds to hear him speak. “Technically” according to procedure, he’s not the President. Yet so many people thought he was on the right track as President, they still rally in numbers that NO politician ever gets.

But the one thing I always give the elites credit for, and to people on the left who love their policies, is that they don’t quit. They’re activists, and they’ll work hard for their agenda. Well, their number one agenda over all things is complete control. On Twitter or facebook or youtube, if what you’re saying, doesn’t line up with the socialist agenda, they shut you off. Ban you. Put you in time out until you learn to be a good little lemming.

Question the vaccines? Instant bad. You Tube banned the Doctor that invented the Mrna vaccine system, because he was mentioning some of the concerns he has about the Vax. Can you imagine? Well, the one thing that ticks off the globalists more than anything else, is the freedom that cash money gives you.

They detest the fact that they don’t know where you’re spending it, and it drives them bonkers. The following is a short one minute video of one of the top blowhards from the Bank of International Settlements, whining about cash, how they can’t trace it,  and how much better it’s going to be ( for them) when they launch their central bank digital currency. Check it:

Then after you watch that, read the few paragraphs below the video about Cash Friday’s. It starts like this:

By the Solari Team

As the saying goes, “money makes the world go around” but today’s battle of digital currencies, inflation, and paper currency has humanity at a tipping point, freedom or fascism.

The pandemic and lockdown has been wildly successful. It has created the right environment of total control of society, health, money, and food. Huge portions of the population are in complete submission from fear and mind control. Every aspect of life and how it functions approaches the grasp of Mr. Global…

Well, I’ve been telling you folks since Bitcoin launched that their goal at the top, was a completely controllable digital currency. Some listened, some thought it was cool because, technology you know… but I’m quite sure those that are head over heels in love with this stuff, don’t understand the big picture. They don’t want digital currency with shut off buttons to keep bad guys from doing illegal things, because most of the elites are corrupt, thieving, pedophile’s that sell human beings for pleasure. No folks, it has nothing to do with catching criminals.

I’m going to grab some paragraphs from Kevin Freeman and his work on Global Economic Warfare,  just so I don’t have to type all the same exact stuff, I can just click and copy his, we’re both on the same page.

What if a government sanctioned a currency, but they only allowed you to use it in certain ways? Imagine a new cryptocurrency in China and they say: “OK, it's your money, but you can only use it in this location, but not outside of 10 miles from your home. You can’t use it that way." They can control you and keep you at home. It would be a new form of lockdown.

What if they said you can only use it to buy certain foods because you are obese and you need to eat the “healthy” foods they want. Do you think I'm exaggerating? Do you remember Mike Bloomberg's plan as mayor to say you can only have x amount of soda, you can't have y? That is clearly the level of control pursued. If they control a cryptocurrency and you have that money, you can only use it the way that they approve.

What if they say you can only buy an electric car, not a gasoline-powered car? What if they say “this retailer here, we don't like what they do, so you can't buy from them, but you can buy from this one.” The level of control is astounding. What if they say we are going to put expiration dates on your money to force you to spend it now or we are going to freeze it so you can't spend it? Government controlled “programmable currency” would represent nearly unlimited power. Imagine what would happen if they could tax you at will by simply making certain money disappear or move it to another account.

Remember the golden rule? He who has the gold makes the rules. But in this case, he who controls the currency makes the rules. We are witness to a war on cash and it is accelerating. Here is an example from a friend: “I work in Beijing, same as working in New York. I go to work, they pay me. I go out for drinks with my friends”. That was true until one day on his way to dinner he happened to jaywalk. He just walked across the street. A surveillance camera took a picture of him. They sent it to him on his phone. They took a fine straight out of his account.  That's the level of control we're talking about.

According to an April 24, 2021 article from the American Institute for Economic Research, the CPC introduced a digital version of its’ currency, the yuan, for use in four Chinese cities. The CPC sees two major benefits to this experiment: a tangible challenge to the US dollar's global ubiquity, and a way to control how Chinese citizens spend their money. The digital yuan can be manipulated and monitored in a number of ways. It is programmable. According to The Wall Street Journal, Beijing has tested expiration dates to encourage users to spend it quickly for times when the economy needs a jump start. This sounds like a despotic government's dream come true and a citizen's worst nightmare. Bureaucrats can finally exterminate all traces of freedom in the marketplace. They can “reward” good behavior, punish “bad”, tax at will, create money at will, replace and redistribute currency and wipe out the black market.

Do you see where this is going folks? This is the globalists wet dream, the ultimate control of the population via shutting off your money. This is not socialism, the is fascism/communism at a gold medal level. In the past, if someone talked badly about the communist in charge of say Russia years ago, he was usually beaten and sent to prison. But that costs money to feed them. Now, with digital currency, if you say the wrong thing about the “leadership” they can turn off your money for a few weeks. Or lower your “social credit standard” and whack your account for a few hundred bucks.

I have been preaching this for a long time. Bitcoin wasn’t designed by some gnome in a cave in Japan, or what ever the stupid story goes. It was designed by DARPA, the same people that invented the Internet, and a whole host of technologies for military use. With bitcoin, it was a Beta run, to see how it would be accepted, to see how many took the bait.  To work out the bugs, and track it. YES I said Track it. This stuff is not anonymous.

Central banks run the world. They have for hundreds of years, and told to us in the 1700’s. “GIVE me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” So said Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

And it’s true to this day. Money does make the world go by, and these guys can whip it up out of thin air, and then go buy up all the Equities, housing, food, mortgages, businesses, etc. The globalist elites have told us to our face, that we’ll own nothing, have no privacy and be happy. They’re well on the way towards owning it all, and their Digital currency, will ensure that they always win.

Fight back as best you can. Of course buy some precious metal, that’s a constant. But as you see on the Solari page, launching a “cash on Friday’s” campaign is indeed a good start towards ticking them off. If everyone just took one day a week such as Friday and made all your payments in cash, the velocity of money would increase. It would make it slightly harder for them to eliminate it.

Just know, all this is in the works. It’s been planned, designed and very close to launch. Just like the “rona” was. Control folks… it’s their goal. Fight back as you can.