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Zones Of The Dead

Zones of the dead... funds cut for US Army Corps work in New Orleans district to help fund war in Iraq... Halliburton greed... gulf oil production almost stopped... millions in crisis, but the disaster was predicted years ago... FEMA and Homeland Security failing hurricane Katrina victims miserably...

Bob Chapman | September 3, 2005

Detroit and Michigan is a zone of the living dead. Detroit represents the deliberately arranged decline of American manufacturing. The dangerous path of offshoring and outsourcing will lead not only to the destruction of the US economic base, but it will take down the rest of the world with it.

During the past 55 years Detroit's population has fallen from 1.8 million to 900,000 in round figures. That is extraordinary deindustrialization. Ford's River Rouge plant once employed 100,000. Today, it is 6,000. Since 1970, it has lost 75% of its manufacturing and jobs. Whole areas of the city have been leveled. We see the same happening to a lesser degree in Buffalo, NY; Chicago; Cleveland; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and generally throughout Indiana, Ohio, Quebec and Ontario in Canada.

Today the median household Detroit income is one-third lower than it was 30-years ago. About 50% of homeowners pay 40% or more of their income on the mortgage on their homes. Thirty percent of housing stock is in worse condition than normal and still takes 40% to 50% of income to either finance or pay rent on. The sad story goes on and we do not see it getting any better thanks to free trade and globalization.

American foreign policy is conducted like that of a dictatorship. The case of Canadian softwood lumber is another perfect example of the end of the rule of law. Under NAFTA, arbitrators have consistently ruled in Canada's favor even though their softwood is subsidized. The reason is the US softwood market is an elitist monopoly, which is rigged via higher prices every year, and the arbitrators know this. Canadians are so distraught over the issue that Canada's trade minister walked out on the negotiations. Having been ruled against, the US representative Rob Portman announced the US would ignore paying Canada back $5 billion in tariffs they'd already collected over the past 15 years. Canadian Senator Pat Carney, a former trade minister that represents British Columbia said, “We won. The Americans won't abide by the rule of law.” That pretty much sums up the sentiment of the entire country. Ms. Carney says we shouldn't slap on tariffs that would hurt our consumers. She wants to scrutinize American investments in Canada, starting with the pending $6.9 billion acquisition of Terasen, a Canadian natural gas pipeline. What Pat is saying is no more oil and gas acquisitions and no more cooperation on the flow of oil and gas to the US. Canada is our biggest supplier.

There is no political right left. It's been usurped and destroyed by George and the neocons, which are now to the left of the Democrats. Just look at our liberal controlled media. They report exactly what George and the neocons want, which tells us the media isn't really liberal, it's purchased. For those who understand socialism and fascism there are only small differences. Someone gave me a book to read 45 years ago. I didn't know who wrote it in 1923, but I said to myself, whoever it is they must be a socialist or a Marxist. I then asked the donor of the book who wrote this? He answered Benito Mussolini, who was a professor at that time. I reread the entire book looking for something different. It wasn't there. It was later that Mussolini evolved into fascism.

Army recruiters have been ordered to approach 10th, eleventh and twelfth graders – repeatedly. They are told to offer their services as coaches and assistants and to offer to chaperon or escort for homecoming activities and coronations. Just get involved at the high schools. They are told to cultivate centers of influence. “Encourage college-capable individuals to defer their college until they have served in the Army.” That puts the students at a terrible disadvantage. I know I did that. When you get back you are too mature for the college crowd and it's boring. Most students who wait or split their college up never finish. You at best spend 3 to 5 years catching up. These recruiters even zero in on freshmen and sophomores at college. They hone in on the college freshman class because half will drop out.

The Army hopes Congress will raise enlistment bonuses from $14,000 to $17,000, with some recruits getting $30,000 for hard-to-fill specialties and some re-enlistment bonuses to $75,000. Unfortunately, like our President, all too many recruiters lie about everything.

