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Galileo Will Be Opening Up A Dossier On You

Galileo will be opening up a dossier on you .......

Bob Chapman | August 29, 2003

Galileo will be opening up a dossier on you for the Department of Fatherland Security. When booking flights though Galileo Computerized Reservation System they collect your name, DOB, address, telephone number, credit card, frequent flier number and itinerary. This is not about safer flying; it is about an espionage operation to learn everything about Americans so they can be controlled. These are internal and external border controls and an incredible violation of privacy.

A Swede has invented a match-box-sized device that can trace anything that moves using mobile phone text messages and satellite navigation technology. It is accurate at up to 10 feet in 140 countries. It can be hidden in a briefcase or under the dashboard of a car and costs about $1,150.00.

Congress has set 10/26/03 as the date for upgrading visas and passports to include biometrics. There will be fingerprint and face scanners in place at airports and seaports by the end of the year. Biometric scans at land borders with Mexico and Canada, which handle 80% of America