Upon Meeting A Friend in the Digital Age

James Corbett, October 12 2019

It was with thoughts like these swirling around my head that I found myself in Kansai airport a week ago waiting for a man I knew as well as any friend...

It's hard to believe that I've been collaborating with James Evan Pilato on New World Next Week—our weekly news update series—for 10 years now. It's even harder to believe that after all these years of talking about a real-world meet up with James that it finally happened. But if you've seen my latest video/podcast, you'll see that we managed to combine the two events: A real-life meet up here in Japan for the 10th anniversary of the series.

But a funny thing happened on the way to this podcast. A few months ago, when it became clear that this was really going to happen, I realized I had no idea how tall Pilato actually is. In fact, I even made a bet with Corbett Report video editor Broc West: If Pilato was at least six feet tall (as I speculated) Broc owed me a curry next time he's in Japan. If Pilato was shorter than that, I'd owe Broc a bowl of ramen (his favorite Japanese dish).

It struck me right away how very 21st century this bet is. How many people in the history of humanity have never actually stood face to face with someone they consider to be a friend? Sure, it's happened—pen pals and other unusual long-distance friendships have existed in the past, after all. But it's only in the online era that people have colleagues, associates, friends and even hook ups with people they've only ever known as on-screen avatars or (at best) Skype images.

For me, this raises all sorts of intriguing questions. What does it mean to be friends with someone you've never met? What kinds of things are left out when we lack real-world contact with people with whom we interact? Are there ways to compensate for that? Is online friendship really possible, or is it just another digital phantom, deluding us with a simulacrum of human contact?

Given that I have made my living online for the past decade, it is perhaps not surprising that this is not the first time this question has crossed my mind. I've had the experience multiple times now of calling someone on Skype for an interview for the first time and being told "you sound just like you." It's a strange observation, but of course it is strange to talk to someone for the first time when you've listened to their interviews or podcasts for years, isn't it? And how much stranger is it, then, to actually interact in person with someone you've only ever known online?

In fact, such was my preoccupation with this topic that one of the first-ever subscriber exclusive videos I made explicitly asked the question, "Is there such a thing as a virtual community?" In the video, I explored the challenges and possibilities implicit in the new online co...

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The World’s Largest (Democratic!) Biometric Prison

James Corbett, October 5 2019

Yes, biometric ID is rolling out in India and over a billion people are being locked away behind its electronic bars.


The "State of the World" Address, Translated From the Globalese

James Corbett, September 28 2019

So are you starting to get a handle on this "Globalese" language? It's not so impenetrable after all,


Britain, France and Germany Join the Trump Regime’s Anti-Iran Blame Game

Stephen Lendman, September 25 2019

Nonbelligerent Iran never attacked another country preemptively, threatening none now, vowing only to defend its territory against foreign aggressors.


How the Global Banking Mafia Operates

James Corbett, September 21 2019

... this is how the banking mafia operates. It isn't difficult to see, nor is it difficult to understand. If you play ball with them then you'll do just fine.


Israelis Have No Say Over How They’re Governed

Stephen Lendman, September 18 2019

...names and faces may change. Far-right governance remains the same, dirty business as usual continuing as always.


Not Even the 9/11 Commissioners Trust the 9/11 Commission

James Corbett, September 14 2019

It is utterly remarkable that the 9/11 Commission and its final report are still held up as the final word on the events of September 11, 2001.


Nine Eleven

Bob Rinear, September 11 2019

The horror of 9/11 wasn’t that Muslim terrorists attacked us. The horror was/is that people in our own nation, supposed “citizens” of the US, knew, helped and even profited from this.


Meet the Plunge Protection Team

James Corbett, August 31 2019

One important lesson investors can learn from the market action over the past decade is that the government plays a very important role.


Hands On

Bob Rinear, August 28 2019

Learn some skills. Better yet teach the newer generations the skills you have. They’ll be better off people, more able to stand on their own two feet,


It’s Good To Be King (of Thailand)

James Corbett, August 24 2019

Long live the King! And long live all the royal superhumans remaining on this planet who are so evidently better than us mere commoners!


What’s Really Out There?

Bob Rinear, August 21 2019

I have had no reason up until now to explore the alternatives. No one in my immediate family has had cancer. My dad made it to 86. My mom’s still chugging at 90. But now, my vision is expanded.


Hong Kong: Chaos Before the Order

James Corbett, August 17 2019

One thing is for certain: the fight for the future of Hong Kong is raging as we speak. But the real question is: who is fighting that fight? The people of Hong Kong, or Beijing and Washington?


The Kashmir Crisis

James Corbett, August 10 2019

Out of all this mess, one thing is for certain: Whatever comes of these moves by India, the Kashmirs themselves will be the first to face the consequences of those actions and the last to reap any dividends.


Separate, But Connected

Bob Rinear, August 7 2019

We know that the world is slowing. We know that everything from the ISM’s, to PMI’s , to large truck sales, to rail shipping to you name it, is fading.


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