Then there is the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery. High school juniors and seniors are encouraged to take this test to identify and explore potentially satisfying occupations. It identifies the best potential prospects for recruitment and allows the recruiters to work smarter. Incidentally, if you want to discourage a recruiter just tell them your son is gay or your daughter is a lesbian.

Confusion still swirls around - rules for recruiters. Parents can sign an opt-out form that prevents schools from giving out information about their kids to recruiters and students can decline to take the ASVAB, yet very few families know their rights. There is lots of pressure on children. The ASVAB is voluntary, nine students at one high school showed up for the test and when they realized it was for the military they left. They were suspended. Later, under pressure, the administrations dropped the suspensions. Can you image that? Some of the schools are working against free choice and for the military. If the Army is telling the truth, and we question whether it is, the Army is getting good recruits. In 2005, 90% are high school grads and 71% score in the top half of the ASVAB.

Chicago, Florida and Texas are running after-school programs that include more then 10,000 teen cadets in elementary, middle and high schools. These programs are sold to parents as citizen leadership programs. What it is about is obedience and brainwashing. Most of these families enroll their children because they cannot handle them or do not want to be bothered handling them. Some schools have even made JROTC mandatory. Only 25% of parents encourage their teens to enlist, compared with 42% just two years ago.

Wars kill people and training can only do so much to prepare you for combat. When you pull that trigger aiming at a human being for the first time your pancreas goes wild and you have to control your body as the enemy opens up on you. If you survive and it is over you come away shaking for the next 15 to 30 minutes. It is no fun and no matter how good you are you are going to miss your target many times.

When we hear there is no higher calling than service to our armed forces and our nation we disagree. Since WW II we have had all no-win wars for profit. They were engineered either to cover up economic failure or to cause economic failure. That does not sound like a higher calling to us and we have been there. We are not anti-war or anti-gun. We are against wars of convenience. We are not facing a war against foreign terrorists. Our terrorists are the establishment in Washington, New York and London. Terror is a cover for war and the suppression of the American people. This is not some sort of a struggle. We have 8,000 dead and countless wounded and that is not a struggle, it is war.

Pat Robertson should read the US Code. If you threaten or intimidate foreign officials you shall be fined under title 18, section 112(b) or imprisoned not more than six months or both. There is absolutely no doubt that Robertson attempted to threaten President Chavez. Robertson's comments did not contain a threat to kidnap or injure Chavez. He wanted to assassinate Chavez. His threat to take him out, especially when combined with the explanation that this would be cheaper then war, was clearly a threat to kill. With Robertson's following of Christian soldiers, who knows what one of them might do? It is no wonder President Chavez has put a temporary hold on missionaries.

The National Opinion Research Center has confirmed that Al Gore actually won Florida and should have been president. Dr. Dennis Loo with Cal Poly Pomona shows that extensive manipulation of non-paper-trail voting machines occurred in several states during the 2004 election. There is now no question hackers were employed by the Bush administration to steal election results in a number of states. There is no such thing as an honest election in our country.

Bunnatine H. Greenhouse has lost her job because, as a high-level contracting official, she has been a vocal critic of the Pentagon's decision to give Halliburton multi-billion, no-bid contract work. Lt. General Carl A. Strock, Commander of the Army Corps, removed her from the top rank of civilian government employees because of poor performance reviews. Now General, do you really expect us to believe that? Mrs. Greenhouse had complained to the Inspector General and for that she gets illegal retaliation. The corruption at the White House and the Pentagon over the past five years is unprecedented in US history. Mrs. Greenhouse said, “I can unequivocally state that the abuse related to contracts awarded to Halliburton, KBR, represents the most blatant and improper abuse I have witnessed in 20 years of working on government contracts.” She observed first-hand that essentially every aspect of the “Restore Iraq Oil” contract remained under the control of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. “This troubled me and it is wrong.” Due to her complaints internally she was told to retire or be demoted. She chose to hire a lawyer and took her story to the public. Wonderful sacrifice to expose a totally corrupt system. The principals at the hedge fund Bayou Group have disappeared, as has $400 million. We guess we'll find out soon what happened to the players and the money. Isn't it just wonderful having non-regulation?

