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The Anti-Islamic Crusade By The US And Great Britain

The anti-Islamic crusade by the US and Great Britain... The plan of globalization... drowning in a sea of liquidity in the markets... Domestic spying scandal of the greatest proportions... NSA is apparently above the law...

Bob Chapman | May 13, 2006

For some years there has been an anti-Islamic crusade by the US and Britain. Presently it’s the Iran crisis driven by Anglo-American interests. This state of affairs has been exacerbated by total impotence of politicians in England and the US. They simply don’t have the courage to fight and risk their careers for their country and humanity. Many are being blackmailed, and many more are simply bought out.

The moves against Iran are to be a fulfillment of the Samuel Huntington-Bernard Lewis epic of the “Clash of Civilizations”, which is nothing more than a replay of the crusades. If you remember the Crusades were followed by the Dark Age of disease and perpetual war. An attack against Iran will precipitate world war in which 50% of the human race will die. Such a war would wipe out sovereign nation states and lead the way to a globalized dictatorship by Illuminists throughout the world. Thus, Iran, Iraq, China, Russia and Venezuela are not the problems; free trade and globalization are the problems.

Globalization is geared to collapse the current world economy, by creating a petroleum crisis that will upset economies throughout the world. The result will be as well the dethroning of the dollar as the world reserve currency. That has been in motion for the past six years and will come to fruition shortly. The free trade doctrine has allowed Illuminist interests to loot and dominate existing nominally sovereign governments in a way reminiscent of the 12th and 13th Centuries. A collapse of the financial system will destroy many existing governments, perhaps all, leaving these elitists world control.

People have great difficulty understanding why things happen the way they do. Not having been immersed in history they do not understand what part is played behind the scenes and the existential nature of the thinking process. Thus, there is no Iran crisis. It is something that has been illogically manufactured to fit into the future plans for world domination.

We are surrounded by a sea of liquidity. That is 15 years of manufacturing money and credit to stave off financial calamity. That has been aided by the use of derivatives - a plus $300 trillion market. As a result of lax monetary control and total lack of regulatory control over derivatives, what has developed is a global market for non-performing loans. There have been three dozen major sales over the past two years by European lenders and focus has shifted to China as well.

Packages of non-performing loans began in the late 1980s as a result of the S&L debacle. The multi-trillion market circles the globe. It is continually fed by a combination of poor lending practices, inadequate regulation and failures to reform banking systems that have created huge losses for banks over the last 20 years. Recovery is usually $0.33 on the dollar. We could see something on this scale as the US real estate market unwinds. Currently there are about $300 billion in bad loans in various stages of resolution in 32 transactions. As you can see, there are plenty of problems out there and there are no recognizable economic problems as yet, but they are on the way.

It may have been three years since the “Oracle of Omaha” Warren Buffett, warned that derivatives are weapons of mass financial destruction, but that doesn’t mean he is wrong.

In the neocon war on terror everything is permitted. Our President, like Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler, believes he has a right to intrude into the lives of American citizens and others for any reason he deems necessary.

The FBI, the Pentagon and the NSA have each set up their own covert operations to monitor the constitutionally protected political activities of citizens opposed to the Bush administration’s war in Iraq. All these entities and probably others are spying on you. They are using “national security letters” to intercept phone calls, the Internet, faxes, correspondence and the financial lives of all Americans in an endless fishing expedition. They have planted informers in a number of national groups.

The Pentagon’s (CIFA), the Counterintelligence Field Activity Office, just three year’s old has 1,000 employees plus the 4,000 people who work in Army, Navy and Air Force intelligence units. They are shadowing peace activists and monitoring protests against the Iraq War. They are collecting everything they can on any of these people or groups. The result is a plan for political victory over all opponents by any means. George and the neocons do not respect the basic rules of constitutional government. It shapes its interpretations of the Constitution in such a way to justify its actions, and to provide legal protection for those who violate what used to be Constitutional rights in serving their fascist masters. Our President has turned the intelligence community’s most powerful tools against the American people.

The 1978 FISA courts are not adequate because they are as big a rubber stamp as you can possibly get within the federal judiciary. Our President and Vice President say they are preventing another 9/11 – something they themselves created as an excuse to spy.

Our leadership believes everyone who does not agree with them are enemies of the state.

The new proposed head of the NSA Air Force General Michael Hayden testified to Congress in 2002 and said, “I told them that free people always had to decide where to draw the line between their liberty and their security.” This is the kind of thinking that terrifies any normal American. Our government is out of control and we have to stop them before they destroy us all.