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About that Constitution…

We ALL hate the way the globalists, the far left is taking all this to extremes. We hate the power trip some politicians are going on with this situation. But do NOT, not for a minute, believe that there is no deadly virus. There is.

Bob Rinear | April 22, 2020

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that 1) there is no virus, everything has been “made up,” created for a global elitist take down of the world, 2) There is no virus, it’s only the flu, but they’re calling it Covid 19, to panic everyone and crush the economy so Trump doesn’t win, 3) There is a virus, but it’s not even as bad as the flu and all this is an insane over reaction, 4)it’s not a virus, it’s 5G. 5) you name it, I’ve heard it all.

Then there’s the people arguing that it isn’t constitutional to lock down the nation. If you’ve been reading me for 27 years, you know that I’m a gun loving, freedom loving, constitution loving guy. But there’s a problem. A huge problem. What happens if you violate quarantine, because you don’t feel Uncle Sam has the right to keep you inside, and you don’t realize you have the virus, because you are asymptomatic? What happens if you spread it to my wife and because of her weakness over Chemo/radiation, she dies? Did your constitutional right to “be free” give you the right to kill her?

If you are HIV positive and have sex with someone and don’t tell them, in many states you can be prosecuted for attempted murder. Will that happen to the infected that knowingly break quarantine?

See, this isn’t so easy.

All over the country, people are protesting the lockdowns, and we’re not terribly far from shots being fired. I certainly understand that, as I’ve said, millions of people that live paycheck to paycheck, don’t have one. They’re getting desperate. Check this:

Disney lays off 100,000
Hertz rental lays off 10K
Ally Bank said 25% of its auto-loan customers want payment deferrals, and most have never been delinquent before. Of the 1.1 million borrowers more than 75% have never asked for a deferral before and 70% have never had a late payment.

I could go on forever with this. People don’t WANT to open the country; people NEED to open the country. I get it. With no income and no unemployment, how do you feed your kids? Food banks are over run. This is ugly.

Lately there’s been handfuls of blowhards popping up on YouTube with all manner of abject BS, as they reach for their moment of fame. Everyone’s all excited about Dr. Buttar going off about how this is all a manufactured panic, and it’s got it’s roots in 5g, bad diet, and all manner of stupid. I don’t like showboats like that, because while he gets people excited, it’s for the wrong reasons. Like the other idiots telling us that theres no virus, it’s your body ejecting toxins from 5G. My Lord, how nuts can you be?

So first off, let’s get down to some basics. The same people that tell me that it’s nothing, that it kills less than the flu, are the same people that absolutely believe China screwed up and it escaped their level 4 lab in Wuhan.

I don’t want to start out by calling people names, but “hello??” So let me get this right, China has a bioweapon lab near Wuhan. A level 4, where they play with the worst of the worst bugs. Ebola, Hemorrhagic fever, Marburg, HIV, Smallpox, SARS, MERS, influenza, Hepatitis,Yellow fever, Swine flu, etc, etc.

This virus escapes, but hey, no worries, it’s not as lethal as the flu. So what you’re telling me, is that they can’t make a bioweapon that’s worse than the flu?? What abject failures they are at bioweapons! They might as well get out of the business, because heck, if it’s no worse than the flu, they failed big time!

Unfortunately, this is not the case. I told you all a long while back, that I don’t believe this thing leaked out of that lab. I think it was done on purpose and not by the Chinese. I hope I’m wrong about that, but that’s for a different day. We’ll do a letter about that in the future. For today, we’re talking about the bug, and the re-open of society.

First off, is there a bug? Yep, nasty bastid too. If satan himself was to design a killer bug, this would be it. It did NOT jump from animals to humans. This was created, and it was created to be sneaky, insanely contagious, and very deadly. The nasty strain was developed to have a 60% lethality. We’re seeing about 40% in those who proved to have the bad strain.

MONTHS ago I said there were different strains of this thing. Well, there’s more than I knew of back then. See, the Chinese themselves said in a paper all the way back in January that there was two strains, one much more lethal than the other. Nope. I learned there was upwards of 10 different strains of this nightmare. Now we learn that it’s even worse than that. From an article posted Tuesday we learn this:

Chinese scientists have found that Europe and America’s East Coast have been infected by some of the most aggressive Covid-19 strains, as they discovered dozens of virus mutations. These destroy a host’s cells faster than others.

The ability of the novel coronavirus to mutate has been previously vastly underestimated, a team from China’s Zhejiang University, led by Professor Li Lanjuan, says in a new study. The group found as many as 33 virus mutations in just 11 coronavirus patients they examined in the city of Hangzhou.

The researchers say that 60 percent of the strains they discovered turned out to be entirely new. In a worrying development, they also discovered that the virus’s mutations directly affect its deadliness. Their research revealed that the most aggressive type of Covid-19 could create a virus load 270 times greater than the least potent one.

The virus load is the measure of its quantity in a certain volume of bodily fluid, usually blood plasma. It particularly shows how quickly a pathogen could propagate through the organism and destroy its cells. Unfortunately for Europeans, one of the most aggressive strains found by the Chinese scientists appears to be similar to the one that has spread across the continent, particularly Italy and Spain, the pre-print of the study published on the website revealed on Sunday.

The same strain came from Europe to New York, which has since become one of the worst affected US states. America’s West Coast, however, appears to be infected by another, less deadly strain that arrived directly from China.

