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No Intention Of Leaving Iraq

No intention of leaving Iraq... Base construction in the Middle East... Supreme Court failing to cope with domestic violence... Silicon Valley profits from draining brains away... Nuke Bunker Busters... Karl the Rat... Silence at Ft. Bragg...

Bob Chapman | July 12, 2005

It is now quite evident even to the dumb and blind that George and the neocons have no intention of leaving Iraq. Secretary Rumsfeld talks in terms of several more years. The Iraqis know this and each day we see an escalation of combat and more and more foreign Islamic fighters entering the country. This is all the result of elitists who want to steal the Iraqis’ oil. Incidentally Iraq has lost $11 billion in revenue since the war began. Our forces are undermanned and support for the war is collapsing at home. The propaganda, lying and grandstanding are not working anymore. When George spoke at Ft. Bragg few clapped and administration flunkies had to lead the clapping. In Iraq George Bush will not withdraw and that means death for thousands of our men and women and of the enemy. It reminds us of the eastern front in WWII when Hitler refused to face up to failure and defeat. Our President is forcing us to live a lie. In fact, everything our President has done is a lie. In the last issue we covered the extraordinary rendition program and how our military specialists, mercenaries and bounty hunters kidnap and torture innocent people anywhere just because they feel like it. Quite frankly we are waiting for these criminals to run into someone who is waiting for them and kill a half dozen of them. That should make some good headlines. Maybe people will wake up to what is really going on. George and the neocons believe everyone is the enemy. No one has any human or constitutional rights anywhere as far as they are concerned. As you know we are close to the top on their hit parade and we publish and do radio shows at great sacrifice and at our peril.

It just doesn’t stop. Our sources tell us the US has a huge base under construction in Israel. They are planning for major war in the region over the next several years.

This is another reason our court system does not work. The Supreme Court has ruled that the police do not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, even a woman who had obtained a court order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation. In this instance the woman called the police after her husband kidnapped their three children. They refused to respond and the husband murdered the three little girls. The husband then went to the police station with the three dead bodies and proceeded to shoot up the station. He was killed by the police. The court failed to come to terms with the wave of domestic violence sweeping the country and statues that provide the crucial context for understanding Colorado’s law. This is law in America today. The woman should have obtained a license to carry and a 45 and blew him away when he went after the children. In the case of the police, we have found that when there are shots fired most policemen do not want to answer the call especially in a domestic situation.

Silicon Valley may be doing well, but employees are not. Take Wyse Technology maker of computer terminals. Jobs rose from 260 to 380. The profits are recorded in the US but almost none of the new jobs are. Profits over the past three years at the seven largest companies in the valley have increased 500% while employment has fallen by 20,000. During the 1995-97 recovery more than 82,000 jobs were recovered. The fashion is keep a brain trust of creative people and engineers here, but hire workers for lower-level tasks in China and India. The manufacturing jobs left in the 90s, and even the past five years the software jobs have been leaving and will continue to do so under free trade and globalization.

Senate Democrats were unable to stop the Energy Department from studying the feasibility of a “bunker buster” nuclear bomb. George and the neocons are considering the funds to study the experimental weapon that could penetrate the earth and explode to demolish buried enemy targets. John Warner, anointed as a possible presidential candidate at the Bilderberger meeting said, “What’s the harm in getting the study.” The harm is a whole new class of nuclear devices, which would start another arms race. It should also be noted, if developed and used, that it would spread deadly radiation.

MSNBC says Carl Rove was the source in the Valerie Plame spy case. If that is so Rove can be prosecuted for perjury. Rove’s life is a lie.

As we have noted in previous issues, George and the neocons do exactly as they please. They bombed Iraq for nine months before the invasion unbeknownst to the American people. There was no authorization for Mr. Bush’s pre-war against Iraq. This is valid grounds for impeachment. This, as you remember, was all validated by Lt. Gen. Michael Moseley’s exposures that our media has kept hidden. In addition, Bush never made any attempt to get a UN resolution because he knew it would be vetoed. Erstwhile partner, Britain, has signed itself on to the International Court of Justice, which the US has not and Mr. Blair faces a future indictment for waging aggressive war.

Fortunately, Mr. Bush has finally painted himself into a corner. He has lost control of the war in Iraq. He only now has about 100,000 troops and he is losing. Our forces are in a meat grinder from which there is no escape. Take a look at his approval rating of 42 and you know Bush is suffering from the war and politically. George crossed the Rubicon long ago, he has destroyed the bridges and he cannot retreat. Incidentally, I had four years of Latin so I had a good look at the foibles of the history of warfare. At this juncture all Bush’s political enemies have to do is to wait for Bush to collapse. George and the neocons are seeing their psychological warfare effects coming unglued. The truth is winning out and that is part of what this publication is all about.

In a further comment on the president’s Fort Bragg speech, which was met with silence, there could well be a real undercurrent of negative reaction within the ranks. We believe it was a sign of contempt and with what we have reported previously, this could mean a real possibility of a military coup exists. Silence is revolution and you can bet the feelings are well known throughout the military. Morale has been broken and the time for a coup may be near. The military is well aware that Arab nations, all of Islam, Russia, the EU and China are daring Bush to go after Iran because if he does a war will begin that will mean the end of America as we’ve known it.