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The Biggest Heist of all time

We’re still leaning long, but keeping position size a bit lower than normal. So far it’s been working for us nicely, and I figure it should continue for a while. But as we get closer to the December rate hike from the Fed’s, I think there’s going to be a bit of nervousness out there, and that could shake some trees.

Bob Rinear | November 28, 2017

Yes I know it’s still “Thanksgiving weekend” and yes I know I should write some touchy-feely commentary about how lovely life is, etc. But I’m not. I’ve been waiting patiently for years for this particular story to gel together, and it’s all but complete now.

Most of you think that some Dorky looking Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, in what can only be called the miracle of all time. In the span of just maybe a month or two, this subpar code writer, came up with the biggest technology breakthrough of all time, like it was nothing? See, there was a problem for years and years concerning data/file sharing on a massive basis, that no one, not IBM, not AT&T, not anyone could solve. But the story we’re peddled is that this no name geek figured it out, developed what would end up being 750,000 lines of code, and launched facebook. In a few weeks. Nothing to it.

Well, it’s complete and utter Bull crap. Instead, what Facebook is, is a real time expose of the highest levels of corruption, elite control, judiciary fraud, Patent fraud, Military/Industrial espionage, and mind control ever witnessed in the history of the planet.

Big words? You bet. And every bit of it as real as these digital letters you’re reading. So, what brings this up this fine Sunday? Because each and every day me, Trader Rob, Ted, Bryce, Chuck, Gary, and the host of traders/investors I confer with have to witness fraud and manipulation in our markets. Bogus earnings based on “pro-forma” garbage. Non GAAP accounting standards that turn real tangible 60 cent a share losses into 74 cent a share “earnings beats”. On and on it goes.

Many folks, tend to think I’m a ranting lunatic. This is true, but it doesn’t change the facts. You are lied to, conned, and snookered every day by Wall Street. We’ve exposed rigging, we’ve seen major banking institutions fined tens of billions of dollars for insider trading, Interest rate rigging, and a host of other ills. Yet no one goes to jail. We saw the housing bubble, the Robo mortgages, the confessions by major bankers that they were shorting the very products they were promoting to buyers, yet again, no one goes to jail.

Well as ugly and nasty and corrupt that Wall street is, it almost pales in comparison to the global cabal that has its hands in everything. Have you ever wondered how almost magically, someone in some second or third world country ends up with technology that is far and above what they should have? Well think about it folks. There’s a patent service. That patent service gets to see every single new “thing” that’s invented. Not only do they get to see it, IF they determine that somehow it could possibly be a problem for National security, they TAKE IT. The owner gets shut down, and doesn’t get a DIME for his invention. That very patent office then farms it out to the Security, Military contractors it chooses.

Those contractors develop it, sell it, use it to their advantage, etc. Let’s suppose you came up with the latest greatest anti-missile technology. You apply for patent. The patent office says “Whoa now, this is way too sensitive, Sorry Mr. Jones, no patent for you, YOU CANNOT develop or sell this technology, and we’re in control of it. Thanks, have a nice day”

Then “somehow” (snicker) that very technology ends up in Israel, or Russia, or Saudi Arabia. How’s that happen? Because it’s stolen and SOLD to the highest bidder.

The Story of Facebook is the ultimate, in your face, live time drama of this very situation. Zuckerberg didn’t invent Facebook, I’m not sure he could invent a new dinner recipe. The technology that held up the entire Internet world and kept social media like Facebook, or Youtube or Instagram, or any of the 5000 Aps you might use, was developed by Leader Technolog Inc.

It was Michael McKibben, the founder and lead engineer of Leader Tech, that with his team, created the breakthrough technology and code that allowed the invention of “Social media”. And what did Michael and his company get? Let me quote:

Seventeen years of lies, deceit, legal maneuvering, patent tricks, industrial espionage, betrayal, governmental manipulation, frauds on the courts, and a $10 million dollar legal bill—as well as seven lawsuits brought against Leader Technologies itself as an attempt to bankrupt them.

