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Leaders Vacation In Cancun, Get Tan

Leaders vacation in Cancun and get a tan... Iran fires a new test missile... immigration policy is in the news again... domestic spying, and more...

Bob Chapman | April 8, 2006

Our President continues to play musical chairs with his staff on orders from upper level elitists. The replacement of Andrew Card changes nothing and it doesn’t get rid of Karl Rove & Steven Hadley. Putting Josh Brewster Bolton in his place really worsens the situation. He has been involved in a number of intrigues and comes from a very long line of elitist, CIA conspirators.

The daisy chain gets longer. The way the administration plans to get Lewis Libby off the hook on the Valerie Plame exposure, although his prosecution is for perjury, is to claim VP Cheney has the power to declassify. Libby claims he was told to exposure Plame. Thus, if under Executive Order, Cheney could do this then Libby is to be held blameless. The bottom line is that Cheney was behind the issue of payback.

Iran has successfully test fired a missile not detectable by radar that can use multiple warheads to hit several targets simultaneously. The Fajr-3, which means victory in Farsi, can reach Israeli and US bases in the Middle East.

The immigration policy of Democrats is penalizing the struggle for jobs by poor Americans, so that future votes from illegal aliens they hope to make citizens, will enlarge their voting constituencies. Thus, Democratic politicians have joined forces with wealthy Republican employers who desire what amounts to slave labor. The surge of foreign workers (legal and illegal) has depressed wages for low-skilled workers, and especially for black and Hispanic youths who make up 70% of dropouts. Immigration redistributes wealth away from workers toward employers. This is what the Senate immigration bill is all about – a corporate strategy to keep wages low and the Democrats in office go right along with the program – which is another sellout of the worker, the very workers they supposedly represent.

Our President intends to bypass the court on the issue. At stake are standards of proof required by the court, its relations with the Justice Department and the constitutional balance-of-powers issues at the heart of the debate over the NSA program. The Bush administration, in its continued defense of the program, maintains that no change in the law is needed because the President has the inherent constitutional authority to order wiretaps without warrants in defense of the country. We disagree because there is little in the way of any terrorist threat.

In related matters our President has ignored habeas corpus and claims the unconstitutional power to arrest and detain people indefinitely without a warrant and without presenting charges to a judge is a dangerous abuse of power because it can be used against political opponents or anyone who disagrees with Mr. Bush and his neocons. What Americans and others have to understand is that these powers have been implemented to be used against them as well as terrorists. If a president can establish himself as being above the law he will obey the laws he wants to obey. This is the same president who usurped and captured the real conservative movement and turned it into a National Socialist Corporatist movement. There is nothing conservative about George Bush and the neocons. They are simply Nazi criminals.

The greed of the NY Times owner, Chairman Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., and President and CEO Janet Robinson last year were as we reported at the time, unconscionable, especially when the company performed poorly and its stock price slumped during the year. Robinson’s stock awards increased nearly 5-fold year-on-year to $2 million and Sulzberger’s doubled to $817,500. They just can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

The latest Trilateral Summit in Cancun was a disgrace and a disaster. President Fox trying to save his party, PAN, after a disastrous 5 1/2 years in office told America that in years to come they’d be begging for cheap Mexican labor. Mr. Bush mumbled through the same old thing and Mr. Harper just happened to be there.

George Bush has intentionally left the border open to supply cheap slave labor for corporate America. Instead of 2000 new border agents we got 200. Labor unions were happy to get the new illegal laborers as well. This is politics of expediency and that is tolerated and avoids the situation as long as possible. The real problem is the wealthy in Mexico, Central and South America. They ship a good part of their investible capital to New York, London, Zurich, etc. They don’t invest enough in their own countries to create jobs for their own people. Besides, Bush leaving our border open and his emphasis on free trade, NAFTA-CAFTA & FTAA, has done little to remedy such maladies. Regional agricultural sectors are profoundly vulnerable to US corporate mega-farms. A good many, millions, of our illegal aliens over the past ten years are a result of the destruction of farming in the southern region. Free trade creates sweatshops that are poorly paid and unstable. Employees have little hope for advancement – hardly a recipe for removing the incentives to emigrate.

In Mexico, President’s Salinas and Fox have pursued ruinous policies that have caused a ruinous collapse in rural areas. It is so bad Mexico is a net importer of food. Illegal human exports were worth $16.8 billion to Mexico last year in repatriated wages. That is second only to national domestic oil sales income and ahead of income from tourism. There is no incentive for Mexico to stop the illegal traffic. Unfortunately, the wealthy in Mexico have no intention of supplying what is needed to keep citizens at home and bring citizens home. In fact, they persistently show an inability to ensure the basic welfare of their citizens. The bottom line is the situation is a mess. If there is amnesty it could cause a social revolution in America. America is looking at an influx of 80 million more people over the next few years. Most of them with little education and many with long term medical problems.

There is no question that American troops are supposed to stay in Iraq for a long, long time. The Pentagon has revealed that coalition forces are spending millions of dollars establishing at least six enduring bases in Iraq raising the prospect allied forces are in Iraq to stay. This runs completely counter to what the top elitists desire. The neocons have no intent for withdrawal soon. This is the same sequence of events we saw in Kosovo and the Balkans. They are outposts of an empire.