The Strategic Oil Reserve has 70 million barrels of crude oil, and they have offered to loan oil, if requested, by US refiners facing delayed shipments due to Hurricane Katrina. We find it of interest that the government finally filled the reserve three weeks ago. They've been buying crude all the way up to $65.00 a barrel, which put upward pressure on prices. What did they know that we didn't know?

In order to fund foreign wars for profit in fiscal 2006, the New Orleans district of the US Army Corps of Engineers is bracing for a record $71.2 million reduction in federal funding. This will mean cuts in hurricane and flood protection projects and a study to determine ways to protect the region from a Category 5 hurricane will be shelved. Hiring has been frozen. The House has made the cuts. The question is will the Senate reverse them?

Midweek 92% of oil production has been shut down on the Gulf of Mexico. They supply 35% of domestic production. Some operating units, be they oil or gas production or refining, could get back up in two to three weeks. Many will take a month or more. Repairing 600 offshore platforms will be difficult with the Port of New Orleans closed. Reaching port could be a problem due to silt from the storm. That means dredging will be needed as well.

Between tax cuts and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and occupation, there weren't sufficient federal funds available to remedy what was needed for such a disaster, nor was there enough National Guard available to help the residents of the three states involved. Disaster preparation money was mostly diverted to Iraq, the neocon war for profit and the theft of oil.

Our President cut their funds by 20% to help finance his war. This in part is another George and the neocons disaster.

Millions are without power and telephone and will be for weeks. Thousands of flights will be cancelled and tourism is dead for a year or more. Boats and barges are backed up on the Mississippi with huge grain shipments for a port that will not function again for months. Massive amounts of food exports will not make it. The jails were emptied and lawlessness reigns. While all this transpires the stock market defies reality and goes up and gold and silver go down. Of course, the markets are rigged. This could be the event that triggers the move to recession and depression. We will soon know.

Strange things are happening. Katrina has at least temporarily denied America of 35% of its domestic oil consumption. Our President continues to tell us that oil will get cheaper as the Administration takes its Strategic Oil Reserve to 700 million barrels and we have found out they want to take it to one billion at these prices. These lunatics have to be planning something really big and it may cut off part of our oil supply. They will now have to compete with China, which has just begun to fill its reserves. Then the Saudis tell us they are maxed out of production. They probably have lied about their reserves as well. They just hired five oilrigs to drill for oil offshore. For a country with so much oil why are they so anxious to drill offshore? This is very expensive drilling and rig costs are up 50%. All major existing oil fields are in decline. We are not talking simply peak oil we are talking a shortage soon. The government knows all this and they understand it because they are oil people. Something very big is in the works regarding oil and it is not good. If it is as difficult as we think it is no wonder the government will not tell the public, it would panic them.

Just to show you how seriously the flow of oil from the Gulf of Mexico will be affected there are 15 hubs totally. A hub can have from four to 40 wells it is processing. If the piping is bent on the existing wells they will all have to be re-drilled. Each re-drill will take a month and lots of money to put back on line. Overall it will take years to return to the production levels in place prior to the storm.

As far as the government opening up its strategic reserves is concerned there is already an adequate supply of crude oil. It is the lack of electricity in the region that is stopping the refineries from getting back into operation.

The US government is using the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Law to remove anyone from the Internet who disagrees with our elitist government. Numerous domains have already been blacklisted. Most of the Service Providers are using a program that filters out certain e-mails and there is no error message to advise non-delivery. They are black-holed. This is to protect against spam, porn, viruses and hate speech. Your provider is now a member of our fascist thought police. To read e-mail the FBI can order a service provider to place a special monitoring computer called Carnivore or Data Collection System 1000 on is network servers. They can then spy on and capture for storage your transmissions. The FBI is currently expanding the program and in time will filter out anything the government deems undesirable. Homeland Security and the FBI equal Gestapo, make no mistake about it. They will eventually reach us and then you will be next.

