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Trump has mentioned in his books many times, if someone screws you, screw them back 10X harder. He’s been screwed over from day one by virtually every democrat and especially the Main Stream media. I have a feeling he wants revenge and he’s going to take out what he can, ahead of November.

Bob Rinear | February 19, 2020

Because of the Corona-virus outbreak, a lot of focus has been taken off the political situation with the Candidates running for President. That in a way, makes a lot of sense, considering that we’re still hearing nightmares out of China.

But every day we get closer to that November day where “someone” is going to be elected President. ( well, maybe elected isn’t the right word, maybe inserted works better)

Not long ago, I mentioned that “the next several months” could see some wild things happen, as the Democrats try any and everything they can muster, to get Trump either “out of office” or to beat him in November.

You all know the score. The Russian hoax, dead. The entire Mueller Report, dead. Their last “Hail Mary” was a mockery impeachment show, that was run illegally, with rules made up as they went. They knew they had nothing that would stick, but they had to do “something.” It failed badly, in fact so badly, it caused a lot of so called Democrats to migrate into the Trump camp. Even if they hated him before, they saw their own party do something so despicable, they left it.

There’s talk that they might open a new impeachment investigation and try to impeach him on something else. I really don’t think that’s what they’re going to do. They tried it once and it backfired on them in spectacular fashion. No, if they’re going to do something, it will be something new.

Or have they already?

Almost a year ago, I began to think that maybe what the Democrats were going to do, was to run a bunch of whacko’s, that couldn’t really be taken seriously, and then when all hope of winning an election against trump seemed insurmountable, whisk no less than Michell Obama into the slot, running her at the last minute as the “great hope.” It all made perfect sense to me, and in a way it still does. The left sure likes their Obama’s.

But there’s a problem. Trump and his sidekicks are digging up so much dirt on the Obama administration, from Biden’s kid, to the Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting, to the Ukraine corruption nightmare, etc, that Michell has probably become toxic. If any of these things are found to lead right up to Obama himself, as Rudy Giuliani has suggested, then of course Michelle is tainted.

The DNC knows that if any of the stuff Giuliani is saying he has is real, and if Barr and his legal beagles are truly looking into high level corruption of an epic scale such as Hannity has suggested, their original idea of having Michelle sweep in like some mythical icon, is probably over.

The DNC also knows that none of their loons can raise the kind of money that would be needed to get a Democrat elected. Trump has broken all manner of money- raising records. It seems that every goofy attack the Dem’s throw at him, his base grows and donates more money.

But then there was Bloomberg. When he first announced his candidacy back in Late November, my initial thinking was “ this makes absolutely no sense. This cranky old “money dude”, a gabillionaire, a Wall Streeter, is going to run for Democratic President??”

Isn’t that like everything the lunatic left hates? On every college campus they shout down “old rich white dudes” and yet the DNC is pushing him out there as a front runner? Again, none of it made a lick of sense to me, and when I can’t put my finger on the agenda instantly, it simply means I need to think about it a bit more. And so, I did.

I don’t think Bloomberg wants to be President any more than I want to lead a tribe in the Amazon. He’s old, he’s filthy rich, he doesn’t have the energy for this crap, and he generally dislikes us peon’s. So, if he really doesn’t want to be President, what the hell’s he doing running?

Simple. He’s the money raising arm of the DNC that they can’t accomplish with the others. Warren’s out begging for dollars as we speak. Several have dropped out because of no money. It’s my guess that Bloomie with his 60 billion in net worth is willing to spend a billion or so, to get Trump ( Who he genuinely hates) out of office.

If you see his TV Ads, it’s more Trump bashing than Bloomberg promoting. He’s literally the DNC strong arm, and because it’s HIS money, there’s no limit to what he can spend. That’s a lot different than trying to raise funds via PAC’s and individual donations. He’s akin to the airforce “carpet bombing” an area, so the ground troops can then advance.

Then a few weeks ago, on the Drudge report, it was hinted at that he would be willing to have Hillary as his VP. No, I don’t think so. The ONLY way Queen bee Hitlery would run as VP is if she’s going to “suicide” him shortly in, or if the deal is that somehow he recuses himself from the position and that leaves her as President. There’s NO way Hillary is going to agree to be VP. She doesn’t want VP, she wants to be the queen. Her lifelong ambition delivered.

Politics is a dirty business, and the past three years has seen the dirty underbelly of it. The Deep State is firmly entrenched in their comfy positions and any outside influence is met with ferocious retaliation. Trump has ruffled enough feathers in that camp, to where they’ll do damn near anything to get him out of office, and I think this Bloomberg run is just a part of it.

I think the real wild card in all of this, is what does Trump have up his sleeve? He’s made a ton of hints that he’s got the proof of corruption on some heavy hitters, maybe all the way up to Obama himself, and obviously that includes folks like Hillary. Are we going to get some “earth shaking” news between now and say mid summer, that tosses everything into a tizzy? It actually sounds very possible.

There’s certainly no shortage of corruption to investigate, from “who” started the Russian collusion hoax, to Hillary’s Uranium one deal with Russia, to Fast and furious, to Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Clinton, to the Russians paying Bill half a million dollars for speeches, to Biden’s sons, Pelosi’s son, to the Hillary foundation, to Adam Schiff’s buddy the coke head/overdose killer, to you name it.

Trump has mentioned in his books many times, if someone screws you, screw them back 10X harder. He’s been screwed over from day one by virtually every democrat and especially the Main Stream media. I have a feeling he wants revenge and he’s going to take out what he can, ahead of November.

My guess? Get a bigger bag of popcorn this is going to be fun to watch.