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Tax wars make a new hero Joseph Bannister wars make a new hero Joseph Bannister, Iraq war makes an impeachable President...

Bob Chapman | June 27, 2005

The US government's campaign against tax protesters suffered a major setback when a federal jury in Sacramento acquitted a former IRS investigator on charges of helping to prepare false tax returns.

Joseph R. Banister, 42, of San Jose, CA has become a hero to the tax protest movement. He resigned from the IRS criminal investigation division in 1999 after he wrote a lengthy report asserting that no law requires the payment of taxes and that Americans are being tricked into paying them. The courts have rejected his theories even though they are correct. The verdict will encourage more Americans to refuse to pay taxes, which the Treasury, IRS and the Justice Department have all acknowledged is a growing problem. If enough of us refuse to file or pay, the tax system will collapse because it is based on people voluntarily complying. It is our estimate that the government loses about $400 billion a year due to non-filing. The government should be confronted because they are lying about the legitimacy of the federal income tax. American citizens have the right to ask government questions and the government has a duty to answer in good faith. The government is not answering. They just force you into a kangaroo court, convict you and send you to prison, as any good police state would do. As in the Banister case, there is now a precedent that by asking questions and demanding proof you are not defrauding the government. You do not need to file federal income tax returns because the 16th Amendment, which gives Congress power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, was never properly ratified. We need for the government to honestly answer us as to the legitimacy of the 16th Amendment. If, as Mr. Banister and we contend that it is in fact not a legal amendment, then government should immediately find another legal method of collecting taxes. Why is that so difficult?

Americans have to challenge our illegal tax system or they will be perpetual victims of tyranny. You have to speak up and be heard as Joe Banister has had the guts to do or there will be no one left in the gulag to speak up for you. Bombard Congress and demand the government admit the 16th Amendment and the federal income tax in its present form is illegal.

If Bill Clinton can be impeached for his peccadilloes than George W. Bush should be impeached for illegal actions that qualify him as a war criminal. Bush is a sociopathic liar who intentionally misled the American public and is responsible for the deaths of more than 6,000 American troops and over 40,000 wounded. The Downing Street memo says it all – intelligence and facts were being manipulated to prove and verify a policy of war. The media has essentially ignored this memo and that is understandable when elitists control the media.

The only place truth abounds today is in newsletters and on the Internet. Remember, the London Sunday Times published it two months ago. Even Chuck Hagel, a Republican member of the Foreign Relations Committee said, “Things are not getting better in Iraq they are getting worse. The White House is completely disconnected from reality.” We are dealing with a lunatic among lunatics. We can say that but Chuck Hagel can’t. Bush’s criminal acts absolutely merit impeachment and then trial for crimes against humanity. The latest from the vile bowels of the White House is that Bush may nominate AG Gonzales as the next Supreme Court Chief Justice. Here we have two absolutely nutcases now plotting to pack the Court with Nazis. This is unbelievable.