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Stalin And Hitler Would Be Very Proud Of George

Stalin and Hitler would be very proud of George... the truth about Iran... and American intentions to dominate the Islamic world... China dollar dumping reveals worthiness of Gold... Re-Upping for the Marines... Fallujah bodycount... borrowing trillions.. strip-searching old ladies... the Fed goes bananas... so get ready for a new way of life in America, post dollar collapse... and more!

Bob Chapman | December 4, 2004

Just like in the 1930s in Russia and Germany, the CIA is being purged of any elements that do not pledge allegiance to George and the neocons. A purging of patriots who tried to let the American people know what a mess Iraq had become, and how and why the war really started. Stalin and Hitler would be very proud of George.

No matter what the next step is toward the invasion of Iran, efforts are being made to neutralize the EU’s success at getting Iran to at least postpone its nuclear ambitions. Americans are being sold on Iran being a religious dictatorship by a fanatical nutcase which, of course, is untrue. They had a national referendum 24 years ago, and they have a constitution in which women participate in the electoral process. In fact, the women are better educated than the men are. It is a democracy with scholarly Islamic oversight. Religious minorities also participate in government. Mohammad Khatami, the current President, is a reformer and parliament is controlled by reformers who keep the strident mullahs at bay. This system is unique and as long as it works for Iran, it is fine. It is not a dictatorship as we have been led to believe. It is probably the most democratic government in the Middle East. At least the elections are not rigged, as they are in the US. There are ten different political parties where many ideas are put forth. We have two parties, which are in total control of our political process. Both of parties are financed and controlled by the same group of elitists from behind the scenes. Compared to other governments in the Middle East, Iran is a shinning light. We believe Egypt and Israel are financed as client states of America. Then we have dictators in Jordan, Morocco, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Dubai, etc. Why not just invade them all so we can bring the neocon brand of fascism to all of the Islamic countries of the Middle East. Then we can put pictures of George W. all over the region, as his legions occupy the lands of Islam. We do not agree with how Iran is being run, but we are neither Muslims nor Iranians. We deplore as well, how our country is run, but that is not reason enough to destroy our government although we are getting there fast. Do not forget there are Christians in the Iranian government, but no Muslims in Washington. There is no viable reason for us to invade Iran and if we do, it will be done with the blood of your children as the elitists collect the benefits.

Most everyone in China is dumping dollars, just asks anyone in the currency black market. It is only a matter of time before the yuan increases in value. No one wants US dollars, including the government. Over the last month, it has become almost impossible to sell dollars. There has been a 3.8% drop in foreign currency savings or $1.7 billion in household accounts. The conversion of dollar accounts to yuan accounts increased by 17% in September and 34% in October. The dollar is no longer considered stable; the yuan is the new hard currency. What the Chinese do not realize is that as the dollar sinks the US economy sinks and eventually the yuan sinks. That is why gold is a much better choice. The Chinese believe the yuan will be revalued shortly; they are wrong. It will take some time for that to happen. There could be a widening of the trading band for the yuan, but the change would be 2% at best. The Chinese do not realize that the financial system in China is in as bad a shape as that of the US. More than half the loans at the four state-run major banks are worthless. When the US goes into recession and depression, so will China and the remainder of the world. No currency is the final answer; only gold is the ultimate money.

Personnel with combat experience and training can get up to $30,000 for re-enlisting in the Marines. In some cases, it is tax-free. The feelings are; no amount of money is too much to retain combat experience in the Corps, rather than starting over. This fits in with the 4,000 ex-soldiers who have left the military years ago, over 2,000 of them refuse to return to combat and disrupt their civilian lives. There are the 40,000 National Guard members who have had their tour of duty involuntarily extended, for the most hazardous duty. There is no end to the insurgency in sight; the call-ups are starting to exhibit increasing resistance in ways that are similar to the Vietnam era. Many reservists and veterans say they would rather go to jail than return to Iraq or Afghanistan. The resistance is growing and we believe a draft is coming. If it is, we could see massive social disobedience and an exodus of hundreds of thousands of young boys and girls leaving the country.

Our attacks on Fallujah have brought us over 58 American boys killed and at least 425 wounded. We are told the figures are considerably higher, but the White House has never been known during this administration for being truthful. George and the neocons claim victory when militant opposition still controls 60% of the city. They must think we are stupid; the entire war has been a clustermuck. General Eric Shinseki said, “We needed 200,000 boots on the ground,” and for that he was promptly fired. The Rumsfeld-Bush decision has cost our children their lives and the lives of countless Iraqis. Top brass runs the war, most of who are ensconced safely in Washington; the others are career ticket punchers, not effective combat leaders. The people on the ground loath the people who lead in a chopper two thousand feet in the air, while grunts on the ground take the heat and lose their lives. We should have been doing targeted operations and continued negotiations with community leaders. Unfortunately, that is beyond the thinking process of our leaders. The morons in the White House issued the orders for the attack. Marine intelligence officers have been warned as well, if troop levels are significantly down in the reconstruction phase as planned, insurgents will reconstitute their forces to kill again, causing more causalities, battering the just-trained and untested Iraqi security forces, and intimidating local populations into shunning the January 30 elections. Of course, the brass at the top and the White House ignore this assessment, because it comes from combat managers on the ground. What could they conceivably know? They do not know the trooper’s worst nightmare is fighting un-uniformed guerrillas in urban combat, and house-to-house in their backyard. No one ever told George all war is murder. That is why you work so hard to avoid it.