On August 1 a spokesman for the Louisiana National Guard said the state might be stretched for security personnel in the event of a big hurricane. Dozens of high water vehicles, generators and Humvees were in Iraq with 3,000 Louisiana National Guardsmen. The spokesman unfortunately was correct.

The Army National Guard, already strained force, will increase the total number of troops on the Gulf Coast to 28,000. They will engage in rescue operations and bring in food and medicine before working on clearing roads, supply safe water and other issues. Among them will be 7,200 active-duty troops from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Eight thousand guardsmen from Mississippi and Louisiana are now serving in Iraq and many are in combat.

Although active duty US troops are being used in the relief effort, constitutional limits prevents them from performing law enforcement duties. They are under the governor's control. Only a presidential decree would allow active-duty federal military troops to be brought in to a law enforcement mission. The NY Times may believe the President can do that but our Constitution says he cannot do that under any circumstances.

We do not know now whether Sir Alan Greenspan will raise interest rates again as a result of the economic dislocation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Wages versus inflation has left consumers with negative savings, not enough money to live on and outrageous debt. The only way that can be solved is by lower interest rates and more mortgage equity cash-outs and home equity loans. We may be stuck with interest rates near this level for some time to come. A rise in interest rates would put the economy at major risk. Cash-out financing is up 21% this year and it is the only way Greenspan can keep the economy from collapsing.

The near-term as well as long-term effects of Katrina are yet unknown. We are already close to an inverted yield curve and recession. Energy costs and other costs are rising and if interest rates do not rise and the Fed continues to supply massive liquidity you can expect massive inflation. That means higher gold and silver prices and a lower stock market. In 1973, when a similar cutback occurred the market fell 19%. If that was repeated, the Dow would fall to 8,400 from 10,400. The market was, we believe, ready to correct to 9500 anyway. When the “experts” see the cost and dislocation and time span for recovery, they will take a more negative position.

Millions of dollars in municipal bonds helped build New Orleans and the surrounding areas hit by the hurricane. Could this natural disaster be a financial one? Will New Orleans survive? Or will it be abandoned? Bond insurers are on the hook for $14 billion. Payments are not going to be made and many, if not all of the area could be flattened. We see major bankruptcy of all kinds ahead.

In August 1.48 million passenger autos were sold up 3.8% y-o-y, but down 18% from July. Truck sales fell 1% and car sales 9.7%. GM's sales fell 13.2% y-o-y; Ford was up 7% and Chrysler up 5.1%. The average industry discount was $2,655 per vehicle down $66 from a year earlier and off $326 from July. Ford's discounting was $3,799, GM $3,718 with Japanese manufacturers spending $1,262 per vehicle. Nissan's sales rose 15% and Toyota's 13.8%. GM sales for nine months rose 1.9%, Ford 1.4% and Chrysler 7.4%.

The Post/ABC poll says George W. Bush's approval rating is at 45%, which is far higher then the rest of the polls, which average 35% to 40%. They say 42% approve of Bush's job in Iraq and 57% disapprove.

George and the neocons have offered Sunni representatives $75 million to sign the draft constitution of Iraq. They believe money buys everything.

In 1987 when Sir Alan Greenspan took over as head of the Fed, what $1.00 bought then now takes $1.72 to buy; a 72% loss in purchasing power over 18 years. Since the Fed began in 1913 it now takes almost $20 to purchase what a dollar purchased then.

We sell $12.4 billion worth of arms a year and spend $5.6 billion a month occupying Iraq and we do not have the resources to help hurricane victims. In the meantime, George W. Bush is OTC. As we said in the Army 50 years ago, he is “out to chow.” Now he is moving into his post-vacation syndrome. That is probably why he has 6,000 members of the Louisiana and Mississippi National Guard in combat in Iraq. Here we are a rich and powerful nation being led to destruction by a band of morons. These people are loathsome criminals.