Let me give you a few more quotes from the people documenting every single minute of this rip off, which by the way names the very people that were involved, how they did it and how it’s still going on in the legal system:

One of the largest government sponsored industrial espionage thefts of copyrights, trade secrets, and patents in modern times was the theft of scalable social networking inventions. The technology and programming code that underlie Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and most the other large-scale social networking companies runs on Leader Technologies' intellectual property.

It was stolen by a group of criminal lawyers, judges, spies and bankers working with complete impunity and in total disregard for the law. Under the guise of the IBM Eclipse Foundation, James P. Chandler III (who was a national security advisor and top White House attorney) led the group of criminals who, interestingly enough, are also appearing in the news currently due to their most recently discovered crimes, along with John Podesta, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, John Breyer, James Breyer, Larry Summers, Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and a host of others who are not so well known.

Many people are aware that Mark Zuckerberg has had to settle out of court again and again over his theft of the social network that he called "Facebook." What they don't know, perhaps, is that Zuckerberg was one of the fake tech-lords who got his invention from James Chandler's and Larry Summers' efforts to apply the technology they stole from Leader and was being disseminated through the IBM Eclipse Foundation.

When Michael McKibben and his software engineers created their quantum leap in technology to almost infinite scalability with their social networking invention, they planned to implement a moral system that respected personal property and privacy and envisioned a new "age of freedom of information." While Leader Technologies assumed that the government might want to use their invention, they had no way of knowing that the government intended to use it for the exact opposite moral purposes: to take away the user's freedom and surveil everything in their lives.

Who could have predicted that the NSA, CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies would come to control the Internet, social networks, and every communication and broadcast in America—in contra-distinction to US laws and civil liberties. To witness the twisted uses of Leader's original idea must have been maddening.

Listen folks, that’s just a few paragraphs from what is a six part interview with the actual inventor of social media technology Michael McKibben. I urge you all, every one of you to take the time to listen to/watch the 6 part video interviews. In them you’ll learn how the patent office steals high tech and sells it. You’ll learn why Larry Summers left the world bank to head up Harvard, at the very time McKibbens technology was stolen. You’ll learn how and who selected Zuckerberg to be the fake front man for Facebook. You’ll learn how at the highest levels of our court system, judges were bought, rules changed, evidence “lost” etc.

I’ve been waiting a long time for these guys to bring this to the masses and it’s here. If you think I’m a ranting Lunatic because I continue to point out the endless fraud and manipulations, you NEED to watch this. While the media suggests that somehow Trump colluded with the Russians, you’ll learn how Facebook and Youtube worked with Erik Schmidt of Google to throw the election for Hillary. How a Russian coder actually made the secret programs for Facebook to manipulate your votes to go to Hillary. You’ll come away sad.

I want you all to go to

I want you to not only listen to the 6 part series, take some time to go over the legal documents on the right side of the page. See how Leader Technology was raped, and then how the legal system hides that rape.

If the biggest invention in technology, an invention that has allowed Leader Technologies' inventions to fuel dozens of the largest corporations in the world, worth tens of trillions of dollars – if they can see their invention stolen, am I really crazy when I tell you of the market fraud? You decide.

The Market:

The slow grinding creep higher continues. Of course it’s out of whack, of course stocks are bloated, and yes, everyone knows it. But their answer is “Where else can you put your money?” Isn’t it funny that they never say that when the market is crashing?

Just about each year, between Nov. 20th and December 4th, the market generally makes gains. So far, this one has followed the plot. Then, historically, things get “iffy”. Some years the market continues on, some years it begins to roll over.

Because there’s still so much Central bank liquidity in the system, I don’t suspect that we’re going to roll over and play dead yet. But I also think that once this year draws to a close, a lot of fund managers are going to be willing to pare down their exposure and that could bring some rocky times in 2018. We’ll see.

Not wanting to be the proverbial broken record, all we can do is find good chart set ups and trade what the market gives us. However the closer to year end we get, the more cautious we’ll become.

We’re still leaning long, but keeping position size a bit lower than normal. So far it’s been working for us nicely, and I figure it should continue for a while. But as we get closer to the December rate hike from the Fed’s, I think there’s going to be a bit of nervousness out there, and that could shake some trees. So again, leaning long, but not tossing care to the wind. It’s not a bad strategy. Good luck.