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Borrowing From The World Keeps Up USA's Hedonic Lifestyle

Borrowing from the world keeps up USA's hedonic lifestyle... RFID children become cattle... Human rights under attack by US AG Gonzales... the coming economic Armageddon... consumption orgy, rape at the airport, and more in the full issue of The International Forecaster!

Bob Chapman | November 28, 2004

Chairman of the Federal Reserve Sir Alan Greenspan likes to do things in a measured manner, so hopefully few will notice what he is doing and, of course, keep the monetary system from having any violent interruptions. That is what is now going on with the US dollar, which has broken to new lows. There is no question the dollar has been overpriced for the last 12 years and after all that time the Fed has decided to allow the dollar to reach a natural level versus other currencies and gold. Today