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Two Sets Of Rules, Real Estate On Soft Ground

Two sets of rules, real estate on soft ground... advocate Joe Bannister... easy exams mean no child gets left behind... Lockheed Martin gets in the business of interrogation and human cruelty with the acquisition of Sytex... republicans gambling with casinos... and more!

Bob Chapman | December 3, 2005

Some things never change. NY AG Eliot Spitzer has dropped criminal charges against Maurice Greenberg, former CEO of AIG, supposedly eliminating a possible complication in defending Spitzer’s civil suit against Greenberg. We predicted this here in the IF months ago. There are two sets of rules, one for the anointed illuminists, and one for you and us. Greenberg is a guiding light of the Council on Foreign Relations and is former OSS and CIA. He has been a money laundered and paymaster for the conspiracy for almost 60 yeas, similar to what Nicolas Deak was. The civil case will proceed and now all that has to be agreed upon is how much government will collect for issuing the get out of jail free card. The case was clear-cut fraud with criminal intent. There is also overwhelming evidence that Mr. Greenberg manipulated AIG’s stock numerous times. We recoil in absolute disgust in what passes for justice in America today.

Over the past month we’ve reported softness in real estate markets that have appreciated in a major way over the past five years. Massachusetts’ five-year housing boom, which lifted the average home price by 71% and bolstered the local economy, is over according to homeowners and real estate agents. Rising mortgage costs, a result of higher interest rates, have cooled demand as sellers rush into the market even as open houses attract few prospective buyers. There is now no question we are definitely in a buyers market. This condition will exist as long as the economy and interest rates stay as they are. If rates fall and the economy slows it will be a push. As time progresses the carrying costs for speculators and second home owners will become unbearable and thus, one-third of residential real estate could come up for sale in the absence of gains. This will exert excessive downward pressure on the market. We see this scenario as the best of circumstances. Then there is the issue of inflation and lack of wage gains, which has seen cash outs jump from 4% of resident’s disposable income in 2001 to 14% in 2004. Those cash outs are not going to be available in the future, which will put pressure on employment, disposable income and consumerism in the future.

The median price of a single-family home in Massachusetts was $360,000 in September, down 4% from a record $375,000 in August. Houses available for sale rose for the seventh month in a row to 38,319, up 1.7% from August. The number of transactions declined 19% to 4,464.

Nationwide home sales will probably dip 7.3% in this fourth quarter after reaching an all-time high in the third quarter says Fannie Mae.

In hot markets in 2006 we could see a 10% decline in others 5% and in markets that haven’t appreciated perhaps a fall of 1 or 2%. All in all prices will fall and houses will not continue to be the speculative vehicle that they have been for five years. Joe Banister was formerly an IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent, who while serving in that capacity questioned the legitimacy of the manner in which the federal income tax apparatus fulfills its mission, and after resigning from that position assisted citizens engaged in IRS disputes. The IRS tied to disrupt and discredit his advocacy efforts on behalf of clients who were being railroaded by the same illegitimate operations about which he had blown the whistle. The IRS in order to discredit Mr. Banister alleged that he acted disreputably in advocating for his clients in connection with the IRS disputes and that he willfully failed to file federal income tax returns. When brought before administrative law judge Moran, Judge Moran ruled that Mr. Banister would not be allowed to present any evidence or witnesses that a lockout should be instituted against him by disbarring him from representing clients before the IRS. The IRS rubber-stamped the verdict and the lockout was completed. Mr. Banister subsequently was found not guilty as well of preparing three false and fraudulent federal income tax returns and conspiracy with one of his clients to impede, impair, obstruct and defeat the ascertainment.

Now the IRS is attempting to set in motion a series of administrative steps that will, they hope, culminate in a count ordered zipper on his lips, court-ordered shut-down of his website, and ultimately a prohibition against interacting with the public. Heretofore, IRS action to shut down Mr. Banister hasn’t worked, thus, it is clearly their intent to destroy him. They cannot have experts telling the public the truth and that is that income tax laws have been and are being illegitimately administered and enforced. Mr. Banister through seven years of harassment has endured through devout prayers and the support of tens of thousands of Americans who have supported his defense financially. Of course, the income tax enforcement apparatus, like the SEC, has an endless supply of money and talent available to destroy Mr. Banister and anyone who exposes the truth. Each time the IRS attacks him more evidence of their wrongdoing is exposed.

Joe Banister needs your financial help with donations of $50.00 or more. You can visit his site, He has all kinds of information available describing what has transpired. If we allow the IRS and the US Attorney to silence Joe Banister we’ll be doing ourselves and our country a great disservice. For more visit and and at This year Tennessee’s eighth-grade students were tested in math and 87% performed at or above the proficiency level. Now federal government tests have only 21% of these children being proficient.

