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Hold On Tight

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the media is not your friend. The media is the friend of Globalists. The Friend of communists and socialists.

Bob Rinear | December 8, 2020

The problem with knowing. That’s what this article should be titled, but I decided on “hold on tight” because all manner of hell this way comes.

If you were to talk with people that are truly close to me, they’d tell you that I am very toned down in my articles. There’s a reason for this. If I blurt out to you all what is really happening and the scale of it, you’d not just look at me like I just grew an arm out of my head, but you’d start cackling in laughter. So absurd would be my view on things, that you’d have to run to the other room and snag someone else to come hear this lunatic.

Now granted, there’s a place for insanity in this world. No matter what the view, or what the perversion, there’s “X” amount of people that are all in on it. For instance “flat earthers.” There are you tube video’s where people are truly convinced that the earth is flat, they try and explain it, and some of them have tens of thousands of followers. They truly believe this madness.  Or maybe take “furries,” for example. There are hundreds of thousands of people that dress up as cats, or rabbits, or what have you on the weekends. Blue hair, fuzzy paws, the whole bit. Just this week, a man in Russia was legally married to his sex doll. Whatever floats your boat.

But what I’m talking about is a bit different. If some guy says he likes to dress up as a furry rabbit on the weekends, while his wife prances around as a pony, most people and I do mean most, simply say “That’s weird,” and move on with their life. That furry guy and his prancing wife, don’t mean anything to you. What they’re doing isn’t going to change your life. They won’t affect your livelihood, your bank account, or your relationships. So you can laugh at it and move on.

The problem I run into, is that I say things that sound outlandish to some, but unfortunately if I’m right, the things I’m saying that sound so outrageous, absolutely effect every aspect of your life. From your freedoms, to your livelihoods, to your quality of life.

First off, why do some of the things I say, sound so outrageous to start with?? Because you’ve never heard them before. Surely if some of the things I say were true, why…it would be headline news right?! So obviously since it’s not, it must be the ranting of a deranged soul, lost in his own mind.

So, problem one, is that you are NOT told the truth by the media. You are told their version of the truth. I usually reference 9-11. Uncle Sam’s report on how the towers came down, says the planes did it and their fuel ignited fires that weakened the beams and down she went. Simple, easy and that’s that.  However, the organization architects and Engineers for 9/11 have 3000 members that say “nope.” No way.  Those members, with literally thousands of years of cumulative experience actually designing and building buildings, say it didn’t happen that way. Could not have. Yet that’s what you were and are told by “them” - the media and the Government.

Who do you believe? People that have designed and built 100 story buildings around the globe, or lackey’s on some task force that needed an explanation for the public?? It’s your choice. But the truth is, the planes didn’t take down those buildings.  Nor did 19 patsy’s fly those planes. But hey, TV said it happened, so it must be true.

Sometimes worse than lying to you, the media’s most powerful ploy is simply to not talk about a subject. We’re seeing that right now with the fraud allegations from the election. So effective at “making it go away” I’ve had about a dozen people write me and say “if there was any proof of this the media would be all over it, it would be the biggest story.”  Sorry to burst your bubble, but the media is not your friend. The media is the friend of Globalists. The Friend of communists and socialists.

The people fighting for some honesty in voting, have over 1000 signed affidavits from witnesses that said they saw outright fraud. Yet the media says to this day, there’s no proof of anything wrong. We’ve got videos of them claiming the building in Atlanta had to be shut down over a water main break. They shooe’d out the inspectors, and once gone, pulled suitcases of ballots from under a table and went back to counting. Problem is, according to the town itself, there was no water main break. There was a leaky toilet, fixed in minutes.

So, let’s take a quick look and see if we can find any issues.

As the mainstream media continues to tell you that there’s no such thing as wide spread voter fraud, here comes arrests from widespread voter fraud.

Two men were arrested and charged in Southern California on voter fraud charges after they allegedly submitted thousands of fraudulent voter registration applications on behalf of homeless people, said the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office on Tuesday.

Montenegro allegedly submitted more than 8,000 fraudulent voter registration applications between July and October 2020. The defendant also is accused of falsifying names, addresses and signatures on nomination papers under penalty of perjury to run for mayor in the city of Hawthorne.

Wait, what? 8,000 illegally harvested votes? This can’t be! If it was true, wouldn’t David Muir from World News Tonight be all over it??  Uhm, no. See they harvested for Biden. If they had for Trump, then yes, it would-be front-page news in socialist rags like the NY Times.

To this day, I’ve asked those who write me telling me I should suck it up, Trump lost, and get over it, how on earth vote totals on the CNN feed, can take votes from Trump and hand them to Biden. So far, all I get is crickets. Yet here’s the 40 second clip.

            Watch the state of PA.  As the talking head is speaking Trump is up by 56%. His vote total is 1,690,589.  Biden’s got 1,272,495. 

Then the commentator goes to Wisconsin for a few seconds, then to Arizona for a second, then to Michigan, finally back to PA.  But wait a second. 40 seconds earlier, Trump had 1,690,589.  Now he’s got 1,670,631 He lost 20,000 votes?

