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WMD Attack May Wipe Out US Constitution

WMD attack may wipe out US Constitution ... Injected microchips will give law enforcement and corporations all the freedom they need to invade our privacy ... and 200,000 Britons out for a mid-week walk together in London ...

Bob Chapman | November 30, 2003

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General Tommy Franks says that if the US is hit with a WMD, the Constitution will probably be discarded in favor of a military form of government.

The latest $284 billion omnibus spending bill, a good part of which is probably the worst pork barrel ever, is threatened with a veto if George W. Bush fails to get his proposal curtailing overtime pay in the private sector. This horrible plan was previously rejected by Congress, but that does not stop Mr. Bush. Between Congress and the White House this government has to be among the worst ever.

Applied Digital Solutions has announced a new syringe-injectable microchip implant for humans, designed to be used as a fraud-proof payment method for cash and credit card transactions. The banking and finance industry loses $48 billion a year and consumers $5 billion annually to identify fraud. The ID World Conference in Paris focused on current and future applications of RFID technologies, biometrics, smart cards and data collection. Applied’s chip is the advent of a cashless society. These sub dermal implants might one day emerged as the ultimate solution of totalitarian governments and a world fraught with identity theft, terrorism, cash-strapped governments, law-enforcement agencies illegally collecting data, corporations invading your privacy and government that wants to know everything you do. This chip signals the end of freedom, as we have known it. If theft of our freedom was not enough industry professionals advocate having citizens pay for the combined national ID/cashless pay chips, which would be embedded in our bodies.

Alan Greenspan and the FED have lost control of real interest rates and the lack of buying of US Treasuries over the past month will put major upward pressure in interest rates. That is why the FED has been buying the long end of the market over the past month. If the foreigners do not return, rates are going to quickly rise. That means the market and funds are headed lower and gold and silver higher.

George W. Bush will soon turn over control of Iraq to international troops, under the UN or NATO. This is a US exit strategy. We won of the war and lost the peace. In the process they proved what really gifted liars they are. The UN would be given political control and the Europeans would get a piece of the rebuilding contracts, oil concession contracts and take part in the dispersion of revenues from oil production. That will really destroy George’s party. What goes around comes around. In another development that seems to fit, a Korean subscriber tells us that Japan has ordered the North Korean Embassy to shut down and all N. Korean personnel were told to leave the country. Is George W. Bush planning to open a second front with N. Korea? We hope not because it will be nuclear.

We have heard there is a systematic effort by a number of gold buyers to take delivery of as much gold as possible. The problem is there is no physical gold in size for delivery. The Treasury and the FED, as we know, have been capping rallies, but we are also told they are buyers on dips, because next year they intend to return to a partial gold standard as a method of, keeping the dollar from totally collapsing. If these e rumors are right $512.00 is a lock, $680.00 is probable and $840.00 is possible in 2004.

Britain saw the largest march in a mid-week day that the country had ever seen. Over 200,000 marchers demonstrated against George W. Bush and the Iraq war. Its obvious Bush and Tony Blair are on their way out.

Red Ken Livingston, the mayor of London, has denounced President George W. Bush as “the greatest threat to life on this planet that we have most probably ever seen”. This is a stinging attack on PM Blair and the Royal Family, as the Labor Party decides weather to readmit Mr. Livingston to the party, after his 5-year exile. Last Easter, he was denounced for an attack he had made on what he called “the most corrupted and racist American administration in over 80 years”. He also does not recognize Mr. Bush because he was not officially elected.

On 12/31/03 the Department of Fatherland Security requires the fingerprinting and photographing of all visa holders entering the US, under a program known as US-Visit. They will have each index figure scanned by a matchbox-size reader. Digitized data will be linked via a secret Fatherland Security communications network to a database repository housed at an undisclosed location. The data will be cross-checked with existing prints of suspected terrorists or criminals, and agents will be immediately notified if the visitor is on a watch list. Border agents will also digitally photograph visitors, checking the entry photo against the picture on the visa. The data will also be dispersed among all law enforcement agencies. The same process will be used upon departure from the US. Airports and seaports will be on-line by early 2004 and land border processing will be phased in over 2005 and 2006.

A move to destabilize the rule of the House of Saud via bombings and street demonstrations is definitely underway. The Saudi’s who have squandered most of their wealth realize they have to go to a decentralized system of government to ensure social stability but can’t get themselves to do so because they know the gravy train will be over. The only thing that stops the fundamentalists from attempting to take over is the large Saudi military force and US backing. The political climate is changing but slowly. Discussing elections is no longer a crime and it’s now admitted that the kingdom has thousands of AID’S cases. The way royalty explains the rebellion is there are a handful of terrorists- extremists who want to overthrow the government, when in fact 50% or more want a government that represents them. Fifty percent of the population is under 20 years old and could care less for tribal loyalties. They just want a job. More trouble is on the way that’s for sure.