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Our National Socialist Government Continues To Move Forward In Orwellian Fashion

Our national socialist government continues to move forward in Orwellian fashion... distrust of US agenda throughout the world... One corporate scandal after another dealt with by fines... huge drop in international students at US grad schools... Eli Lily knew Prozac could kill you... and more!

Bob Chapman | January 8, 2005

Our national socialist government continues to move forward in Orwellian fashion. It is now developing a government-wide ID card standard for federal employees and contractors to prevent terrorists, criminals, and other unauthorized people from accessing government buildings and computer systems. It is known as, the Personal Identity Verification Project (PIVP), directed by Fatherland Security and managed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Commerce Department Agency. The new ID cards will be able to digitally store biometric data, such as facial photographs and fingerprint images, bare contact and contactless interfaces, and allow the encryption of data that can be used to electronically verify the user’s identity to NIST standards. There will be tougher background checks for all two million potential cardholders. After that is accomplished in early 2005, we will then have all these features incorporated in our new federally mandated drivers' licenses. It has been three years since there has been any terrorist act in the US. September 11th was not a terrorist’s act; it was a black operation by George and the neocons. What one would call an inside job, the result of which was to steal oil in Iraq and Afghanistan, capture the drug trade, outflank Russia, and to act as a cover for economic failure. The war on terrorism just inside the US has already cost American taxpayers billions of dollars. The elitists trot out their man Osama bin Laden every few months to keep the scam going, yet we see no bombings. Americans are so dumb that they do not recognize what is being done to them.

Health South defrauded the government and will pay $325 million plus interest over three years. All the government wants is the money and the fines and no one goes to jail.

We mentioned in a previous issue the Bush neocon foreign policy is costing US corporations business overseas. They are Marlboro cigarettes, AOL, McDonald’s, American Airlines and Exxon Mobile, all elitist companies. One-third of all consumers in Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, and the UK said American foreign policy, particularly the war on terror and the occupation of Iraq, constituted their strongest impression of the US, 29% of the respondents in Europe and Canada said they consciously avoided buying US products. Unfortunately, and understandably, current American foreign policy under Bush is affecting the sales of US corporations overseas. This is a widespread consumer black-lash. German restaurants are starting to refuse American Express credit cards; people are starting to drink Mecca Cola in large numbers. Two-thirds of European and Canadian consumers also said they believe US foreign policy is guided primarily by self-interest and empire building, while only 17% believe that the defense of freedom and democracy is the guiding principle. Fifty percent distrust US Companies, due to foreign policy. Seventy-nine percent say they distrust the government for the same reason and 39% distrust the American public. Eighty-seven percent of Germans, 84% of French and 71% of British respondents have negative feelings toward George W. Bush.

An American who survived the recent catastrophe in Asia and lost all their belongings was at the Bangkok airport, said it took three hours to find American officials from the Consulate, because they were in the VIP lounge. The American needed a new passport but US officials demanded payment to take the passport pictures.

The US military and the State Department were given advance warning of the disaster. The US Navy base at Diego Garcia was notified, yet fishermen in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand were not alerted.

There is no balance in world trade today envisioned in textbooks. It is all one sided, we buy by printing money and issuing credit and they manufacture and sell to us taking fiat depreciating dollars in return. This has led to our agriculture having to be subsidized, our plants being moved out of the country and the remainder of our jobs being up for outsourcing. How can anyone with half a brain believe this can continue? The heart of our system is being ripped out. We are being destroyed. Does anyone get it? Don’t they realize we have no friends and it is now every man for himself? When are we going to consider self-preservation? It once was a native instinct in America, where has it gone. Look at the mess created by the elitists who run our country, our banks, Wall Street, insurance companies, transnational corporations and our politicians, almost all of who are bought and paid for. Corporate elitists know no bounds; anything goes. One corporate scandal after another dealt with by fines. No one goes to jail and they rejoin the game to commit the same acts again. The American people look the other way. They now expect endemic corruption. It is a way of life. The motto of our times, “I didn’t have sex with that woman.” Our disgusting society now devoid of morality, a society that condones abuse, rape, and torture by our government. Does it get any worse? We cannot spend our way to prosperity, nor can we steal our way to prosperity. We have been living in a false world for three generations. At the heart of this monstrosity is the privately owned Federal Reserve the main control instrument of the elitists. The creator of the capital. The misallocator of capital and the creator of asset bubbles. Today they have outdone themselves. Three asset bubbles at once, bonds, stocks and real estate. They should be cited for their total and complete ineptitude, unless of course, they have deliberately brought the US economy to its knees in order to force America to accept world government by their design, which is total human enslavement. If these are our risk managers, we may as well jump in a hole and pull the hole in after us. The Fed has lost control. Since 1989, they have been using what band aids they have left and they are just about out. They no longer effectively regulate monetary policy and our economy. Our economy is not in the hands of our debtors. The repo pool, M3 and bank lending are all stopgaps. The Fed has lost control and they are operating in the dark.

