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Who Won?

I think the market continues to rise, maybe to all-time highs, until something big happens in the investigations. Then things could get rocky for a while. I’m leaning long, with a finger near the sell button. It’s my only choice. Have a nice day, I’m off to call my Friend and hope he’s able to speak.

Bob Rinear | November 6, 2020

Hey everyone, this letter will be a bit shorter than my normal articles. I was alerted Wednesday that my closest friend had a stroke, and while stable, wasn’t out of the woods by a long shot. I’ve been trying to chat with the family, and my mind isn’t focused on markets right now.

The Media. The Machine behind the media is who won this election. For 4 years, 24/7 all we heard was Orange man bad. Orange man racist. Orange man homophobic, Orange man bad on trade, Orange man bad as a human, Orange man raping the nation, and on and on and on and on. It never stopped.

There’s millions of Americans, especially the elderly, that believe every single word that comes out of the mouths of the mutants on TV news. I saw it with my own mom, as every evening she’d have the news on and hear how terrible Donald Trump is. Then she’d have to ask me, if he really “did this, or did that” and I’d have to explain the real story.

I can only imagine that this played out in millions of homes, the brainwashing was taking hold. It especially took hold in the youth of our nation. Having been indoctrinated in worthless schools, with Socialist professors, they were sponges to suck up whatever drivel came out of the media’s spin rooms.

Not one, and I truly mean that, not once can I ever remember the media to congratulate Trump on something he’d done. No matter what he did, it was wrong according to the talking heads. Get selected for the Peace prize?  Not one outlet carried it. Get peace agreements in the Middle East? Pfft, according to the media it didn’t matter.  So, I understand why so many people hate the Orange man. They’ve never been told a thing that he’s done that was good, and they’ve been told a million times why he’s bad.

So is Trump some kind of God, and I’m simply some Trumpette, all agog over the Mighty Donald?  Of course not. We’re all flawed folks, we all have skeletons. Let him without sin cast the first stone. He’s got flaws, we all do. There’re things he’s done that I don’t agree with, but I understand why he did it.

For instance, how many times did he say we had the greatest economy ever? Like a million? And yet it was a blatant lie. The economy has been on the life support of QE fed money since 2008. It never recovered. Yet I understood why he continued to say it, because it’s a hard pill to swallow if he had come out and said “the entire global economy is in dire trouble and it can’t be fixed and we’re going to have to launch an entirely new system, and there’s going to be pain in the process.” 

Yet I wish he had. So as you can see, I didn’t go along with the whole Trump “thing.” Yet there were many things that I liked about him. Statements like “As long as I’m around, your 2nd amendment is safe.” Things like “We will never be a Socialist nation as long as I’m around.” Things like staring down the entire media complex and calling them Fake news. Exposing their lies.

So, what’s my take? Let’s take it to ground level. I wanted Trump to win, and the evidence on the ground suggested he would. In a big way. 96 mile car caravans, 6000 boats in water parades, rallies attended by 20+ thousand 4 times a day, and on and on. The biggest Biden campaign that I recall the media reporting on was a 300 car drive in rally. Trump had more people in the porta potties than Biden had in his whole rally.

I guess the question on every Trump Supporters mind is, “was it stolen” from him?  The left would say hell no, why doesn’t he give it up, he lost. I find that ironic from the same folks that still think Hillary won in 2016. Why is it okay for her to not give it up, but not Trump?

I firmly believe that yes this was arranged. And I’ll go all the way back to the release of Covid. The lockdowns were designed to push the agenda that it was too dangerous to go vote, so do it all by mail. Unsolicited ballots sent to millions upon millions of people Many of them dead. See it’s one thing for someone with a disability to call and ask for a ballot. The ballot gets sent to THAT person, who fills it out and returns it. Perfect, no issue what so ever. But this didn’t do that.

This time they blasted out ballots to anyone on the registry rolls. Well those rolls are HORRIBLY inaccurate.

According to Rudy Giuliani:
AT LEAST 21K Dead People on Pennsylvania Voter Rolls 9,212 registrants have been dead for at least five years, at least 1,990 registrants have been dead for at least ten years, and at least 197 registrants have been dead for at least twenty years, "How many of those dead people got ballots? All of them. How many sent them back? I think we have the right to know.

Now, when someone has died in Detroit back in 2004, but gets a ballot and mysteriously SENDS IT IN as supposedly happened thousands of times, does that not question the validity of this whole charade??  I think so.

If you spend enough time online, you’re going to see and hear from hundreds of people posting very troubling things.

Phill Kline is a former Kansas attorney general and now an attorney for the nonprofit Amistad Project, which filed a lawsuit Wednesday alleging that tens of thousands of ballots in Detroit have been illegally filled out by election officials and Democratic election observers. We have confirmed evidence that Democratic election officials have violated state law, he told The Federalist, and have opened the door for fraud involving tens of thousands of ballots.

Is this true? Were tens of thousands fraudulent? I have no proof, but yes I believe there’s proof enough that this election was fraught with fraud.

So what now? Well, Trump doesn’t seem like the guy that’s going to roll over and take this. He’s probably going to fight it out, and I don’t blame him. So what’s that mean to our market?

I was 100% absolutely wrong about this past week. I was under the impression that a contested election, a drawn-out event would create all manner of troubling issues with the market, and we would trade sideways and slightly down.

That did NOT happen. We went straight up for 4 solid days.  The reasons given were that if Biden wins the Presidency and the Republicans keep the Senate, there would be “grid lock” and no big sweeping agenda’s. They also figured that no matter who wins, more stimulus is coming. I absolutely agree with that.

If you listened to Powell and his band of Feds, the playbook is still engaged. They’re on board with keeping rates low and QE high. So that’s not changed. Whether it’s Biden or Trump, a stimulus bill will come. So that’s not changed.

I think the only thing that will rock this market is if investigations do uncover some really big election fraud, where states already called have to recount, and they get reversed after finding improper ballots. Wall Street knew the fix was in and accepted the Biden President/Republican Senate. They might get cranky if this is changed.

I think we’re going to see quite a fight over the next couple weeks. So far, people have been keeping their tempers in check, but at some point, that will change. Especially if Biden gets overturned.

If you want my bottom-line estimate, for whatever it’s worth, I think Trump fights this, I think he finds enough examples of fraud and ill-doing that he is ultimately awarded the Presidency. But did he really win anything? The left will still hate him. The Media will still hate him. The attacks won’t stop. 

I think the market continues to rise, maybe to all-time highs, until something big happens in the investigations. Then things could get rocky for a while. I’m leaning long, with a finger near the sell button. It’s my only choice. Have a nice day, I’m off to call my Friend and hope he’s able to speak.