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Secret Ops US Forces Are Sneaking Around The Kootenays In British Columbia, Canada

Secret Ops US Forces are sneaking around the Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada ... US Capital flight is currently taxiing for take-off ... echoes of 1963 GATT round,... and silence on reporting anti US in Iraq presentations all over the world....

Bob Chapman | October 11, 2003


Over the past couple of years the US military has been sending troops in British Columbia to simulate action that might demand American assistance. Of course, that is not true. It is suspected that ULF weapons are being tested and employed. They can induce severe states of fear or depression. It can also impair mental concentration and physiological functioning. It also can induce suicide. Then there has been the appearance of black-uniformed troops with small sub-machine guns and no insignias. Hikers in a multitude of locations in the West Kootenays have observed them. Hikers are told to leave because they are in a restricted military area. There is also evidence that tunneling is going on in the province. What these troops are up too no one really knows, but when it