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History Of Free Trade

History of Free Trade... the debtors prison... 1920s like today... the power of oil companies... Approval ratings continue to plummet for George W Bush... and more...

Bob Chapman | November 6, 2005

The evolution of free trade and globalization began in the early 1960s. It was designed as a way to break down the American economy in order to get the public, or force the public, to accept world government. Wages are forced from $26.00 an hour to $10.00 an hour to match those in China and other parts of the third world as healthcare and pensions are eliminated. Americans cannot live on their $26.00 wage thus, at a $10.00 wage they are financially destroyed. Soon their last asset, their homes, will decline in value leaving them destitute and government dependant. This didn’t just happen. It was planned this way. Pensions are being assumed from bankruptcy that will pay $0.30 on the dollar and yes, these major elitists controlled corporations, such as Ford, GM and the airlines, etc., are being deliberately destroyed. You and we know that our government, if they chose too, could end this financial horror – this financial revolution in a second. That is why congress is paid to remain silent as our economy is destroyed.

The American consumer has been encouraged to get buried in debt and they have obediently obliged. When wages fall 60% or your job is outsourced, you cannot pay your debts. You lose your home and go bankrupt. Alas, bankruptcy has changed, now you have to pay the debt back, which is impossible. Now you are not only tax salves, you are debt slaves. Eventually you will end up in debtor's prison. It was planned that way.

Famous author and general Leon DeGreele wrote an epic book late in his life 'Hitler at Versailles.' The Second World War was planned before World War I ended. The key was reparations. They were demanded by the allies as part of the unconditional surrender of Germany. The financial strain of reparations forced the Weimer Republic to wildly print currency in order to keep up with financial demands of France, England and the Benelux countries.

Today we have a similar situation for different reasons. Prices have exploded for the last 3 to 4 years in a way somewhat similar to those prices in 1921. We recently have had a doubling of energy prices that has taken us to new inflationary levels. We believe those levels will be exceeded during the next two years. We also believe they are being caused deliberately for profit for energy producers and to take the economy into hyperinflation. The rate of increase in prices is now very similar to that of the early 20s. Visual inflation is just beginning to appear even though it’s been climbing relentlessly over the last several years. That is because our government has been hiding it from the public.

One of the ways part of this mega-inflation could be halted is by imposing a windfall profits tax or a price freeze. The major oil companies control the oil exchanges. Their activity would have to be monitored in order to make any controls effective. We believe as well that eventually if there is a shortage of energy products that event could be used to implement martial law. We do not normally ascribe to freezes, price fixing or excess profits taxes, but something has to be done. If something isn’t done we could be in even more serious trouble. Such measures would have to be coordinated with other nations, producers and users.

Like today, as in the 1920s, no one is lifting a finger to combat inflation. Instead they are trying to prevent the rise in commodity prices and suppressing gold and silver prices. No one is addressing the problem and that is because no one wants to endure any pain. We have talked about price controls and, of course, they are not the answer – they are a holding action. We should be directly addressing the inflation problem, but that is impossible as long as the elitists control Congress. We believe with high or higher energy prices Congress would be forced by the public to do something. Gasoline, oil and natural gas are something the public uses everyday. Inflation is something via economic ignorance that they cannot get a handle on. If we get no energy legislation then energy prices could spiral higher exacerbating inflation. If we have more wars, which are planned, it could be even worse. You add this in with other underlying inflation and over the next few years we could have 1923 in Weimer Germany all over again.

George and the neocons lost on Social Security, Ms. Miers has withdrawn and now Plamegate is all over the front pages. George Bush has 39 months to go and he’s a lame duck president. Next, Mr. Bush will have to fight for his tax cuts. He then has to back down and lose face over the Canadian softwood issue. The approval ratings continue to drop. George and the neocons are in serious trouble.

Last Friday, October 28th, a new Washington Post-ABC poll found that 55% of the public believes the Libby case indicates wider problems, 'with ethical wrong-doing' in the White House. Only 41% believe it to be an isolated incident. By a 3 to 1 ratio, 46% to 15%, Americans say the level of honesty and ethics in the government has declined rather than risen under Bush. Bush’s overall job approval rating has fallen to 39%. Barely 34% think Bush is doing a good job ensuring high ethics in government. That is lower than Bill Clinton’s standing on the issue when he left office. Seventy percent consider the charges against Libby to be serious. This is an elitist poll and bad as it is the numbers are far worse than depicted – wait until the real polls report.

US District Judge for DC Reggie Walton has been assigned the Lewis Libby case. He was appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1981 to the DC superior Court and in 1989 was appointed by George H. W. Bush as the deputy drug czar under Bill Bennett. Bush appointed Walton to the US District Court for DC in 2001. Walton, under pressure from the Justice Department, placed a gag order on former FBI translator and whistle blower Sibel Edmonds and cleared his courtroom of the public and media in Edmonds' hearing in her case against the FBI. Edmonds brought to light important information about how the FBI failed to translate important wiretap intercepts before and after 9/11.

Now let's see if Patrick Fitzgerald demands Judge Walton recluse himself based on his appointment to the bench by a Bush.