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What FEMA Really Stands For

What FEMA really Stands for... New Orleans cut off from America... No-bid contracts make profits for party contributors like Halliburton and others... elitists proft and rule, the poor continue to suffer and get less...

Bob Chapman | September 18, 2005

American's have lost control of their government. They no longer have any voice on how their government operates. Ninety percent of our House and Senate and our executive branch do not have our best interests at heart.

All branches of government are run as secretly as possible and some in complete secrecy to the detriment of our people. Our government is run by a shadow government from behind the scenes as Dan Smoot said so many years ago. Perfect examples are the CIA and FEMA. Back in 1979 President Carter instituted an executive order, which rolled many of the disaster agencies into FEMA. Today it is a 7,500 member agency including disaster-ready reservists. Its new role, in addition to disaster relief, is related to terrorism and civil unrest. Now its new duty is to assume the safety of our government. If their performances in the hurricane region are an example, we can kiss our government goodbye. What FEMA has the power to do is take over the reins of government and implement a dictatorship. You name it and they can do it. Worse yet, FEMA’s powers did not come from Congress; they came from an elitist President via executive order. This turkey farm is run by unelected officials who happen to be political trash. These political appointees can become dictators. Of course, the shadow government behind them all is really pulling the strings. Thus you have to observe their every action to determine what they are really up to. Needless to say FEMA is no longer a disaster agency. It is where political favors are dumped and it is a housing for dictatorship whenever the elitists decide to make that move. It is also being used for clandestine operations and preparing for that national emergency that was planned many years ago. Why is our Congress sitting on its hands when FEMA spends over $1 billion a year on operations they won’t explain? That is because our Congress responds to the highest bidder and the elitists have an endless supply of money. Americans know very little about FEMA and that is deliberate. The media hides FEMA by not talking about it and its executive mandate of control. For 25 years FEMA has tried to overturn the Posse Comitatus Act by using the military in domestic law enforcement. A good example was recently in New Orleans when FEMA tried to force Governor Blanco to give control over to law-enforcement and the National Guard and Reserves. FEMA held up aid to the hurricane region for four days trying to get the governor to succumb. She did not and FEMA and the people of Louisiana were the losers. How dastardly can you get?

FEMA is a backup government for elitists. It was created to control the American public. It is the enemy.

The economy has begun to slow as real estate for sale inventory rises. Until at least next June the economy faces not just this natural slowing but also higher energy prices, increased interest rate costs and 14 million taxpayers who will be hit with the AMT, the Alternative Minimum Tax on 1/1/06 for an average of $2,000 per household. During that period inflation will rise and wages will remain stagnant. That also means higher unemployment and lower house prices. All of the above are going to take a toll on consumer spending, thus we expect the economy to slow over the next nine months. We see GDP slipping to 2.75% growth, which is just above recession level. We will update in a couple of months.

Consumers are scrambling to lock in energy costs even at these elevated levels. In New England heating oil is $2.61 a gallon up from just $2.00 a week ago and $1.00 higher than a year ago. Energy costs are going to cost the consumer dearly this winter and it will affect the economy.

The Administration has gotten nowhere trying to get the Europeans to help form a worldwide coalition to stop Iran’s pursuit of nuclear power. India, Russia and China have rebuffed a Bush proposal to bring the issue before the UN Security Council for possible sanctions. Iran has not broken any agreements and is operating within guidelines. Many are concerned that a few years down the line, when they can, they will go in the direction of nuclear weapons.

Not only has our President by executive order allowed contractors to pay below prevailing wages in the crisis torn hurricane region, but also they have suspended normal federal contracting rules. Hundreds of millions of dollars in no-bid contracts have already been let out and millions more are to flow to the private sector in the weeks and months to come. Leading the charge are Halliburton, Bechtel and Fluor. The Feds, FEMA are shoveling money out the door and the lobbyists and connected companies will make a fortune. When all is said and done more than $150 billion of taxpayers’ funds will have been spent. The bulk of the contracts will go to elitist connected companies and campaign contributors. They will make fortunes. There is no question in our minds that non-action and obstruction by FEMA was part of a plan to exert complete federal power over operations. We mentioned that last week when FEMA-Bush and the neocons tried to force Louisiana’s Governor to allow FEMA to take over and control all law enforcement. This would set a precedent for violating the Posse Comitatus Act. They also wanted the American public to accept the concept of total federal control as the only answer to disasters or the control of civil unrest.

Mr. Bush expressed his height of arrogance when he said he would personally lead an investigation to see what went wrong in the aftermath of Katrina. We wonder does he fashion himself as Caligula or Nero?

John Roberts nomination as Supreme Court Chief Justice tells us the elitists are totally satisfied that Roberts will do exactly as he is told and will grant the Executive Branch unlimited authority over everyone. The approval of Roberts and another replacement for Sandra Day O’Connor will solidify the elitist’s control over the Supreme Court for the next 30 years. Mind you, Roberts is not conservative or right wing. He is an elitist. They have only one master the Illuminati. Each passing day more and more decisions are made to solidify the power of the insiders and that movement is perpetually to the left and into the bosom of fascism. Americans are going to pay dearly for what they have done especially the dumb conservatives and right-wingers who continue to support a fascist dictatorial government. These two Supreme Court appointments are just two more nails in the coffin.

New Orleans is being cut off from America in a world controlled by FEMA and Fatherland Security. We not only have US military acting as law enforcement we have mercenaries as well. The second and fourth amendment rights of our fellow citizens no longer exist. Weapons are being confiscated even though they are legally registered. Those orders are for the collective us; the wealthy are allowed to have private armed guards. This is gun control by force and this is only the beginning. Are you getting the message out there?

