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So for the last ten + days I’ve been fighting a pretty nasty sinus infection. It’s clearing up, but much more slowly than any that I’ve had in the past. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s more than a sinus infection? I don’t know, but it has been interesting.

Bob Rinear | September 24, 2021

So for the last ten + days I’ve been fighting a pretty nasty sinus infection. It’s clearing up, but much more slowly than any that I’ve had in the past. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s more than a sinus infection? I don’t know, but it has been interesting.

With that in mind, I’ve been sort of numb to the crap show that’s going on in the world. Yet I do think that we’re going to need to do some truly serious talking about our futures. 

When I started writing articles so many years ago for a site called “,” my agenda was simple. I was using techniques that were successful in the stock and options markets, and I shared those secrets with people. I like helping people, and it seemed a good fit.

From those early days, it became apparent that making money in the markets was not the end all to a good life. And so, over these past 28 years, we’ve talked about a zillion different topics, from how to grow tomato’s , to self defense ammunition, to spiritual topics, to fishing stories, to  you name it.  I’ve enjoyed it all very much.

But we’re coming into a season, where I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy writing about all the things going on, because some of them… well, they’re pretty dark.

It’s one thing to talk about the Federal Reserve, and how those crooks were literally insider trading the very instruments the Federal Reserve was buying. Yeah it’s sad, but let’s be real, they’re crooks. You know it, I know it, hell, they know it. So while it makes for good chatter, it’s not life changing in any way. Crooks will be crooks, and the Fed is loaded with them.

Likewise, talking about what monetary policy they do next, or where interest rates go, is certainly important to the stock market…However,  it’s simply normal “stuff.” We’ve been huddled around our TV’s for decades listening to what the central planners are doing with rates and policy. A big yawn fest.

But this coming fall and winter are different on many many levels. Sure, we’re all going to wonder where gold and silver go next, and we’re all going to be watching our latest stock or options buys. Will there be a “Santa” rally? Inquiring minds want to know.  But again, that sort of thing is baked in the cake. For 50 years, investors have kicked around the same question.

But it’s only been 2 years since Covid. . It’s only been 9 months since VAERS has been reporting on adverse reactions from those jabs. It’s only been a few weeks since we’ve heard about “mandatory” jabs.  

It’s only been 18 months since supply chains broke globally. Day after day, more and more shortages of “things” are showing up. Shelves are depleted and getting worse.  Many retailers are saying that this Christmas, they will not have enough inventory.

We’re coming into the fall season, and that generally brings with it the  chances of flu. Yet interestingly, last year, flu just disappeared and “rona” was the rage. What happens this fall? Does flu come back along side of rona?? 

But all that aside, what truly frightens me is Australia. I don’t know if you’ve been keeping an eye on developments there, but let me put it mildly. It’s a concentration camp.  Those poor folks have been locked down beyond anything that could be confused as for the common good.

Currently in its sixth lockdown since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Melbourne has now officially become the lockdown capital – that's according to local media, which reported that the city has spent a total of 235 days under restrictions. Well, each day the news out of that nation just gets scarier.

When the government mandated that construction workers had to get the jab, thousands went to the street to protest. That brought out what can ONLY be described as a military action against the protestors. HUNDREDS of police and SWAT vehicles, and hundreds of full body armored police, clubbed them and shot rubber bullets at them.

But that’s just the beginning of it. Bands of 4 or 5 police are going house to house, asking people questions like “ are you thinking about protesting?”  “Have you ever posted on Social media that the Government is handling this wrong?”  The video’s that have snuck out are horrifying. 

In one particular video, these jackbooted thugs dispersed a protest, but instead of just chasing them away, they followed them, shooting them in the back with rubber bullets. One man, arms in the air was hit so badly, word is he died. Others were beaten with batons.  To keep others from attending protests, they shut down the cell phone towers.

The once free land of oz is no more. It’s a fascist controlled nightmare. They have created “camps” that they house you in for 14 -21 days if you aren’t injected and are found outside without a mask.  

Here in the States, our economy is reeling. People are at each others throats over masks. Workers are walking off the job or getting fired for not taking the experimental jab, and in NY, the Governor says they’re going to hire foreigners to fill the jobs.  Inflation is roaring, and crippled supply chains are going to make it worse. I have a feeling that some of my articles over the next few months will be less about stocks and gold, and more about survival, health, food, supplies and energy.

And God. I suspect that getting right with God and Jesus is a good idea. We’re going to be tested in a myriad of ways folks.  Remember, it was “just a few weeks to flatten the curve.”  18 months later we’ve got an entire nation shooting and beating their citizens. May I ask a question? If all this is about peoples health and safety, what part of getting shot in the face with a rubber bullet, blinded for life, is good for my safety?

So anyway… Powell punted on tapering, talked tough about how they’re “this close” to beginning it, and did nothing. The market loved it and soared for 1000 points in two days.  That’s just normal every day stuff in market land. The initial jobless claims rose above expectations. Imagine my shock.  Yes they sat on gold and silver again, yawn…they’ve been doing that for years. Same ole-same ole.

Is the market going higher? Probably. Powell didn’t actually do anything. October through December is historically the strongest months of the year, and despite all manner of overblown, overbought, over extended we are.. we’ll probably go higher.

Good luck out there folks. We’re all going to need it I suspect.