If it was leaked by accident, wouldn’t we be looking at 1 or at most 2 strains? Probably. But if it was set on purpose at the Wuhan military games, where 107 countries sent 10,000 people, it would make a lot of sense to release all the strains they had.

Why? The confusion factor. Some people would test positive, yet only have the sniffles. So people get a false sense of security, thinking there’s nothing to this bug, then someone in perfect health gets the bad virus. For instance, we lost a Fireman. 30 years old. Perfect health, amateur body builder, in the best shape of his life. Kidneys shut down, liver shut down, lungs finally imploded and he died.

That’s not the flu. Now, the good news is that there’s a LOT more people that have the lesser strains of this thing, than the horrible strain. But the horrible evil of the people that built it and let it go, knew that public perception would become torn over the reaction to it. See, there’s dozens of corona viruses. The common cold is one. These tests that people are clamoring for, they don’t decode which corona virus strain you have. It simply tells you if you have antibodies to “a” coronavirus.

So, the FACT is that there’s a horrible virus that was designed to hide in your body while you infect people, and then attacks your body in several ways. The GP 120 outer layer allows it to “hide” from your body ( by the way, Fauci has patents on it, just saying) like HIV, it has SARS like components, and ebola components.

Now let’s suppose you know this, or at least minimum, you’ve been told this. You’re the President. What do you do? You shut down everything. I ABSOLUTELY agree. Any sane person would do the same thing.

But shutting down the nation cripples the economy. In due time, the effects of the shut down begin to become worse than the amount of bug deaths. So, you have to make a decision; keep us shut down for a year, or try and re-open things, being as careful as possible. It’s a terrible decision to have to make.

Politically it could be suicide. You can bet that any state that reopens and has a flush of new cases, the Left is going to crucify Trump for “making those poor Governors reopen.” Indeed. But economically, if they don’t go forward, he’s going to be blamed for wiping out the life savings of millions of people. There’s no win here.

Let’s make an important distinction about the reaction to this thing. There’s a big difference between shutting down a country so you can implement the big “reset” and nationalize the companies, versus shutting down the country to stop what you know was a manufactured bioweapon that we do NOT UNDERSTAND.

So shutting down was RIGHT. No question. What’s not right, is every idiot politician trying to “out safe” the next guy with ridiculous rules. When people are getting tickets for sitting in their car to watch a sunset, or go to a drive in Church service, we’ve gone batshit crazy. Nazi’s would be envious.

They’re pushing for all the damage they can get folks. There’s no shortage of communists in this country that would love to see it fall.

In any event the call has gone out, and Slowly the different states are going to try and get back to normalcy. Will it work? OR, after a short while of being reopened, does the case load once again spike higher, and we’re back to square one? Good question.

The question becomes, will people readily go out and rush the bars and restaurants? Will they book flights? Attend a concert? I’m afraid that not as many as hoped, are going to rush back. Likewise, life will look different in a multitude of ways.

Let’s suppose you had a restaurant and you’ve been closed now for over a month. You’re in bad shape now and desperately need to be open. So you get the word that you can reopen, but because of social distancing, your dining room can’t have the 35 tables you currently have. You have to scale down to 18. Can you make it, when you can only seat half capacity?

Things like this will haunt us for quite a while. My favorite “pub” has two bars, one inside, one outside. The one we like only seats 10 people and you’re pretty tight together. What if it can only be 4 seats so we’re “socially distanced?” We’re going to find out.

My point behind the entire article so far is that we ALL hate this lockdown. The cops in some areas should be ashamed of themselves for following orders. When they’re issuing tickets to people IN THEIR CARS who went to a drive in Church service, and listened on the radio, you’ve entered Nazi Germany, not Louisiana.

We ALL hate the way the globalists, the far left is taking all this to extremes. We hate the power trip some politicians are going on with this situation. But do NOT, not for a minute, believe that there is no deadly virus. There is. We’re simply lucky that there’s incredibly less of that strain, than the lesser, less aggressive strains.

People come from all over the WORLD to Siesta Key beach here in town. Rated the best in the US twice in 10 years. Yet it’s closed. There’s NO better place to be than outside in the sun, soaking up Vitamin D, and getting fresh air. Yet here we sit. So, yeah, we all hate it.

I told you from day one, this thing can’t get into you except eyes, nose and mouth. So, we CAN reopen things and be safe, as long as we take the proper precautions. I’m not against the mask. With my wife reeling from the effects of Chemo and now radiation, I can’t afford to bring home anything. Masks help. Washing hands frequently is correct, not AMA baloney. But most important of all, 100%, is do NOT touch your face. Well, clarify that, don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Go ahead and scratch your forehead, or tug your ear. That’s fine.

I believe we can reopen the country. But it isn’t going to look like it used to. Who’s going to use the tongs at a salad bar? No one. Will there even be one? Probably not. Who’s going to go up and down a buffet table? Probably no one. Condiment bottles on the tables? Probably not. On and on this will go for a while.

I know Gates and that weasel scum Fauci are all about the money they’ll make from vaccines, and their push for a corona ID card or tattoo. It’s all evil at a level I can’t stand. Notice how Fauci isn’t up on stage lately with Trump? It’s been exposed that his NIAID sent 4 million to Wuhan to continue research on bioweapons, research that was deemed too dangerous in the US. It was illegal. He’s evil, and he’s got patents on all manner of vaccines. He wants more death. ( and money) He should be in jail.

My prayer is that this all just goes away. Maybe we wake up one day and God has said “enough” and “just like that” it’s gone. But for now, we have to get back on our feet. Good luck to you all.