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Well that one resonated with a ton of people, and I want to take the liberty to post up some of the more interesting responses. I think you’ll find them interesting. Then I’ll post up some links that were sent to me that make for good reading.

Bob Rinear | February 13, 2021

I never know what the response will be when I put out an article. Many times, when I think I’ve really nailed a good one, there’s very little response. Then there’s times I put out something rather ordinary and I get 30 Emails telling me what a good letter that was.  Hmm. It’s interesting.

A few days back I put out a letter, I called Facts are Funny Things. It was about how TV and big industry has lied to us about our eating habits and what’s good for us. Things like Salt, butter, red meat, eggs, etc., were and still are vilified in the media and on TV as being bad for you. And yet really good verifiable studies tell a different story. Completely different. Where increased intake of all of it is actually GOOD for you.

Well that one resonated with a ton of people, and I want to take the liberty to post up some of the more interesting responses. I think you’ll find them interesting. Then I’ll post up some links that were sent to me that make for good reading.



My Grandfather was a farmer. His "standard" breakfast was: 6 fried eggs (bacon grease) 6 strips of bacon, 4X toast with butter and honey or jam (or pancakes), two cups of coffee, two bowls of cereal (about half a box - big bowls) with whole milk, and a big glass of orange juice - and maybe a donut or two. He lived to be 96. 

When I was visiting him at 85, I will never forget him picking up a 400lb steel I-beam and just chucking it into the back of his farm truck ... like it was something he'd done 1000 times before - no muss, no fuss.

Cancer finally took him down.

I've known for decades that their "food pyramid" was complete horseshit - paid for by the food and medical lobbies.

It's disgusting how corrupt out "gubmint agencies" are - right to their cores .... especially the ones that are supposed to "watch over our health" ...


I understand Joe. I also know some old timers that ate “all the wrong things” like your Grandad did, and never got sick, didn’t get fat, and lived into their early 90’s.



You are spot on with eggs, butter and salt. This was the attack on saturated fats and cholesterol, which was absurd. The brain is made up of mostly cholesterol and saturated fats. So, after years of demonizing cholesterol and saturated fats, what do we have? Skyrocketing rates of Alzheimer's, Dementia and ED; plus a society that is weak and overweight. Go figure.

There was a theory that the government pushed the grains to help use all the excess after WWII. This was also apparent in the cattle industry when we started seeing confined feeding operations pushing the corn (i.e. feedlots). After the excess, government subsidies kept grain cheap. Grains have the same effect on cattle as they do people: they make them fat! Before this, most all beef was grass-finished and healthy for you.

If I see/hear something on the news, I'm looking at what angle they are trying to push. There is always an agenda with the media. Honestly, I avoid the media as much as possible. One farmer put it well when he said, “It is difficult to drink from a sewer pipe without ingesting some fecal material.”

Thanks for what you do! I look forward to your newsletters every week.


I agree Bobby! And on a separate note, Bobby runs a cattle operation out in Wyoming, selling the locals really good grass fed beef. We have a friend here in FL that also raises darn near organic, grass only fed beef and we bought half a cow from him. It’s delicious. It just feels good eating something that you KNOW has been raised as carefully as humanly possible. Heck, my wife often feeds them treats!



Loved your expose on the fats, cholesterol, salt, etc.

Also the cover up of sugar being the cause of so many diseases, and making fat the victim (studies paid for by sugar industry)

And the governments' RDA for vitamins.  introduced by bureaucrats who had no nutritional training. The Minimal daily amount of vitamins is sufficient to prevent rickets, scurvy, and beri beri.

What was not known is that sufficient vitamins can help prevent and heal many degenerative diseases. LOTS more than the MDa or RDA.

50 daily mg of vitamin c...ok. no scurvy.

And 2000 mg of vitamin C  oh...helps with colds, flu, immune response, etc.

And 30,000 mg of vitamin C intravenous...what? helps reduce cancer tumors?


Elizabeth, no kidding. Why isn’t the Main Stream media telling us about how wonderful vitamin D3 is against colds and flu???  There’s almost NO cases of people dying from Covid that had adequate D3 levels.  But we know why. Fauci and Gates want the billions and the control from the vaccines instead.  Such Evil in this world.


Great article Bob.

I read a book a long time ago, Omnivore’s Dilemma. Paraphrased quote from the book. [People talk about a French paradox: how can people who eat so unhealthy be so healthy?  When really they should talk about the American paradox: how can a people so obsessed with eating healthy be so unhealthy???]

