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News Related To The Vatican Bank Scandal

News related to the Vatican Bank Scandal... torturing children in Guantanamo... Language politics in the US... a sick Medicare program tue to big Pharma...

Bob Chapman | February 25, 2006

In 1982 and after, we wrote extensively regarding the death of “God’s Banker”, Roberto Calvi, who was found hanging from the Blackfriars Bridge in London, a supposed suicide. We wrote many articles thereafter about the Vatican Bank scandal at Banco Ambrosiano, Cardinal Paul Marcinkus, the missing millions and the connection to forces that worked for many years with the CIA, such as the Gladio P2 Masonic Lodge, the Freemasons and the Jesuits and their interconnection in many things in Europe. Gladio is the name of the NATO-controlled post-war “stay behind network of agent” provocateurs based in Europe. Calvi was murdered to silence him. It was suspected he might talk and that he had shortchanged the Mafia, which was also involved in the looting of Banco Ambrosiano.

New information has arisen and not one bit of it has appeared in the US media. Calvi was not a suicide, he was murdered. He was left hanging from the bridge for more than an hour before he succumbed. Cardinal Marcinkus was indicted but the case was dropped. He was then sent to Phoenix under diplomatic immunity and has never been questioned since. Marcinkus took the fall. It will be interesting to see what the police are able to get from the Mafia. This was one of the great scandals of the last 25 years and everyone walked except Robert Calvi and Michael Sindona. They are resting in peace.

Now, three days later there is a new twist to the story. Paul Marcinkus, the papal bodyguard dubbed “the Gorilla” was found dead in his home in Sun City, Arizona. He was 84 and we are so far told that he had emphysema. We don’t believe in coincidences, especially with the Calvi case just having been reopened. Marcinkus ran the Institute for Religious Workers from 1971 to 1989, and he was among the most powerful members of the Vatican elite. As a result of the Banco Ambrosiano affair, the Vatican paid off $244 million to creditors as recognition of moral involvement in the bank’s collapse. The scandal was one of the darkest pages in Catholic history in terms of government and moral issues. Marcinkus was the most important American ever to work in the Curia. He took the fall for the Vatican and all the other players and then conveniently dies as the new investigation begins. Paul knew too much and had to be dispensed with.

The English Unity Act (HR997), introduced by Rep. Steve King (R-IO), making English the official language of the United States has the support of 145 House members from 36 states. The bill is important to Americans both culturally and financially. The legislation is before the Judiciary Committee and Education and Workforce Committee. It would require that all public documents be printed in English. Presently trillions of documents are printed in numerous languages, most predominately Spanish. A Zogby Poll showed 79% of Americans support English only. You should let Congress hear your feelings on this issue.

The Medicare prescription benefit program that was supposed to put more prescription drugs in seniors’ pockets and more money in state coffers has been exposed as a scam. The promises were total lies just like WMD. The program has turned into a national nightmare that has left hundreds of thousands of low-income seniors without prescriptions and states actually owing the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars.

As a result, California, Texas, Kentucky, New Jersey and Missouri have filed suit to keep George and the neocons from billing them for drugs that would have cost them even less under the old system.

This shows you how really powerful the drug industry is. The FDA and Big Pharma attempts to discredit, or even outlaw anything that competes with the price-controlled US drug market, thereby forcing US states to over pay for drugs by as much as 10,000%. Even when states are getting reimbursed by the Feds for these drugs they’re still being purchased at rip off prices. The drug benefit program makes it legitimate for the federal government to negotiate volume discounts with drug companies, which is another rip off of the taxpayers.

Just to show you how bad this is, a drug is manufactured for $1.00; it is sold to the wholesaler for $20.00 who sells it to the retailer for $30.00 who sells it to the user for $50.00. Medicare processes the purchase adding $50.00 to the cost. We now have a $100.00 drug. The state then processes it for $25.00 and then for $25.00 more in paperwork. There is final approval of $150.00 for a $1.00 pill. This is socialist insanity. The only winners are the drug companies and the recipient if the drug works.

Americans and American seniors are simply too dumb to understand. These are handouts someone has to pay for. They are created to enrich Big Pharma and keep getting politicians reelected. The drug program is another big lie and will end up costing us another trillion dollars in waste, fraud and profiteering.

A ten-year old boy held prisoner at Guantanamo Bay has been found innocent after two years interrogation and torture. He and the other 600 in prison have been denied lawyers, charges and judicial review. The remainder could be held for years to come. What is wrong with Americans to allow their government to do such illegal things? What has happened to our country and our people?