China has emerged as a dark horse buyer for part of the assets of the Russian oil company Yukos. Energy Minister Victor Khristenko said the top Chinese company CNPC may end up with a one-fifth stake.

The SEC is examining whether JP Morgan Chase should have known that the Canary Capital partner’s hedge fund was making improper trades. Of course, they knew. We can promise you they knew and that is a violation of fiduciary duty.

The Council of Graduate Schools found that international student applications for fall 2004 admission had dropped 90% at the schools in the survey and the total decline was 32%. Homeland Security said those granted the right to stay in the US permanently declined 34% in 2003. Immigrants with the most to offer are having the hardest time getting in. The number of workers with advanced degrees or exceptional skills who were admitted to the US fell 65% last year. The top foreigners are going elsewhere as we willingly admit the human dregs of the world. They are all good people, but we want people who can help America, not people who are a burden. We must have a thoughtful, sensible approach to make sure that the people we need the most, the people who will help us build the future are at the top of the list, not at the bottom where they now reside. We need these people because our educational system is the pits. Our children are way behind in math and science. As recently as 1980, our children had four to six hours of homework a night. This is not true today at most high schools or colleges. We need a reformed educational system, but the liberal-Deweyists contingent still controls our school systems.

One of the main reasons for the falloff of the best coming to America is today’s wars, assassinations and torture. That is followed by the insanity of faux terrorism and Fatherland Security and that is followed by the possibility of being drafted for some foreign war to profit the military industrial complex. How can you draw the best when you have a nutcase in the White House and every foreigner is treated as a terrorist, except those who illegally cross our southern border? We had a letter recently from a foreign student, who has an SAT of 1380; a GPA of 3.78, he is on the top third of the dean’s list in his business university. He assists a professor, has worked extensively in the financial world and speaks three languages. He wants us to help him leave America if our resident lunatic and our purchased Congress decide to institute a Selective Service draft. You wonder why America is going down the tubes. Our politicians are riff-raff and no one who wants to be a statesman is willing to take their place. The solution is to go back to the business of business, bring our men and women home, and stop for profit wars for profit. Then we will be offered some of the best minds in the world again.

Eli Lilly was aware 25 years ago of the anti-depressant Prozac’s terrible side effects of suicide and violence. The research findings were hidden from the public until the British Medical Journal was given the documents anonymously, and they in turn gave them to US regulators. What evil people.

Weldon Angelos will be 80 when he gets out of jail. He got 55 years for selling marijuana to undercover police officers. If he hijacked a plane he would have gotten 25 years; beaten someone to death 13 years; or raped a ten-year-old child 11 years. If he were on Wall Street and defrauded investors of millions of dollars, he would have received a fine.

Recently a quadriplegic doing ten days for using marijuana to relieve his pain died while serving his sentence because he could not breathe on his own and the jail was not equipped to meet his medical needs.

The cases go on and on. The distortion of our laws is by zealots with inappropriate sentences. We are not soft on drugs nor do we condone them, but let’s be reasonable.

We are closing in on two years since our President told us we had won the war in Iraq. In the last six months, 503 of our troops were killed. The deadliest month was November, when we lost 141 of our sons and daughters. Fighting insurgency is the toughest and hardest type of operation to undertake in warfare. Quagmire best describes our predicament. Insurgent attacks may have been off 50% in December, but we expect a super hot January as we move toward elections at month end.

In spite of world opinion, the violation of US and international law, namely the Geneva Convention, George and the neocons are preparing long term plans for indefinitely imprisoning suspected terrorists who they do not want to set free or to turn over to courts in the US or other countries. They want to detain people for a lifetime, when they do not have enough evidence to charge in courts. This is all part of the global war on terrorism that no one sane seems to be able to locate. The CIA has the most prisoners detained and interrogating without risk of discovery, and without having to give them access to legal proceedings. Our CIA and our government are a law unto themselves. You may be next. Say or do something government does not like, and under our new laws, you can be kidnapped and held indefinitely at a secret location for the rest of your life. If our new Attorney General to be, Alberto Gonzales has anything to say about it you will never be heard from again. He wrote the rules, which our government uses to abduct, imprison, abuse, rape and torture. Do you really think he would hesitate one second to do the same thing to you for being “unpatriotic??” Criminals run our government and until Americans understand that, they will not really understand how and why they will have to protect themselves.

It has been calculated that the odds of just three major swing states - Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania all swinging as far as they did against their respective polls were 250 million to one.

The crooks at AIG, American International Group, whose chairman Maurice Hank Greenberg, an officer of the Council on Foreign Relations, are using their ill begotten gains to increase dividends 67%. They are still under investigation.

While we think it is admirable of George W. Bush to send $10,000 to relief efforts in Asia due to the Tsunami, he never wrote a single check for Floridians when four hurricanes ripped through the state.