A few years ago my blood work during my 40 year old annual wasn’t great: borderline high glucose, low T, cholesterol higher in the band than it should, typical American carrying 20 pounds too much and eating a typical American diet. They wanted to give me the various pills and gels, but I didn’t want to chance the side effects.

So I started light exercise and doing some karate with my kids and have been doing a clean Keto, and now low but high quality carb diet (upside down food pyramid), and my blood work is exceptional and it’s cliche but I’m in better shape than when I left boot camp and look and feel great. Doctor shakes his head, won’t acknowledge the USDA diet is wrong. No one believes I’m 43.

Anyway I enjoyed your article and I can say I’ve lived it over the last 3 years and it’s true.

Keep it all up. I appreciate your articles and insights.


Absolutely Aaron! I’ve had similar experience in my life.  You probably weren’t reading me 10 years ago, but I’m sort of goofy when it comes to diet/exercise. I usually eat low carb/high fat/protein and lose a bunch of weight during the winter, and then in summer, I splurge and eat too much junk. So it’s common for me to put on 15lbs, and take it back off every year for like ever. All it takes for me is low carb, portion control, and some walking/biking. One day I’ll have to make the commitment to stop the summer gorging. It’s not healthy!



I just read the Wednesday article and had to vent.

This is long so I figure you will never read it. But I had to get this out.

Spot on about the government and big Pharma lying about everything. Yes they want a weak, emasculated, diseased population that is too weak to fight back or take care of themselves and need poor old Uncle Sam to save the day.

Mentally and physically weak people do what they're told.

Some additional things I've uncovered and said for years unfortunately falling on deaf ears.

When we were kids in the 50's 60's and 70â's all baked goods had added iodine. It was known that iodine in a growing child actually increased the child's IQ.

Well can't have that so iodine was removed because it was "dangerous". Bromine was its replacement. Well bromine depletes iodine so now we have a generation of low IQ people.

We were told to stay out of the sun. It would cause skin cancer. And if you do don't forget the sunscreen. Well sunscreen prevents vitamin D production. (Keep them afraid of something)

Well now we have millions of people with osteoporosis.

They have to have people who are on the medication to keep them dependent. We can't tell them to just go out and get sun without sunscreen so they produce vitamin D and they will strengthen the bones. Never!!!

You mentioned salt. The chemical composition is sodium chloride.

You need the chloride part of salt to produce hydrochloric acid to digest food.

Now we have millions on medication for acid reflux. Not that they have too much HCL. Actually, not enough since they don't eat salt. The food is rotting in their stomachs and the rotting food is refluxing. Solution is more drugs to suppress the acid so you digest even less and get weaker.

You mentioned eggs. Add in there the big culprit red meat.

Eating red meat, butter and eggs produces testosterone in the body.

The man doesn't want you being to "manly" and aggressive. You might fight back. So they put you on statins to reduce cholesterol and your body produces even less testosterone and you get nice and compliant. Weak and effeminate.

So we are told we should all be vegans. That will save the planet. Then no man will have any testosterone left.

Instead of hitting the gym and lifting weights, running marathons we will all be doing yoga and eating salads.

Nice compliant and drug addicted (to big pharma drugs) population that needs their health insurance to keep them on all those expensive drugs.

I haven't been to a Dr. In 15 years. My health insurance never sent me a new card a few years ago because they thought either I left the job or died because I don't use any benefits.

I spend each day in the sun (no sunscreen). Take natural whole food supplements, eat salt, 12 eggs a day and red meat every night. I eat liver, kidney and other organ meats that are supposed to be unhealthy.

I work out several times a week either strength training or 15–20-mile hikes or 6-10 mile runs.

Amazing what they did to the lazy stupid population.


Great story George, and I don’t argue one single thing you’ve said. Keep it up!

Finally, here’s some good reading, brought to you from Kirk, who himself hit a high of 301lbs, and decided to take matters in hand and fix himself:

Thanks Kirk, good stuff in there.

And from me, here’s something interesting out of Israel, as they’ve developed what they’re calling a cure for covid, but maybe better, it cures all types of respiratory ailments.

Finally, I know there’s a ton of people that are worried about taking the vaccines. This interview might help you make up your mind:


So there you have it folks, some good feedback, and some interesting things to see and read. Good luck and have a great weekend!