Let the good times roll. Bechtel has been chosen in a no-bid contract to provide short-term housing for people displaced by the hurricane. Bush named Bechtel’s CEO to his Export Council and put the former head of Bechtel Energy in charge of Overseas Private Investment Corporation. What the neocons have been doing is stacking senior positions with elitists who are repeatedly cashing in on the public trust in order to further their private commercial interests.

Then we have Joe Allbaugh, Mr. Bush’s former campaign manager and a former head of FEMA, who is a lobbyist for Shaw Group and Bechtel who just landed mega-no bid contracts. Allbaugh is also a lobbyist for Halliburton’s subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root. As you can see the crooks are busy at work spending our money.

AP-Ipsos Poll, which had George Bush’s approval rating at 84 after 9/11, now shows it to be 39%. Sixty-five percent of Americans believe we are on the wrong track. That is up from 59% just a month ago. Fifty-two percent disapprove of his handling of the hurricane. Ipsos says consumer confidence sank in September to the lowest level since early March 2003 before the start of the Iraq war.

George Bush sits in the eye of a political storm and he could become Katrina’s next casualty. The new Newsweek poll shows only 38% approve of the job he is doing. They showed overall 55% disapprove. Only 28% say they are satisfied at the way things are going in the country, down from 36% in August and 46% in December.

We believe the costly impact of Katrina and their ineptitude, lying and law breaking by the federal government overall and FEMA will cause a loss of faith in government generally, and the President in particular. Already 65% are dissatisfied. What will the numbers be after the federal government spends $200 billion, insured losses are $100 billion and uninsured losses are $200 billion? That is a $500 billion problem plus all the political machinations. Wait until the public finds out all the details of what the Administration and FEMA were up to before and during the disaster. Already 52% say they do not trust the President to make the right decisions during a domestic crisis. Seventy-two percent say his response was poor to fair. Only 20% said he did a good job and five percent said he did an excellent job. Forty-two percent of Americans and 44% of registered voters believe the President cares about people like them. That is down from 50% in the first week of last November.

Reflecting the tarnished view of the Administration, only 38% of registered voters say they would vote for a Republican for Congress if elections were held today, while 50% said they would vote for a Democrat. Fifty-three percent of Democrats said the federal government did a poor job in getting help to people in New Orleans after Katrina. Forty-eight percent of Republicans believe they did a good job. Americans are stuck in a rut via political parties. They will not accept the reality that both parties are controlled by the same group of elitists. We are divided by party and that is just the way elitists want it. At best, we believe George W. Bush is a lame duck president and that is good for us. It will keep further damage to a minimum. Sir Alan Greenspan and other elitists want hedge funds to stay unregulated, which is suicidal. The SEC has brought 51 cases charging hedge fund advisors with defrauding investors of more than $1 billion. There are more than 7,000 hedge funds managing close to $1 trillion in assets, a 300% jump over five years ago.

Connected elitists never go to jail. Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, will pay charity $100 million to resolve a lawsuit charging that he engaged in insider trading in 2001. Martha Stewart was charged with the same thing on a miniscule level and went to jail. Mr. Ellison will, of course, take his tax deduction. Ellison sold $900 million worth of shares ahead of bad earnings, thus he pays 1/9th and pockets the other $800 million, gets the tax deduction and doesn’t admit guilt. Ellison’s wealth is estimated to be $13.7 billion. Never in such a derivative lawsuit has the settlement gone to charity, it should have gone to shareholders.

According to Transparency International, Iraq could become the biggest corruption scandal in history. It starts with petty officials looking for bribes all the way up to contractors doing shoddy work and those contractors getting their contracts from government officials who get a kickback.

We can start with Ahmed Chalabi who was convicted in Jordan for a $200 million financial scam. That does not deter George and the neocons; he is obviously their kind of guy. He was one of the first of the Bush cabal to land in Iraq after the takeover. Then there was the plan to sell of Iraq’s oil fields to US elitist interests at $.30 on the dollar. That is what triggered today’s ongoing insurgency that we pay for in money and lives every day. That is why oil facilities and pipelines continue to be bombed as we write.

Then Halliburton wiped all the money out of the Iraq Development Fund though the award of five no-bid contracts for just under $1 billion. Then there were the mercenaries, who were often paid in piles of $100 bills - about 7% of overall receipts had no invoices. A UN audit concluded that $2.5 billion of $5.0 billion in Iraq reconstruction funds could not be accounted for. Most all of the payments were made to US and UK companies. The CPA was the epicenter of fraud, waste, bribery and kickbacks.

Halliburton received 52% of two $25.4 billion contracts; they overcharged by $1.5 billion and lost 12 pre-fabricated bases worth $75 million. They are subject to five investigations presently and now have just been awarded contracts and Louisiana and Mississippi. George and the neocons reward theft and failure. This is why Bunnatine Greenhouse was fired, for her testimony to Congress. She said her superiors forced her to sign no-bid contracts for Halliburton she said were scams. As it turns out our Congress could care less. Worse yet the Pentagons just gave Halliburton another $5 billion contract for Iraq. It is no wonder they do not want the war to end. We could be doing this for another 30 years. In the last two weeks infrastructure work was stopped. Perhaps that is a blessing for the taxpayer. This is how our government is run. Growing up I learned a lot about corruption and how it worked from the Democrats. The Bush neocons and our Republican Congress have honed it into a fine art.

Louisiana is facing an epic legal battle to determine who should pay to repair damaged properties. Insurance companies say most homeowners won’t have the money to rebuild. Those who bought federal flood insurance, which is beyond the reach of the poor, will find coverage falls far short, insuring up to only $250,000.