Wait it gets better. At the start Bidens got 1,252,537 but 40 seconds later, he’s got 1,272,495.   He GOT 20K votes.

EXPLAIN that to me. How does a vote count go DOWN? Oh wait, another glitch?? Like the glitch that flipped 6K votes from Trump to Biden in Michigan?  Can any of you Biden people explain why the Glitches ONLY flip from Trump to Biden? Can you tell me why midnight dumps of ballots ONLY have markings for Biden and no down vote? Or how the Republicans can take all 17 house seats that were up for grabs, but the leader of the party lost?  No one ever explains these things to this simple-minded clam digger.

The machines have been found guilty in one county in GA of giving a split weighting. They put 100 ballots each for Biden, 100 for trump. At the end, Trump got just 86 on the machine, while Biden got 114.  Did you hear of this on YOUR media? Big fat no there.

Before I get onto our “pals” from China, you know I harp on the New World Order that’s being jammed down our throats. Here’s the Chicago mayor telling us that She’s got to hire building inspectors, and deputies to lay out new plans for development and they have to “pledge allegiance to the New World Order.” Her words, not Bob’s.  Did YOUR TV show you that? Didn’t think so.

Once in a while they let Tucker Carlson put up some truth. This time was a good one for a change. Do you want to know why the Chinese communists want Trump out and biden in?? Here’s a college Professor from China, explaining how for 30 years China had “assets” at the highest positions in DC. Assets that could “get things done.” But when Trump got in, everything ground to a halt. His assets couldn’t buy him off.

Here’s Tuckers 6 minutes with some of the Prof. You do need to read the subtitles.

Ohhhh! You mean China, that country that steals our IP, got horrendous trade deals in their favor, undercuts our workers, is buying up ports, Ranches and farmland in the US…, you mean they are pissed because they can’t flip Trump? Yeah that China. And Now you know why Hunter Biden’s laptop problems simply went away.  Those “assets” here in the states made it so.

You folks that say I’m just blowing smoke, I’m paranoid, I’m crazy, need only to answer one question. What happened to Epstein? The highest profile jail inmate in the world, in the best secure jail in the nation, magically manages to commit suicide with paper bed sheets?  Really?  Do you believe that? If not, then I suggest there’s about a thousand other things you shouldn’t believe either. Because they’re not true.

Probably 80% of you have NO CLUE what the real agenda is and what could be coming if Trump doesn’t win this. This is the globalists big push, for it all. If I laid it out in brutal Honesty, most still would just think it’s the ranting of a deranged mind. I’m talking population reductions, loss of ALL freedoms, Social credit scores, Vaccine cards, the forfeiture of your property, etc.  Did any of you scoffers actually go to the World Economic Forum site and read what they have planned for you?

Here’s the cleaned-up version of their vision for us. The US is No longer a superpower, the world gets run by a handful of nations under UN control. To get rid of our national debts, you forfeit everything. You are debt free, and own nothing. You eat what they tell you. You go where they let you. 100% control.

Here’s their little video. They took down the first one because it went into much more detail about their plans. But this should whet your appetite:

Again, this isn’t crazy Bob. This is the WEF, the people behind Davos where the billionaires of the world come to meet once a year and work out how they’re going to run the world.

So they’ve had Chinese elites at the highest levels of our Government for years. They’ve got a globalist plan in place to crash our economy (think lockdowns) drive us into more debt, then spring the great reset, where your cash is trash. You’ll be digital and tracked. You’ll give up all your rights. 1st amendment? Gone. 2nd? Gone. And for the ugly part, they’re going to reduce the population of the earth.

Since everything I just said and showed you other than the Tucker clip has been kept from you, and I haven’t even scratched the damn surface, you have NO idea what’s been fomenting for the last 40 years. I’ll get a few emails from the usual folks that say I’m paranoid. One guy suggested the pot down here in FL is no good, I need better. And that’s the problem. I can write all this, I can show you video’s, I can show you links, I can explain it to where it’s undeniable. YET…if you won’t listen, then I’m wasting my ink and my time.

Hate Trump all you want. Call him every name in the book. But there’s a good reason the FBI tried to set him up, the CIA lied about him, the Media beats him, the Chinese don’t want him in power any more. That reason is simple, he’s trying to keep us out of WEF 2030. He’s trying to keep the UN from ruling your life. And they hate his guts for it.

Finally let me end this with a statement I want to make. I don’t suppose to “know stuff you don’t” because I’m smarter than you. You might have a much higher IQ than me. Maybe you spent countless hours becoming an electrical engineer, or what have you. Things I could never do. But on the other hand, I’ve spent countless hours digging under the bullshit. You’re good at what you do, I’m good at what I do. It’s not smarter, it’s simply focus of attention. I’m focused on exposing lies. And boy is business boomin. There’s lies, fraud, deception everywhere. All you have to do is look for it, and you’ll be overwhelmed. Maybe it’s best you don’t, or you could be like me. Frustrated that they’ve done what they’ve done and no one listened.