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Protection-Part 2

So, this weekend we mentioned some of the ills facing us and they’re aplenty for sure. We know they’re coming at us with Central bank digital currency. We know the BIS, IMF, and regional central banks are all in on it and can’t wait.

Bob Rinear | July 13, 2021

So, this weekend we mentioned some of the ills facing us and they’re aplenty for sure. We know they’re coming at us with Central bank digital currency. We know the BIS, IMF, and regional central banks are all in on it and can’t wait.

We know Klaus Schwab and his band of misfit billionaires have their own plans for what the future looks like and it’s damn dystopian in my view. We know that socialism is invading all corners of our nation, from schools, to Government.

We know that cancel culture has gotten so in your face, that even far left liberal crazies have now said it’s gone too far. We’ve got BLM hotspots around the country, we’ve got a senile old man in the White house, and we’ve got inflation reaching “hyper” status.

CPI: "The index for used cars and trucks rose sharply for the third consecutive month, increasing 10.5 percent in June. This was the largest monthly increase ever reported for the used cars and trucks index, which was first published in January 1953"

A survey showed that 48% of small businesses have  hiked prices, a total not seen in 40 years. Shall I go on? Nah, you get it.

We’ve got people on CNN saying it’s time that the Vax is mandatory for everyone. We’ve got the White house sending out ‘squads” door to door, to ask about your status.

We have a recount going on in Arizona. Word on the street is that they’re going to launch some form of false flag on us, to distract us from what the results show us…namely that there was massive voter fraud there.

They’re playing with the supply chains, especially in the area of food. Mike Adams of the Health Ranger site, said last week, that the food dealer that he’s used for years to make his health formula’s,  would not give him a food contract for the next 12 months. He was told they’d honor 90 days, but after that “they could not guarantee food deliveries.” 

I could go on for quite a while, but you all get it. There’s a massive agenda push here, to get the WEF’s vision of the new world order implemented and done by 2030. That doesn’t leave much time.

This is a 2 minute video from Australia that sums it all up nicely. It’s the first video from the top, and worth your two minutes.

Over in France, Macron has gone full Nazi. He has mandated the vaccine, and if you don’t have it, they’re going to shut you down.

“The unvaccinated will bear the brunt of the restrictions rather than everyone...from the beginning of august, the vax pass will be needed for coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, trains, buses etc...”

Well there it is. No vax? No food. No hospital to have your surgery. No bus, no train, no plane.

For all of you who think this can’t happen here, I beg to differ. CNN has had several so called doctors on that say it is “time for a mandatory vax” The push is on, and the criminals in this cabinet are all for it.


So, the age old question remains. What do we do about all of this?  Because of my background, I have no issues what so ever writing about self defense, guns, etc. But a lot of what we’re facing and soon to be facing more of, is government intrusion, the great monetary reset, the squashing out of the middle class. That’s simply not all solvable by me teaching you how to properly run your Glock 19.

If they ram through their programmable digital money, with the ability to limit your range of use, the types of things you can buy, and so on… it makes cave-man sense that we’ll need an alternative. To this day, I can think of none better than gold and silver. Certainly barter will come into play as well. In the right circumstances, a bottle of bourbon will buy you quite a bit of food from the right small farmer.

The “black market” for goods and services that can’t be traced via their digital currency will explode. I see an entire underground network of people that will be exchanging goods for gold, for silver, for cigarettes, for drugs, for AMMO… etc.

Food and more importantly WATER is a major concern. Just like Macron has said “no vax, no supermarket” it would be just as easy to shut off your water service. Why would they do that? I’ve heard these whack jobs talking about how the unvaxed are passing the virus into the waste water tanks via their toilets.  It wouldn’t be beneath them to use that excuse.

I guess that the biggest issue I’m facing, is that I just don’t know how far they’re going to take this. No one, not even me, wants to think that the 1%, the Elites are literally going to starve us, shut us off from humanity. And yet, history is rife with just that.

Can’t happen here, right? Well I would bet that just 30 years ago the idea of Transgenders dressed in Drag, reading story books to kindergarteners at the library could not be fathomed. “That couldn’t happen here!”  But it did. Or that parts of an entire city were taken over by antifa thugs and BLM. But it did. What’s next we ask?

So one side of the ledger is pure Mad Max. All out civil wars, Government out of control, starving its own inhabitants. On the other side is the slow creep of ever more screwing with the middle class, inflating their goods, keeping control over them with fear and food/energy shortages. Neither sounds good to me. I figure we fall somewhere in the middle.

It’s not easy talking about this. You take a nice family that lives in New York city. They’ve lived there for 2 generations. The only thing they know is that you go to work, get paid, use that money to buy food and pay the utility bills, and that’s how life works.

Now implement more forced lock downs, mandatory vax, control over your currency, food scarcity and what do you have? Disaster. Many years ago, I happened to spy on a military paper that I had no right to be reading. It was a training scenario about what would happen to Manhattan if for some reason, terrorists took out the bridges and tunnels and food couldn’t get to the island. The result? Areas of cannibalism within 26 days. Food is important stuff.

In the past we’ve talked a lot about Gold and silver and how and why you should have some. We’ve talked about stocking up on some food and water to get you through a rough period. We’ve talked about weapons, self defense, home defense, etc. Today I think the key word is “community.”

If things get really ugly, and we all pray they don’t, trying to go it alone is futile. Everyone thinks they’re a modern Rambo, until the A/C doesn’t work. I’d wager that in a full blown SHTF scenario, less than 10% of our population could make it a month.

We are going  to have to rely on “like minded” people, whether it is to help each other put up a fence, or fix a vehicle, or dress out a deer. We need small groups of folks that we can trust, rely on, and trade labor with.

Here’s a bit of a homework assignment. Everyone, even those that live in the city, should map out some small time farmer/rancher/dairy operations within a short driving distance. Go visit these folks, buy some product, and begin the process of literally talking about how valuable they are, and how even if the SHTF you’ll be coming back for their produce/eggs/etc. Ask them point blank, if money wasn’t worth anything, what would have value to them? Maybe it’s ammo. Maybe it would be free labor shoveling chicken poop. Find out. Because if the SHTF these are folks you’ll want to know, and who know you.

My neighbor bought two electric bicycles. I have been heartily impressed by them. They ride them daily, have a 45 mile range, they’re built like tanks, and they charge in about 4 hours. I would bet that two – three solar panels and a good charge controller/inverter and battery, could charge them up for free every night. Not a bad idea, because as you know, we’re reliant on gas/diesel for the most part. If that gets shut down, so does your travels to the farm market.

The bottom line is this. If you saw that 2 minute video from Australia, you see the elites themselves saying “normal” is not going to return any time soon. We’re going to be in a new normal, and we just don’t know how evil, twisted and sick that normal is. Talk to your friends, make new friends. I feel we’re going to get past all this nonsense, but there’s a rough period first. Pray we get through it well.