Ham radio operators around New Orleans are being jammed and that can only be the US government. These same ham operators were enlisted to help during 9/11, but strangely are not being used for Katrina's federal relief efforts. Jamming is a criminal activity and we know of no reason why any foreign government would do such a thing. George and the neocons have turned New Orleans into a Baghdad on the Mississippi.

The International Energy Agency plans to make 60 M/B of crude oil and refined petroleum products available to the global market over the next month. 30 M/B will come from the Strategic Petroleum Stockpile.

The US military has confirmed that its soldiers killed a Reuter's journalist in Iraq, but said their action was appropriate. Reuters global Managing Editor, David Schlesinger, rejected any suggestion that the killing of Waleed was justified. Just another case of murder.

People don't get it yet, but the US has lost 25% of its domestic oil and gas production and a good part of it won't be retrieved. The Saudis have been lying about their production capabilities for a long time and they now tell us they have no more capacity available. They'll have to be major money spent to resurrect Gulf production and it will take years to be accomplished. Gasoline will never see $2.50 again, but we'll see $5-$8 a gallon. We hope America starts waking up; there are very difficult times ahead.

After being dormant all week the Fed added $6.5 billion in repurchase agreements as the repo pool dipped slightly to $86.478 billion on Friday.

Katrina has proved that FEMA and Homeland Security are a disaster. They are not prepared for emergency response. They do not have the organization, expertise and in the case of FEMA, the funds necessary to do what it is supposed to do. The money all went to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Federal prosecutors sued the Bayou funds yesterday, saying the hedge fund company and securities firm, run by Samuel Israel III, directed a yearlong fraud that attracted more than $300 million from investors. The fraud actually began 7 years ago; a year after the firm began business. Evidentially the problem was losses that were covered up by fraudulent statements.

It only took five days. What took them so long? The Houston Chronicle tells us Halliburton got a contract to repair damage from Hurricane Katrina. They will repair naval facilities using KBR their subsidiary. In March, the former director of FEMA, which is tasked with responding to hurricane disasters, became a lobbyist for KBR. Talk about musical chairs and a revolving door. These are the same companies that are under investigation for defrauding American taxpayers of almost $2 billion.


Being kept from these American people also by their Military Rulers have been the uncounted offers of assistance from Nations all around the world, including: Venezuela has offered their Medical Airlift Command for the evacuation of peoples trapped in these devastated regions; Holland has offered the resources of their Public Works Ministry (and who are the acknowledged World Experts for below sea level water evacuation procedures); Russia has offered over 100,000 temporary living structures, along with Military Personal to assist their American counterparts; Iran has offered 1 Billion US Dollars in immediate assistance and guaranteed 5,000,000 barrels of oil at $35.00 US Dollars; China has offered their Military Rescue Forces (Who are acknowledged as one of the best in the world for rescuing peoples in flood ravaged areas.)

All of these offers, and more, the Military Leaders of the United States have declined, and for their previously stated reason: “The United States Government and its People Respectfully Decline your offer of assistance and refer you to our previous State Department Bulletin (NCO:13788) in which we had stated that this remains an internal action.”

On Tuesday wholesale gasoline prices were $2.33 a gallon and retail in Brooklyn, NY was $3.30. On the Gulf Coast of Florida prices were $2.63 a gallon.

This week DOE reports crude inventories fell 1.52 M/B. Gasoline inventories were 508,000 barrels lower and distillate inventories (heating oil) were up 2.75 M/B.

In spite of higher margin rules crude oil gained $1.44 to $67.57. The CRB Index gained 4.5%, increasing y-t-d gains to 16.7%. The GS Commodities Index surged 6.1% with 2005 gains rising to 49.2%.