The federal government contends educators have created easy exams to avoid sanctions under the No Child Left Behind Act imposed by our Congress and President.

In Mississippi, 89% of fourth graders passed and only 18% failed. The same occurred in Oklahoma, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Alaska and Texas, and more then a dozen other states all showed students doing far better on their reading and math tests than the federal one.

In a bow to states’ rights, the states are allowed to use their own tests in meeting the law’s central mandate – that schools increase the percentage of students demonstrating proficiency each year. The law requires 100% of the nations’ students to reach proficiency, as each state defines it by 2014. After 2014, at the present pace, by federal standards, 80% of students might stay in the fourth grade forever. Of course, that won’t happen, but what we foresee happening is the fed’s taking over education, completely as governments in the Soviet Union and Germany did in the 1930s. Then the dictatorial doctrine can be taught at full force with no interference from states or communities or parents.

This year less than half of South Carolina’s 1,109 schools met the federal law’s benchmark for the percentage of students showing proficiency, and the state has set world-class standards. Again, as far as we are concerned where only 50% of children and schools can make the federal grade in the best scoring schools, it convinces us that all the elitists want is control. In this process our children are the losers. We should have legislation reversing the use of NAEP, National Assessment of Educational Progress, and get rid of it. Then we can get back to teaching our children and stop wasting money on excessive testing.

Lockheed Martin’s new acquisition of Sytex makes them one of the biggest recruiters of private interrogators. They are currently supplying and seeking interrogators for Iraq and Afghanistan, which means the US has no intention of stopping its torture of prisoners.

Needless to say, there are many other private contractors who are supplying interrogators who earn close to $100,000 a year. Both Lockheed and another Virginia based company have no bid contracts and essentially do as they please. These criminals in the White House refuse to stop torturing people.

We have had little to say regarding the investigation of Jack Abramoff, waiting for it to unfold. It looks like a beauty. On the hot seat with Jack are Tom De Lay (R-TX), Bob Ney (R-OH), John Doolittle (R-CA) and Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT). The investigation is wide open and includes defrauding Indian tribes with casinos and lenders in a casino cruise line deal, whose owner was murdered. Seventeen additional current and former congressional aides are also under the gun.

The latest target, Senator Burns, arranged for the Saginaw Chippewa tribe in Michigan to obtain a $3 million congressional grant to build a school. This is odd, because of its Indian gambling; the tribe is one of the richest in the nation and makes annual $70,000 payments to each member.

Private investigators and journalists have chased down a torture plane seen all over Europe. It is registered to Keeler & Tate Mgt., whose office and telephone in Nevada belong to Paul Laxalt, one of Ronald Reagan’s best friends. Everyone is in on the moneymaking.

The evidence could not be more painfully clear and the path could not be more disturbing as we rush headlong toward a total police state and the New World Order.

We are moving ahead on all fronts. As we predicted the crash of our automotive industry is upon us and as yet, no significant action by our President and Congress. They are too busy promoting free trade and globalization, which is the antithesis of saving our industry, American jobs and our country. We are facing the deliberate destruction via an almost totally purchased political generation. The ends of our international money-financial interests are again about to be served. What they are doing just didn’t happen, it’s not coincidence; it’s deliberate and intentional. After the end of the Cold War and the Soviet Union in 1989, we should have had our recession, straightened out our problems and been able to prosper. Instead, we had a minor recession and moved onto the greatest creation of money and credit in world history, which as we can all see was totally unnecessary except to serve the interests of international illuminists. Not only do they want to subject you to a police state world government, but they also want to buy your assets, or confiscate your assets for $0.20 on the dollar as they have done so often in the past. The US, Canada, the UK and Europe have been irreparably ruined. The great leveling process is taking place. Never again will nations reach supremacy and sovereignty as they have in the past 100 years. You are about to witness the predatory looting of mankind by illuminist matoids. We are sliding back into the subterranean Dark Age that led to the collapse of Venetian banking in 1348, which was accompanied by the plague. Maybe today it will be the bird flu, an illuminist creation. Only the name has changed, globalization. Today’s arranged wars are not that different than those of the fourteenth century. As then, today nation states will cease to exist under world government. These are the same people who have financed every war since the twelfth century on both sides. They arranged WWI, Korea, Vietnam, the Balkans for the umpteenth time, and two Iraqi wars, etc. What is deeply disturbing is those who are not elitists, who are in positions of authority and decision making, do not have a clue to what is happening to them and their country and the public as well is in the dark, and those who discover there is a problem do not want to know abut it. We have been informing Americans in print and radio and TV for almost 40 years, yet few wanted to listen. They should all be mindful that there is no acceptable evasion of their own guilt. Yes, they are lied to and brainwashed, but they make little effort to comprehend the actual nature of the world in which they live. Of course, none of the above believes in conspiracy theories, it is not politically correct or fashionable.