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Fear Of Governments

Fear of governments, child zombies for pharmaceutical profits, imprisonment in the land of freedom, and D-Day.

Bob Chapman | May 26, 2004

Today we have a nation that although they won’t admit it, lives in fear of its government. Where else today can you say something misinterpreted by an employer at an airport and be prosecuted? Where else can you have your phone tapped for writing the IF? Only in America. These are not universal values; these are the trappings of a police state. If you put all the above together you come up with a crisis and that is where we are headed.

The use of drugs to control attention deficit and hyperactivity problems in preschool children jumped 49% in the past three years. All children on ADHD drugs increased by 23% in children under five. The money being spent on ADHD is eclipsing spending on drugs for asthma and infections. At the same time, the use of antibiotics grew only 4.3%, while the use of antidepressants rose 21% and the use of medicines for autism and other conduct disorders jumped 71%. The most eye-popping change was a 369% increase in spending on ADHD drugs for children under five. Their parents are too lazy to deal with normal child behavior. New drugs, such as Strattera, Adderall and Concerta only require one dose in the morning and the kids are like zombies all day. It is estimated that almost 10% of American children are being poisoned with these drugs just so teachers won’t have to bother to correct them. By the time they are 10-15 years old they are ready for suicide.

The Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld’s orders for the treatment and interrogation of Iraqi prisoners brings up questions about treatment of prisoners in American correctional institutions. The 12 million people who pass through these institutions each year are often subject to violent attacks by other inmates, prisoner-on-prisoner rape is endemic, drug resistant strains of tuberculosis is rampant, as are drugs and the swapping of needles that leads to HIV infection and liver destroying hepatitis C. Psychiatric care for psychotic inmates is poor to nonexistent. Twenty-five percent of inmates are usually under administrative lockdown. Almost 50% in lockdown have tried to commit suicide. Our prison system is a disgrace to us as a civilized people.

(Webmaster note: there is also a very high rate of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the adult male prison population, a condition that while manageable with a proper diagnosis, causes subtle behavioral and cognitive difficulties such as Attention Deficit Syndrome, which often lead to problems with addiction and the law).

A federal advisory committee says Congress should pass laws to protect the civil liberties of Americans when the government sifts through computer records and data files for information about terrorists. A better idea of course is to terminate Patriot Acts I & II. Currently agencies are collecting and using personally identifiable information on persons for national security and law enforcement purposes. The programs are mirror images of the Pentagon program named, Total Information Awareness, now euphemistically known as, Terrorism Information Awareness, which makes each citizen a potential terrorist suspect. In data mining our government has no intention of protecting individual privacy. The only solution is to do away with Patriot Acts I & II. If we are going to have these Acts then Congress must pass legislation protecting our rights and demand court orders for data mining, search and seizure. What is happening is that anyone who speaks or writes negatively about government is subject to harassment and entrapment. We know because government has already tried unsuccessfully to use it against us.


Never reported in the media was that 1,000 kilos of ammonium Nitrate disappeared from a poorly guarded Calais warehouse. All you do is add diesel fuel and bang.

At the commemoration of D-Day the grandson of Prescott Bush, George W. Bush will speak. This is the same Bush family, along with Brown Brothers Harriman and Union Bank, which owned Thyssen Steel, who financed Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist Party (NAZI). The Illuminati certainly has gall.