End of Days

Bob Rinear, July 11 2020

Nothing would make me happier than to enter 2021, and most of our problems are settled and some form of normal is back. I’m just afraid I don’t see it. Maybe you all can help me steer a way to that goal?

This letter is going to be a bit different, and I intend it that way. Look around. What do you see? Do you see a nation that even remotely resembles the USA of 1950?

When those brave soldiers came home from fighting the deadliest war in the planet’s history, that being WWII, they had seen horrors that no one can imagine. They saw what true poverty was. They saw what true oppression was. They saw a level of evil, rarely endured by most people.

And what did they do? For the overwhelming part, they wanted to shed all that. They didn’t want hate, violence, or problems. They wanted to get a job, buy a house with a white picket fence, and raise a family. They wanted faith in their families, because many of them had suffered in terrible situations, where faith was their only course of sanity and hope.

They had lived through death and destruction, pain and suffering, unimaginable losses, and simply wanted a small place to live out their lives in peace. So, they built the strongest, most prosperous nation ever seen. From the sprawling housing developments to industry of every imaginable aspect, the US was leading the world in every category of importance.

Look at any random picture of a street in NY City from the 50’s. Men wore suit jackets and hats, ladies wore gorgeous dresses. People were respectful and polite. Yes ma’am, No sir, was simply the language of the day. Church attendance boomed, and for the first time in recorded history, the newly minted “middle class” was living at a level unimaginable to most of the world.

Mom’s got to be mom’s and stay at home and raise good kids. One income from dad was generally enough to keep the household going, along with the Sunday treat of a ride to get some ice cream. The saying is that “it was a simpler” time, a “slower” time. In my view it was a spectacular time.

Was it all wine and roses? Of course not. But as a whole, society was healthy, wealthy and happy. But today? Today resembles something that Salvador Dali might have painted on a bad LSD trip. A twisted kludge of bizarreness.

The US is a powder keg. Citizens are at each others throats. The rule of law, is long gone. We went from the most prosperous nation on earth, the biggest creditor to the entire world, to the worlds biggest debtor. Our school system was hacked, our kids dumbed down. Our Colleges turned into Socialist indoctrination centers, churning out spoiled brats that hate America.

And here we are. A few days ago, I showed you some real scenes from the protesters. I showed you in their own words how they want a violent overthrow of the US, so we can be...

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UN Declares Peace on Earth!

James Corbett, July 8 2020

But of course the UN Security Council is not interested in ending these threats to humanity. It is not interested in a peace which means that humanity is free from the clutches of the governments that seek to track, trace, control and sanction their every movement.


The Reset

Bob Rinear, July 1 2020

My guess is that we ARE going down to test that level. Whether it holds or not is anyone’s guess. But the play right now, is totally defensive.



Bob Rinear, June 24 2020

...don’t wait for a loved one to pass before going down memory lane. Do it while they’re still here. Enjoy the memories together. It’s a welcome break from the madness of this current world. 


The Great Withdrawal

James Corbett, June 20 2020

And while no one of these stories itself amounts to an End of the Empire moment, taken together they point definitively to the tectonic change that is coming.


Illegal US Sanctions War on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline

Stephen Lendman, June 17 2020

Unacceptable policies supported by the Trump regime and most congressional members threaten to fracture US relations with countries like Germany.


The Battle for the Arctic Heats Up

Bob Chapman, June 13 2020

This event may not have received as much coverage as the other groundbreaking stories of 2020, but it is important.


They Have No Clue

Bob Rinear, June 10 2020

I literally thank God every day for birthing me in the US instead of some third world pit of hell. I appreciate everything I have, and if you have more than me, I say “good on you!! Congrats!”


Too Little, Too Late? India Stands Up to the CDC

James Corbett, June 6 2020

The Indian people, and poor people across Asia and Africa, have been used as human guinea pigs by medical researchers, social engineers and agents of empire for centuries.


Geopolitical Update

James Corbett, May 30 2020

Venezuela, China, India, Afghanistan.


Randomness of Thought

Bob Rinear, May 27 2020

We are in the middle of the greatest economic/banking experiment the world has ever seen. To think we get out unscathed is wishful thinking.


Bill Gates And Population Control

James Corbett, May 16 2020

Reducing population growth has, by Gates' own admission, been a core mission of the Gates Foundation since its inception.


There is only up

Bob Rinear, May 13 2020

You’re living through history folks. Never in history has there been negative rates. Never in history has a central bank been this powerful. We’re in the very description of “never seen before” and if anyone says they know how it all works out, they’re lying. Get more popcorn, this show ain’t over.


Bill Gates’ Decade of Vaccines

James Corbett, May 9 2020

Who is Bill Gates? Is he motivated simply by money? Is this incessant drive to vaccinate the entire population of the planet merely the result of greed? Or is there something else driving this agenda?


As The Nation Reopens So Goes Cash? Will Covid-19 Hasten Our Move to Digital Payments?

Guest Writer, May 6 2020

To some, however, a pandemic-triggered decline in cash is nothing to celebrate. 


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