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Money That Pops In Your Microwave

Money that pops in your microwave... the worlds largest industry... corporate insider selloff... Wal-Mart subsidies... AOL censorship... holding the economy together with gum, bailing wire, money and credit... The bag of hammers has been re-elected... unfathomable debts, and more...

Bob Chapman | November 6, 2004

The new US $20 bill, the new Canadian $20 bill and the new euros all contain RFID chips. You can put them in the microwave and see the chips fry. This is just another phase of Patriot Acts I and II and the formation of the Department of Fatherland Security. Now we have new legislation for the de-facto national ID that was passed, which will probably include chips for fingerprints and biometric data. Included in the proposed measure is legislation rendering foreigners to be detained without charges and tortured. If passed, we are next.

It may interest you to know that the biggest industry in the world is that of producing weapons of war. In the US, the Carlyle Group is the biggest weapons supplier and Halliburton is the biggest facilitator. As we explained long before Afghanistan and Iraq began that perpetual war for perpetual peace is used as a cover for economic failure. It brings massive profits to arms merchants and this case the control of foreign oil and the geopolitical outflanking of Russia and China in the region. We find the reasons for war WMD and Iraqi complicity with terrorists never existed, thus the cause for war was a ruse for profit and power. Americans being, trusting souls and loving their country have sent their sons and daughters to die in the cause of elitist profit and power. Their reward is their child in a body bag. Our system no longer works for Americans, only for the elite. They lie, our politicians lie, our religious leaders lie and our media lies. The time to change that will soon be upon us. Prepare yourself