As you know, lacking any remorse, CIBC paid their $2.4 billion Enron fine for fraud. Then came the Toronto Dominion $130 million payoff to avoid a criminal indictment. TD also faces another billion dollars in shareholder suits. Now get this, from TD's CEO, W. Edmund Clark, who made it clear that he felt the entire thing was terribly unfair, we quote: “No one at TD did anything wrong, we have been swept into a system, which is causing even innocent participants to pay.” Spoken like a true elitist sociopath. Worse yet, they get to do it again. All those banks, CIBC, TD, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch committed fraud and there were more we have not mentioned.

Canada's current account surplus for the second quarter widened to $4.67 billion. July factory prices dropped 0.4% from June but raw materials' prices increased 1.2%. The economy grew at a faster than expected 3.2% annual pace as imports fell.

In our minds we are convinced that Pat Robertson was acting as a mouthpiece for George and the neocons. Due to Mr. Robertson's recent actions, the Venezuelan government has temporarily suspended permits for foreign missionaries. That will last for 3 or 4 weeks, while the country organizes a system to see what additional data they need for people coming into the country to preach. Who knows whether one of these preachers is an assassin?

President Chavez said George Bush would be responsible if anything happened to him. He said, “Robertson was expressing the wishes of the US elitist. This is true terrorism.”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias said his government would take legal action against Pat Robertson and potentially seek his extradition after the US evangelist called for Washington to assassinate him. Mr. Chavez is right; Mr. Robertson's call for murder is an act of terrorism. Venezuela will take its claim to the UN if Mr. Bush does not extradite Pat Robertson. At a recent OAS discussion on the Social Charter of the Americas, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias announced he will take legal action against US televangelist Pat Robertson and the US government. Chavez wants the OAS countries assembled to debate on assassinations of member countries' Heads of State.

Chile's central bank says GDP growth this year will be 6% to 6.5% up from 5.25% to 6.25%. Inflation should be 3%. Internal demand will grow 9.8% versus 6.2% last year.

Argentina's July trade surplus was $1.11 billion, well above expectations.

Venezuela's August CPI was up 1% from July and up 14.9% y-o-y.

The trade balance between China and Venezuela currently stands between $2 and $3 billion a year. This is double the $1.333 billion last year. Venezuela is exporting iron and derivatives, steel, aluminum, plastics and petroleum, while China exports vegetables, tractors, textiles, footwear, light machinery, electrical appliances and toys to Venezuela.

Brazil's GDP grew 3.9% in the second quarter, up from 2.8% in the first quarter. Imports surged to a record in August, up 27% from July, the fastest pace in 17 months.


Venezuela offers to help while Washington refuses to act

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has demonstrated more concern for working and poor people in the U.S. than George Bush has. Chavez has announced that Venezuela will be offering poor people discounted gas through its Citgo chain.

He has also offered to send more than $1 million in oil, food, and equipment to the region. In addition, the Venezuelan government is offering two mobile hospital units, each capable of assisting 150 people, 120 specialists in rescue operations, 10 water purifying plants, 18 electricity generators of 850 KW each, 20 tons of bottled water, and 50 tons of canned food.

A senior U.S. State Department official said he was not aware of the Venezuelan offer, and then dismissed it as "counterproductive."

Subject: Where's FEMA? Where's the National Guard?

Homeland Hysteria Searching Residents, Not Evacuating Them Date: 8/28/05 3:37:34 PM Mountain Daylight Time


Where's FEMA? Where's the National Guard?

Where's FEMA? Where are the C130 transport planes that could have taken the city's poor, elderly and ill to appropriate shelter at military bases or hospitals outside the path of what is probably the worst hurricane ever to hit the US? Why are local police having to commandeer *private* trucks and cars to transport people to the Superdome?

What few National Guard troops there are seem to be assigned to set up metal detectors and to search everyone's clothing and bags as they enter the Superdome, where they are told to wait, like sitting ducks, for the storm to hit.

This storm has been predicted since 1965, the last time the levees were breached. Nothing has been done to prepare for it, to strengthen the levees, to improve the pumps.

