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Crying Wolf for 20 years?

The globalists have done an amazing job of conning untold, umpteen millions of people into thinking things are “okay.” They are not. And that’s what makes things so very dangerous.

Bob Rinear | January 23, 2019

20 years ago, if you had asked me if we would still have a “fairly” normally functioning society I’d have told you no. Year after year, I’d look around the globe and what did I see? Money printing, market manipulations, globalist elites coming up with Agenda 21, massive debt loads, outlandish derivative volumes, a European Union – experiment in socialism, and a host of other ills.

It simply didn’t make sense that we could continue along like nothing was wrong. Then 2008 hit. The “grand poobah” of all the ills I’d been preaching about seemed to well up at once. Strapped consumers, real estate in a bubble, credit deterioration like likes we’ve never seen, an overblown stock market.

The “crash” was inevitable. And yet, despite a climax of ills all coming to a head, they pulled off a “save.” Sure the market took a pounding and sure the economy went to hell. But it was a far bridge away from people living in grass huts and eating bugs. Umpteen trillions of coordinated Central bank printing, rescued the world from dining on locusts.

Ten years later, we have the highest market ever recorded. Everyone I know that actually wants to work, has or can get a job. Home foreclosures are down. Overall, U.S. residential home foreclosures fell 27% in 2017, down to 676,525—the lowest figures since 2005, according to Attom Data Solutions. In 2018, they declined again. Gasoline is cheaper than it was in 2008 by two dollars.

Construction in my part of Florida is booming. Huge developments are going up anywhere there’s a piece of land. 700K dollar houses are selling like hotcakes. Consumer confidence has recently hit highs.

Was I wrong about all this? Was I simply Chicken little screaming the sky was going to fall, and crying wolf all these years? If I was, I certainly had some high level company. Names like Peter Schiff, or Bill Holter. Names like Egon von Greyerz, and Fred Hickey. Names like Gerald Celente , and the late great Bob Chapman. All of whom have predicted some dire outcomes to the US and global economy over the years. So, Do the Central planners really have things under control, and all the fears were/are unwarranted? On the surface, you can make that case.

The surface is often misleading. I recall a small lake in NJ, that really couldn’t have been any prettier. Surrounded by nice trees, that lake looked pristine, like something in a Hallmark movie. But one day they had to drain that lake to fix the outflow pipes. Pristine took on a much different look.

The bottom of that lake was littered with every imaginable sort of junk you could conjure up. Old tires, the bodies of cars, shopping carts, old bicycles, a pile of one gallon paint cans, you name it. The local environmental biologist had spent many hours making sure they had a way to save the fish from the draining operation. But there was no fish. They didn’t find a living creature except a few turtles and a half dozen frogs.

On the surface, everything was picture pretty. Under the surface, the lake was toxic. That’s how I feel about our current state of economics. They’ve massaged the numbers to look good. They’ve told us countless times that the debt isn’t a problem. They’ve rigged the employment numbers to look 3 times better than they are. They’ve fudged the inflation data to make believe there is none. They’ve rejiggered the GDP numbers to suggest growth.

They had cut interest rates to negative, something never seen in world history. I have to give them credit, they found a way to make the “surface” seem okay. But all that toxic trash is littered across the bottom Debt loads that can never, ever, be repaid. Derivatives that have been re-hypothicated so many times, you’d need to be Sherlock Holmes to find the originator. Dollars so worthless that they actually print the current value on the Fed’s Web site. ( 4 cents) A middle class making believe it’s middle class by carrying 28,000 in credit card debt.

On the surface you see ten thousand cars on the interstate as everyone drags themselves to work. You see bars and restaurants packed. Sporting events, where a single ticket is 500 bucks, are standing room only. The surface looks pretty damn good.

But it looked really good in 2007 too. Housing was booming, jobs were plenty, the stock market was making new highs. In less than 9 months we found out that the surface was a mirage. The depths were littered with zombie banks, toxic mortgages, over extended lenders and buyers. Once the Lehman’s event began the draining of that lake, the toxic instruments floated to the surface like bloated dead bodies.

I was not, and am not crying wolf. I’m not Chicken little. Things are NOT as they seem, not under the surface anyway. The general population, the tide-pod eating millennials, and the lunatics like the Democrats latest wonder-child only see the surface. They only hear the reassuring platitudes of the Main Stream media, and the Wall Street wizards. There’s NO reason to question things, if Jamie Dimon says we’re in great shape, right? Wrong.

I give credit where due. The globalists have done an amazing job of conning untold, umpteen millions of people into thinking things are “okay.” They are not. And that’s what makes things so very dangerous.

Very few people believed me in 2006 – 2007 as I repeatedly said that the financial system was going to blow up. On the surface things looked good to the masses. But things weren’t good, and yes it all blew up.

This is going to blow up again. They keep covering things up with baloney numbers and pie in the sky analysts. Just like they did in 2007. This is a quote from Ben Bernanke the Federal Reserve head as he was speaking in July of 2007, less than a year from the biggest crash in 70 years:

The global economy continues to be strong, supported by solid economic growth abroad. U.S. exports should expand further in coming quarters. Overall, the U.S. economy seems likely to expand at a moderate pace over the second half of 2007, with growth then strengthening a bit in 2008 to a rate close to the economy's underlying trend.

See my point? You have to look under the surface folks, and what I see is a very toxic landscape. This is going to blow up again, that’s certain. And unfortunately, many will not be prepared for it. Get prepared. I’m not crying wolf. No Chicken little. Just the facts. I can’t tell you the day, but the day is nearing. I think something major happens between now and mid 2020. Just my 0.2 cents.