Just as we predicted, the Bush neocons have started to talk about short-term borrowing to help finance its plan to add personal retirement accounts to Social Security. That would be $2 trillion in financing, which will be used to keep Wall Street in profits, and to keep the stock market from collapsing. What is short-term financing will certainly become long-term debt. The White House Council of Economic Advisors found that tapping the bond markets to pay for private accounts, because Social Security was broke, would increase the nation's debt to GDP ratio by 23.6% by 2036. We believe that number will be 50% higher, or between $5 to $10 trillion. $2 trillion would only be for the next five years. There idea is to inflate and pay it off with cheaper dollars, but they do not tell you that. Democrats have pledged to protect Social Security from privatization and they are right. Just look at the news. Everyday there is a new scandal on Wall Street. Millions are stolen, the fines go into the pocket of the government, and the investors get screwed. Bankers get richer, government gets more fascistic and above all, no one goes to jail. The bonds for financing will never be repaid they will be rolled-over forever. Just in Bush’s second term, this will add $2 trillion to the budget deficit. Leave the system the way it is and really fund it with tax revenues. We call it more lies and insanity.

A third of government property, which Halliburton was paid to manage for the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, is missing. We are talking millions of dollars. This is the focus of a criminal investigation into fuel price gorging and favoritism in awarding contracts. The problems were not only prevalent in Iraq, but also in Kuwait. Of course, nothing will happen. Nothing does when elitist steal.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), spent $461,745 of your tax money at their lavish awards banquet; $200,000 paid for a cutting-edge multi-media presentation. In the process, they dispersed another $1.4 million in cash bonuses for 88 senior managers. These were the largest bonuses handed out by any federal agency. Seventy-five percent of the agency’s senior managers qualified. There, of course, was little justification for the awards, unless you consider strip-searching little old ladies as a qualifier. The agency says awards were for productivity. That must mean quick strip searches and deep probes almost exclusively of women. Aside from routinely subjecting American travelers to invasive body searches, more suited to convicted felons, the agency has provided hundreds of criminals with well compensated and secure employment.

Of 55,000 employees used as screeners, 1,200 had criminal records or lies on their applications. A number have been apprehended for stealing from passenger luggage. The TSA has paid out $1.5 million to settle 26,000 claims from very angry passengers due to the theft of prescription drugs, laptops, digital cameras, designer clothes and large amounts of cash. A TSA approved combination lock that can be opened with a special key was supposed to deter casual pilfering. It turns out the pilferers were TSA employees. In the last five months alone, 20 baggage screeners at airports in New York, New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale have been arrested and charged with stealing valuables from checked bags. Of course, the worst offense of all is the molesting of female passengers by both male and female employees. There is absolutely no reason for this groping. One of the worst incidents was the touching of a pregnant mother’s breasts. When the husband demanded to know why such a thing had been done, he was swarmed by police, arm locked, handcuffed, put under arrest and dragged to a holding cell, his wife went into hysterics. He was told by police he was a menace and asked if he was on drugs. The cops did the man a big favor and only charged him with a misdemeanor. Evidently questioning a federal employee is a felony. The victims missed their best friend’s wedding and he had to pay a $250 fine. The horror stories go on and on, a tribute to our fascist police state. These screeners have a bad attitude and they are needlessly aggressive. More than 800 travelers have been fined for little or nothing. One woman was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, an 8-1/2 inch long leather bookmark. Many have now renamed TSA, “Terrorist Support Agency” and hold the agency in abject contempt. Worse yet, screening is worse today than it has ever been. If you are a frequent traveler, you can enter the registered travel program. After paying a special fee, you get a card, which includes a geometric identifier digital fingerprint, or retinal scan. This involves police state procedures, including surrendering detailed information into the hands of a federal agency, which has become notorious for official corruption and criminality.

On Monday 11/29/04 the Fed went bananas again adding $6.0 billion in repurchase agreements, causing the repo pool to rise to $76.514, a new record. The average daily flow was $28 billion, then $45 billion during the summer and is now $58 billion. The next average daily level probably will be around $70 billion. That means days as high as $100 billion devoted solely to rigging markets.

Americans must prepare themselves for a different life. The real run on the dollar has just begun. It will last for the next few years. Somewhere along the way, it will no longer be the currency that oil is priced at, which will eventually bring about its demise as the world’s reserve currency. For the time being the euro will, in fact, officially serve in the dollars place as it is phased out. Americans are going to find out soon how widely disliked George W. Bush has made them, and how it feels to be kicked when you are lying bleeding on the floor. You can expect your President to find all sorts of excuses as to why this is happening to us, but in his stupid arrogance, it will bring little solace. Your government and the elitists who control them are selling you out. There soon will be bond auctions and no one will attend. Soon there will be a draft and there will be an exodus of our youth out of our country. The debt meltdown will soon begin for consumers and lenders whose obligation was to exercise diligence in lending. They will be dropping like flies, like their borrowers. Trillions have been stolen by our politicians, bankers, Wall Street, the insurance industry and corporate American and all that will be left will be pennies, except for those who hold gold and have armed themselves. The perpetual wars for perpetual peace will exhaust us physically and financially. We will lose our wealth, but we will not lose our spirit. Even though we have been betrayed, we will win in the end.