Katrina has been on a path toward New Orleans for days. The city and state waited too long to order a general evacuation.

The half-wit from the White House used yesterday's radio address to yap about "staying the course" in Iraq. Today he is prattling on about the great "progress" represented by a failed Constitution-drafting process.

Fidel Castro would have been on the airwaves for the last two days informing the population at risk about what steps were being taken, and why, to protect life and property in the path of the hurricane. Fidel Castro would have deployed all the military and civil defense resources available to carry out Cuba's well-planned and well-rehearsed disaster preparedness program. Fidel Castro would have been marching around the City of New Orleans overseeing preparations to protect the population. But not the dry drunk of Crawford, Texas. He's too busy cursing Cindy Sheehan and sending his goon squads out to persecute antiwar protestors and spy on their Internet posts.

Now the redneck flag-wavers in Alabama and Louisiana will find out just how much the regime they support cares about them and their welfare, as they watch their property and their prosperity take a huge hit. Unfortunately, too many completely blameless poor people who don't support the mass-murdering administration may have to die in the process.-NYTransfer

***** Scientific American article on New Orleans - very good, Sobering article on New Orleans from the October 2001 Scientific American. (not faith based -- just pure science!) -- from D


Katrina: Important Points Brought Out by on Air America I listened to Air America all afternoon yesterday, 9/1. Many important points:

1. Only 72 Helicopters to evacuate 10,000 people.

2. Inflated boats could have been dropped from helicopters.

3. Small planes could have banners behind with instructions.

4. Wal-Mart and all stores should have opened to the public for free merchandise.

5. People stayed behind because they were told they would lose their jobs if they left.

6. The majority of the folks left behind are/were poor folks with no money at the end of the month and no way to get out.....was this intentionally created to eliminate these people?

7. Medical supplies could have been dropped.

8. Planks of water, food, medicine, clothing, etc. could have been dropped.

9. These people need Gatorade...and this should have been supplied and dropped....

10. My thought: All Greyhound and other buses and trains nearby should have been brought in before the hurricane hit and taken people out of there for free. The "authorities" knew the poor people had no money to get out.

11. Babies were taken out without their parents to who knows where....

12. No news shows mentioned......that bodies are all over the place and many were being eaten by alligators.

13. Looters were being arrested and handcuffed to be taken to......where?

14. My thought: If it is true that there are internment camps all over the US (800 supposedly) which are completely supplied, manned and ready for action....... If this is true, then why aren't they being used?

Because this is a lie.....fear propaganda to keep the Internet distracted from true events..... These reports come out every few months.

15. FEMA has supposedly been training and having disaster drills constantly.... If this is so, why have they been unable to perform relief and organization?

16. Why is it that ALL of Louisiana's National Guard is in Iraq? Perhaps because they were waiting for this hurricane season to HAARP this particular area of poor folks, mostly black.......and guess who will most likely be doing the "reconstruction".....might it be Halliburton? Very convenient for "them" to now create jobs...

17. Where is the "knowledge" that Jeb Bush has about a devastation like this? Why is he so quiet?


19. Reports have been that the world has been offering help and this gov't has refused help.

20. The idiot's main thoughts are about reconstruction.....with barely any mention of the people.

21. Was this a "training exercise" on a large scale?

22. Why haven't companies like Coca-cola, etc. offered free water?

23. Is this the start of martial law for the country?

24. Interesting that all military leave had been cancelled BEFORE this horror occurred...isn't it?

25. Something to think about........the TimeTraveller, John Titor, said civil war began in the US in 2005..... Also, I have heard that this summer was being referred to as "The Summer of Blood"...Why?

26. Where is Cheney?

27. There was more, but those are the things that stuck in my mind.

28. Do you really think that this was a totally natural event?

29. Someone was shooting at the military which caused them to back off and other relief efforts, you really think that these devastated people would shoot at those who were attempting to help? Or were those bullets conveniently fired by inside ops in order to keep help away so that more people would die?